Bomber reject comes off pine

From gutwash to Glenn-livet

Bomber reject comes off pine to QB Hamilton over Winnipeg

By: Ed Tait 19/07/2009


He was cast out, cut adrift, punted to the curb

-- use whatever analogy you like -- but Kevin Glenn's exit from
Winnipeg and the Blue Bombers this spring was about as cordial as

taking a steel-toed boot to the private parts.

And Saturday night the longtime Bomber QB
got a measure of revenge by punching back

and helping lead his Hamilton Tiger-Cats to a 25-13 win
over his old squad in front of 24,292 fans at Ivor Wynne Stadium

with two second-half touchdown strikes.

Yes, irony may be especially delicious to Glenn,

but it's a rotting plate of crow to the organization
he served for five years before being dumped.

It's great seeing the smile on Kevin Glenn's face
in the video of the post game interview

and a humbled Mike Kelly still defending Stefan LeFors

Stefan was whacked by Otis so hard in the 2nd quarter
that he couldn't turn his torso to the right side,

no wonder he played poorly. The stubborn Kelly wouldn't pull him.

In regards to, 'who is # 1' Kelly stubbornly asserted,

Stefan is our quarterback. Period!

He is determined to cast his fate with Stefan

sink or swim. I am in full support of that, Mike.

Good luck! NOT!

I agree with you Ron. It's delightful to see Kevin Glenn get his measure of revenge for the poor treatment he received from the Bombers. Ed Tait's piece is right on.

Why didnt the Bombers and Ticats make a trade ?? Glen for Williams, the way it was handled by both teams was bush, Not good P.R

I don't think it was bush on Hamilton's part. We were last in 2008 and so had first crack at Glenn if he was released. This is what happened. We didn't need to trade for him... or take on his previous Bomber contract. Kelly made a mistake (and a classless move) by announcing ahead of time that he had no place for Glenn and wanted to get rid of him, and then expecting people to line up and make offers to trade for him. The comments Kelly made about Glenn were the bush part of this whole episode. Obie didn't bite, he just waited for Winnipeg to release him, which they ultimately had to do.

With respect to Williams, I would have liked to have seen him released sooner so he'd have had more options. But Obie did release him once he had signed others, and Richie did land another job. No one insulted him on the way out.

Why no trade? Bombers, more than once, demanded draft picks, Bauman and a starting O-liner.

Williams and Glenn are not in the same league ... Richie is a great guy but he will always be a #2 or #3

Glenn was runner-up MVP in 2007

End of story.

Its better that we were able to get Glenn as a free agent.

In a trade with Williams we would have also had to throw in another guy or a draft pick.

We also would have been on the hook for his bonus which WPG nicely paid. Thanks, Mike. :lol:

The main reason we didnt make the trade as did no other team was because of Glenns salary, we signed him for half of what he was making in Winnipeg, end of story

good article and game coverage thats for sure.

No, actually we cut him before his bonus was due. That's why there was a self-imposed deadline for when MK was trying to deal him by. It's impossible to trade a player with a large salary and a big bonus due before the season and every other team knows he wouldn't have been starting for us.

I think your coaching staff is crazy if Glenn becomes the starter over Porter. Glenn will have you hovering around .500 but that's his best case scenario. I know .500 might look appealing after the past couple of seasons you've had to endure but Porter has the skill to be one of the best in the league. He just needs the reps.

Yes. I like the videos they embed in it. The spec should do stuff like that…