Bomber Rumours Confirmed!!!!

Sources Close To Me In The Media Have Confirmed The Following:

Charles "Blink" Roberts Wants Out Of Winnipeg - Again - Possible Destinations - B.C, Tor and Hamilton

If Winnipeg Doesn't Beat The Riders Tommorow - Glenn Is Done In Winnipeg - Apparently There Are Strong Rumours Flying Around That Glenn Is Probably In His Last Year As A Bomber - Apparently Brad Banks Wants To Be Traded As Well...HMMMM

Bombers Are Interested In The Following:
QB: Buck Pierce, Jason Maas (why, i don't know) and Ricky Ray (hmmm) Roberts and Glenn For Ray I Can See Otherwise It Is Glenn and a pick for the other 2 Straight Up.

RB: Jeff Johnson (Toronto, Why???), Josh Ranek (Hamilton, can we say Glenn and roberts for Ranek and Maas...Bad Trade)

Recievers - Arland Bruce (Toronto, What Will It Take To Get Him Back To The Peg), Jason Tucker (Edm, SEE BRUCE), Jason Clermont (B.C Again For Who??)

Let's Put The Pieces Together Fellow BB Fans and Send Me Your Best Trade's, Remember These Are Confirmed Rumours from A Friend Of Mine In The Media and You Will Read It Sooner Or later In The Paper.....

Your friend wouldn't happen to be McMahon, would it?? :wink:

If this is a joke topic then good job. Mission successful!

If not... you're an idiot.

.....Roberts and Glenn for Ray?.......are you on crack?....

First of all let me answer your questions.
1.No my friend is not McMahon
2.This is not a joke forum you will see and read very son
3.I am not an idiot, i am a blue fan like you all
4. i am not on crack

These rumours have been circulating for a couple of weeks now through the media very close to the top persoanl of the Bombers, they cannot publish these rumours at this time, but you will all see that they are true. If we DO NOT win tommorow we are in serious trouble and Taman WILL pull the trigger on more than one trade either soon or in the off-season, you heard it here first.

Roberts is not getting the ball and is pissed at the coaching staff and wants out ... Taman wants a starting QB (team is losing faith in Glenn)

We need a starting QB #1 - With Blink Going (if it happens) we will need a RB ... With Stegall retiring (most likely) we need a TOP reciever/slotback

You will see soon enough, trust me. And my source is in the radio broadcasting biz in the PEG, but i will not name him for legal purposes at this time.

If that is true i think i mite quit being a bomber fan because i think charlie is the best RB the bombers will ever have intill i die and i dont want to be a fan of a dumbass organization im sure charlie loves it here in WPG and i think your full of shit

I could see there being SOME truth to this.

We all know about Roberts being somewhat self centered, and it is obvious that he has not been too happy this year. But often all it takes is for him to have a big game, and he's happy again. He knows he's a huge part of the team, and a major fan favorite. I don't think we'll see him go anywhere.

Brad Banks has not really been given much of a chance, as for some reason Berry thought Quinn was the better option. Then banks gets dissed again by the signing of Dinwiddie. If Banks is pushed down to 3rd again I could definitly see him asking to be moved for sure by next year.

Glenn.....I really don't know what to think about him. He is still kinda young, and at times shows potential, but I have never really liked him (there hasn't been 1 WPG QB I've liked since Matt Dunnigan). Glenn was starting to impress me though before he got hurt because he was actually rolling out and passing hard & accurate, and even running for yards. If he can get back to this he'll be a winner

Hey who bout this you give us Roberts and we will give you French and a Cooler for Gatorade

I like that and a Cooler for Gatorade

well, this should be a interresting off season.

After Maciocia praised Ray as being the best QB in the league (which he is) I'm sure he's looking to get rid of him for a running back.

Thanks for breaking that news.

It's McMahon's cousin!

lol i hate it when people say roberts doesnt get the ball. robertsstops getting the ball in games because defnences start keying on him and stuffing the run. another thing, he has the most carrys in the CFL.

Well we won today so I guess there won't be any trades in the near future. We are in tough this Friday in Calgary!

the bombers need to start doing TD dances to give the stamps a run for their money

i wonder if he didnt ask for a trade they sure gave him the ball lots today

Sounds like a lot of wishful thinking. The only real player of any value in Winnipeg would be Roberts if he indeed wants out.