Bomber re-sign Jovon Johnson

Very good signing. He is a player. Good news for Bomber fans. Sends a message to other FA's that Winnipeg might not be a distaster zone after all.

im quite happy about this signing..... losing both jovon and hefney would have been a disaster

Very excited to hear. Fantastic player that’s still going to get better!

Thank god we signed him anyone know the length of the new deal?

as for the Disaster Zone that was washed away when Kelly left.

....FINALLY.....some good news in river city.....Jovon is a tremedous signing.....another valuable fa on board.... I'd hate to see what our secondary would look like with-out him....I'd like to see Hargreaves and Holness ...another couple of our fas sign...That should about do it for our guys... :thup: :rockin:

....update to my previous post.....Holness along with James Johnson will not be offered new contracts with the Bombers..

...also i forgot to add to Jovons signing, his tremendous return game...I have my reservations about him repeating as a returner in 2010...Not that he can't do it...i just don't like the possible injury scenario that goes with punt returns....Can anyone say Dorsey who hasn't been signed by the argos as of now... :roll: :roll:

Well…hopefully we can hang on to Titus Ryan who could certainly help out with the returns…'re right Kubie....i forgot about Ryan.....i don't think his chances of sticking down south are that good :wink:

Good news !

Should quiet the doomsayers who were predicting that guys like Jovon would leave if Kelly was let go...

....i would also add Jovons return 'could' mean that Taman is off of the Bomber radar.....He did express some concern about returning to the Peg if 'that man' was to return as a negotiator for the team.. :wink: I don't exactly relish the thought of Taman returning either....but i also am a little 'hedgy' with players calling the shots on hirings....Let the bod do that..In any event i think Jovon could be more popular than Mr. Taman at this point in time in the Peg.. :wink:

Doesn't change the fact, if the Bombers don't get consistaint Quarterbacking they will be no where near a playoff spot. While it's a great signing, it will be wasted if we don't get the offence on track.

While that's true kasps, the team does deserve some credit here. . . with the 2 front office positions and head coach position not yet filled, it is a good sign that the team was able to sign Jovon.

That said, yes, the offence truly needs work, but that can't begin until the 2 front office and head coaching positions (and offfensive coordinator) are resolved.

But it looks good on the team that notwithstanding that uncertainty, they were able to get Jovon to sign on the dotted line.

JJ said that he and Taman weren't on the same page. If his signing is a hint that Taman's off the list then that would cause me to add a little more energy to the happy-happy-joy-joy dance I'm doing about JJ's signing.

Yes Blue Blood,,,,,and I'll do the happy dance with you even though I live 1,000 miles away from the Peg!!!

Even more reason to dance, the FP says JJ's contract was for 2 years plus an option.

Amen to that!!! I like and respect Brendon, but he’s had his chance here…it’s time to move on

Didn't someone say he would be in black & gold ?

Well, 50% ain't too bad. :wink:

I guess now he'll just get beaten deep by black and gold. Either way, I'm happy.

Now all you need is someone to throw the ball deep…

True Dat :wink:
Porter used to be a gunslinger before Gibson made him into a wimp with the football.Now he just holds it for 10 seconds then get's stripped of the ball. :roll: