Bomber Recievers Just Not Cutting It

I would like to post a fresh thread to talk about the Bomber's recievers, first i would like to point out a fact and that is many people are saying we should have kept Armstrong, why? Any player who is a distraction should not play, plain and simple, he was given a job to do and he refused to do it, just a poor sport, whiner and distraction. He needed to be cut or his negative attitude and refusal to play would have rubbed off on the rest of the team, he is a good reciever, but there is a reason no one has signed him yet and that's because no team want a distraction on there team. Bruce was a distraction in T.O and The Cats picked him up and his attitude is just fine there and he is going to have an awesome year in steel town, BB'S should have went for Bruce, oh well.

ALL Bomber reciever's have to crank it up a notch or two, Bishop has a cannon and will throw farther than most expect, i noticed last game, most of the passes were not over thrown, the reciever's didn't run hard enough to catch the pig skin. With Bishop at QB, the reciever's need to adjust to his throwing ability and Bishop should not have to adjust his throws, reciever's have 2 games under there belt with Bishop at QB and they did not run fast enough, the effort was not there, i counted at least 2 throws that were a couple of yards longer and if the reciever's made more of an effort to catch up to the ball, they might of been game breaking TD'S.

Edwards - is doing OK, is injured (again) and i hope he gets healthy soon, we need him and he needs to be the Edwards of 2008, he is under achieving this year, he needs to step it up.

Bryant - I believe he is having a poor year so far, could it be the sophmore jinx or was he lucky last year, either way we know he can catch the ball and is another guy who needs to step it up a notch.

Bowman - I believe Bowman is a pretty good reciever, he made the catches and got open alot, he can be a better reciever if the two mentioned above step it up because i don't know how many times i seen him open and Bishop went the other way. Bad drop in the endzone against CGY, he needs to catch that ball.

Ralph - Not bad, but not great ... he needs to work harder on the field and in practice to stay on the starting roster when Franklin returns, i believe we are missing Franklin big time.

We need to bring in another reciever to replace Bowman if Bowman starts crapping the bed. NFL cuts are already under way, we need to find a SOLID pass catcher, also i feel the reciever's need more confidence, looks like they are lacking without Milt and they need to put it behind them. I liked the way Kelly used Reid and Bernard in the swing pass and play action, he needs to keep that play.

...if Romby doesn't pick-up his game...colour him gone in the next little while....Bowman has not been impressive either...nowhere near his billing out of Sask.....could be gonzo as well...With the nfl cuts already in full swing...look for some new faces in the receiving corps...we've already signed Hyman (not an nfl cut) so changes have already started..Of course one of these guys might realize ...hey its time to kick it into high gear and keep my career going.....otherwise.... it's take a seat and wait for the axe... :wink:

Agreed Bryant & Bowman are on thin ice.

As soon as Cro Thorpe get over that tweek to his hammy...he will start stepping up and making some big plays. This guys was a big play receiver in college, and also made some nice catches when he was with the Colts in pre-season and regular season.
I believe he will be a great additional for our team.