New Bomber QB was asked to sum up the Bomber offence...."IT`s Different" was Santos reply be expected when coming to a new club , wouldn't ya think :roll:

The article I read was using it in a humorous way, did not think it needed to be explained, me bad :roll: He said he was used to a wide open offense with the ball being spread all over....I paraphrase. Any way the writer of the article and myself found it telling and funny. You are darn right in saying "its a little different" its crazy different.

then there is this......

Theres a guy at a football game sitting way up in the cheap seats, he notices a empty seat down by the 50 yard line. He goes down and says to the guy next to the empty seat, anybody sitting here? The guy says no, my wife and I came to the games for years, but since she past away I come all by myself. Thats to bad friend, couldn't you get a friend to come with you? I could but they are all at the funeral.

Papazoola is right, Kelly Fanatic is a dickhead. I do like the football joke, very funny. The guy misses his wifes funeral for the big game haha :smiley: