Bomber Roster

First of all, hopefully everyone has calmed down a little. I almost expected a rough opening after that training camp, but lastnight was quite worse than I thought. Still, it’s early June. Let’s see how this roster takes shape over the next month.

One player I’m interested in hearing about is our newly drafted OL Wallace, he’s a big boy (actually our biggest), but OL often take a full year on the PR before they start. Anyone catch him in the game lastnight?
And did Wallace dress over Eli?

Jon, if you think this doesn’t need a new thread you can move it. I just hate that topics get buried in the 1 thread and thought we could have a second thread that is geared towards roster changes throughout the year.


Agree, they’re out of the gate slow, but with only 17 games left, I think we’ll manage better. Anyone jumping off the band wagon after loosing game #1 to a very strong team isn’t a real fan to start with.
BTW, I have a date with my lawnmower next Thursday. Revenge is a dish best served cold


/Hears in distance

“Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!”

:skull: :skull_and_crossbones: :japanese_ogre: :smiling_imp: :ghost:

//Hides behind building

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Strange… that’s the same sound my lawnmower makes, maybe time for an oil change.

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I won’t move it. Last year you indicated that you would like to see more active threads. Fine with me but we seem to have a limited amount of activity, mostly from 5-6 of us and these threads don’t grow very big as a result. We have gained some members from a year ago so maybe there will be more activity. A reminder to all Bomber fan members of the forum, especially the newer ones, that Bomber threads are considered "safe havens’ and are not subject to outsiders trolling ofr hurling insults at the Bombers or making fun of them losing, for example, although it’s not cool to make fun of a team losing even on the open forum.

This is where we can shake our heads at the bottomless hypocrisy of some Als fans in insisting that Lemon has done nothing wrong and that Streveler, or “Stapler” as he has been insultingly dubbed, is a wuss who faked being injured yesterday by the perfectly clean play of Stubble Jumper.


One thing I would like to know roster wise is how long Lawler will be out for. If he broke his wrist it would appear to be a minimum 8 weeks.

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SEE! Even though I am a member of the honourable opposition, I know THIS SUCKS for the CFL in general! What a bad break there too!

I think every fan here wants their team to play the best side of any given side especially early in the season and in the postseason.


I don’t get the Stapler bit…is that an insult?

Anyways, I hope we can use this thread specifically to talk about the roster, IE players added/deleted from AR/PR
All other Bomber news can still go in the main thread

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Definitely, or at least it is intended to be. This is coming from the man who cries every time an immortal Alouette is given a nickname and everytime someone calls him RoRo, which is quite a bit.

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I know he used it over & over, but how is Stapler an insult? Like at least come up with something better like Lyle annoyingly does!

I surmise that is the best he could come up with. It was clearly intended to be an insult, even if it was ineffective.

In short order I have already come up with Stubble Fire, Stubble Jumper, Stubby Bottle and Stubbletoe. I’m sure thre are more.

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OK, so with the news that Lawler is out, likely long term, who takes his place?
We already had Wilson in Bailey’s spot, and he wasn’t very noticable at all until the 4th Q
Mitchell could be the next guy up, but will he stay on PR/KR if that is the case?
I wonder if we go with the kid we drafted, and start 3 WR Nats?

Personally I hope we go with Mitchell. Let see what he can do.

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Did the team already lose trust in Michael Chris-Ike that they had to bring in Bailey Feltmate? Seems a bit of a knee jerk reaction unless the Canadian Mafia thinks Feltmate is a better receiver than others give him credit for?

Ya, I wonder if they thought he wasn’t ready. Or is Feltmate just for special teams? Was it this guy who dropped the pass right in his chest, or the WR draft pick Clercuis? I get them mixed up…

It was Michael Chris-Ike that dropped the pass to his chest. From reading 3DownNation, it looks like they’re likely going to use him for soecial teams tackling. Feltmate converted from LB to FB last year.

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Looks like Wheatfall is the guy to get Lawler’s spot.
2 rookie WRs for at least 6 weeks.
At least we get an extended look at Wilson/Mitchell/Wheatfall to see if they are CFL material or not.
We all need to pray for good health to Schoen & Demski!

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Well fortunately, as I have been reading many fine posts in these threads from many of you, the spiritual presence of Lyle Rasputin would seem available for these prayers along with those game plans?

Now I’m staying in my lane on this one,
having been mistaken here for Father Guido Sarducci and having been known to do a stint to help with those making picking in the pools or for certain NHL playoff games of course,
but I see only potential good and no downside in such clerical support in your presence.

Anyway, may the best players return to health sooner.

Back to you @Lyle_B_Style

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Our foes can SAY what they want because they SEE what they want. But all that matters is… on that day our master of mayhem, Streveler the Leveler angrily limped to the sidelines in a foul mood and rained down Karma upon his dastardly foe who is now no more.

Take note you evil doers from other threads (if you’re reading this)! We will not go quietly into the IR! Vengeance is ours! You mess with our Fur Coat man at your own peril!

'Nuff said. :beaver:


Nice to see you and your furry beaver back!