Bomber Roster Moves

This thread can be devoted for recent roster changes.

I saw we released Szott, who dressed for a few games but I’m not even sure he saw the field.
With Eli back, I guess we couldn’t keep Szott on the PR.

Also signed Exume, who we had in 2019, mostly as a STer.

Looks like Gauthier might be out long term as we signed another Nat LBer.

And still no word on when Lawler is back.


As long as the Bombers continue to win 2 out of their next 3 matches, all talk about Kenny “T.T.” Lawler is VERBOTEN.

Bombers lose a couple in a row and don’t provide support for Schoen then the media krakens are released.

btw - the ones who abide most on the media blackout re: Lawler are the local media. You’d get yourself fired (or maybe dusted off) if you are on CJOB, the Wpg Free Press or even the Wpg Sun should you ask the question about Lawler’s projected return. Maybe Red Friesen at the Wpg Sun - but then again Red’s not right. lol

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It is actually really impressive whatSchoen has done again this year, considering he’s the main guy the D focuses on.
We all wanted to see what the opposition does when a guy like Kenny is also on the field.


Winning keeps the media jackals at bay. We’ll be three more games in before we have to face the possibility of another beatdown at the hands of the Lions. Until then we’ll be still be ‘media darlings’. :grin:


They’ll crap their pants. Those poor DB’s better not be wearing white.

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That is a picture I can’t unsee now. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Demski’s baby was born, so he should be back and that will help. But I did like McCrae in for him, hopefully they can find a way to get him on the field


Saw Sask picked up Szott. Like I said, I’m not even sure he saw the field for us. But the club liked him enough to dress him as the 7th OL, until Eli got back.
I wonder if he gets game time with the Riders.

Kinda surprised Pigrome still hasn’t been scooped.

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With the other Tyrelle (Adams) gone for the year in Ottawa, the logical addition would have been Pigrome. Or does Pigrome’s massive deficiencies as a short yardage guy disqualify him from being anything other than a #1 or #2 QB?

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The 1 yard line is a tough spot to be in as the short yardage guy getting your 1st touches.
But I agree that he’s probably best served as the #2 guy, which seems to be the QB in training.

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Surprised Mighty Matt Nichols hasn’t made the rounds of a #2 QB in this year’s diluted QB pool - - - - or I suspect most CFL GMs are onto Nichols as a washed up rounder/hobo.


I’m duplicating your recent post to the roster move thread.

Good news on the improving health of some of our injured DB’s.

You mention Lawler getting closer. I have heard nothing but also haven’t been looking. Do you have some info on this?

Also note that Grant didn’t practice which cones as no surprise. Does anyone have any info on him? It wouldn’t surprise me if he landed on the 6 game list but I have heard nothing.

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Bob Irving tweeted that he expects to hear something before the weekend.
I guess things are moving and our fingers are crossed. Then again, it is already weeks overdue, so who knows?

But ya, Wilson, Rose, Parker & Burtenshaw all starting to practice again is a great sign. I wouldn’t expect any of them for this week, but who knows?
Burtenshaw will be a big boost to the STeams.

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Well, its official - Kenny’s suppossed to be on the field Thursday

Not even sure why they dressed Agudosi last week - I don’t know if I even saw him. But I do wonder if that means McCrae now sits too.
Hope Kenny gives us that shot of adreniline that we need right now.


It’s too good to be true. Somebody pinch me.

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We’ve released 2 from the PR: WR Amare Jones, who looked real good in camp and DB Brad Muhammad, former Stamp who many thought would have played but never got into a game with us. I do think he’ll get picked up by someone else.

This must mean that at least 1 of our injured DBs will be back. Is it Rose or Parker, and does Abu DS go to PR now? I have liked what I’ve seen from him.


I won’t post this in the “Injury Report” thread on the main page, because I like to keep the others guessing.
Depth Chart is out, Lawler, Parker & Kramdi are in. And bad news too: Clements & Haba are on 6 game IR

That makes this 6 gamer a long list of mostly D starters: Wilson, Rose, Lawrence, Clements, Haba, Gauthier, Hansen & Mike Miller. Man that hurts.

So Mauro takes over at WILL, and Kramdi at SAM. Thats 2 years of revoling doors at LB and some fans like to throw blame at Bighill. I don’t think any LBer could shine in that situation.


I see that Les Maruo listed as a starter a WLB. Does anyone know if any other global player for any team has started a game as opposed to being a kicker? If not, we have a historical event here.

Good question, I’m not even sure? I know we had 3 globals in 1 game, 1st team to do that. I think it was Hansen, Machino, and Karamoko?
We might have Hansen start a game lastyear?
I have no idea of other team’s globals though.

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I don’t think Hansen ever started a game, unless it was one I couldn’t watch. I don’t ever recall seeing him as a starter on a depth chart, but he was a full participant in the DE rotation until he got hurt. I think he was on most if not all special teams too.

Yeah like Blue I thought Hansen started a game or two in the past because of injuries but I’m not sure.