Bomber qbs. in limbo????

...With all of the qb. movement ..rumoured and otherwise...what the heck is going on with us and our pivot position???It;s been stone cold silent and with us having the most uncertainity out there with their qbs., i'm starting to get a little antcey waiting for some news...Are we close to re-signing any of them?????..I think we better get on with something concrete for 2012...Right now we are going with Goltz and Summers :lol: Hardly a duo with earth shattering experience...Ray has gone to T.O. which upgrades the boatmen...(they just have to find some receivers)...McPherson has apparently asked for a trade in Mont???...Glenn and Porter are rumoured to be heading out of the hammer....???...Burris out of Cal????..Lots of action BUT i'd sure like to hear what OUR direction is for the upcoming season..c'mon Mack and Lapo...give us an update something???? :roll: :roll:

With the Ray to Toronto trade I doubt anything will happen with McPherson. Being a back-up to a 39 year old AC is better than being a back-up to a 32 year old Ray.

Papa, it's only been 2 weeks since the GC. Be patient. Mack has said a couple of times in the media that some players don't want to sign new contracts until January for tax purposes. It's also been reported that a few of the potential FAs are close to re-signing.

I can't find anywhere where anyone from these guys teams have said that. Where did you read this?

According to Jim Popp and Tim Fleiszer, McPherson did not ask for a trade.

Tim Fleiszer, who represents McPherson, has had preliminary and informal discussions with Popp, both sides have confirmed. But both are denying McPherson has asked for and received permission from the Als to seek out a trade, as reported.

Of course, O'Billovich isn't going to confirm the rumours because both Glenn and Porter are still under contract and would lose all trade value if he did.

People really need to stop believing stuff when Lefko is the originator of the report.

As for Glenn and Porter, there have been a lot of rumours (by reporters who have credibiltiy) that at least one of the two (most likely Glenn) will be gone:

That could also include a new face at quarterback. Porter wasn’t good enough to unseat Glenn. And, Glenn wasn’t good enough to prevent Bellefeuille from benching him, creating more ill feelings. It’s evident O’Billovich is looking to upgrade and there is persistent speculation regarding the arrival of Henry Burris.
[url][/url]'s been common knowledge for a few seasons now that McPherson is not happy playing second fiddle anymore...Of course it's all been rumours BUT where there;s smoke...well you know....The rumour was hot and heavy on the Als. site recently but has been denied by their management...There was a quote from Popp recently that Mcpherson has NOT asked for a trade but in the same breath says IF it would make the Als. better he would consider it...Read into that what you will???? :roll: ...Speculation....repeat speculation only, that the Ti-Cats would be interested in him...Guess we'll have to wait and see if the rumours have any substance...With Ray moving to the argos , the qb. carousell has certainly become something to watch and wonder :roll: :wink:

Plus, when Ottawa comes back, I think it's the year after this, I am pretty sure they were saying that only 1 Q.B. per team can be protected. This may come into play with the current strategy of G.M's dealing with the Q.B. situation, until the Ottawa thing all shakes out.

I think the maritimes will get a team b4 ottawa. I havent heard a thing a peep about ottawa. is that stadium even started? if not, it wont be for a few more years for ottawa.

anyways.. topic at hand.

all 3, buck, brink, elliot will all be back.

i just have that feeling. I think people are severly over estimating the value of brink to other teams.

The Ottawa group is still dealing with legal challenges from people who don't want a new stadium with development but rather have landsdowne just be one giant park or some such thing. The last of these is expected to be done with later this year and then the OSEG can proceed with building the stadium. OSEG has been pretty patient and waited this long, I doubt they pull out now. The current expectation is that they will join the league in 2014. It's too soon to speculate on which QBs will be available and who they will take and probably 1/2 the QBs on league rosters right now will probably not be around come 2014.

As for our own QBs for the present, I would love to have all 3 back as this team has had horrible luck with QB health over the last 3 seasons (LeFors, Buck, Brink, Jyles, Elliott have all had lengthy times on the injured list - no other team has had worse luck that I can think of). I expect at least 2 of the 3 to be back. One of Elliott or Brink may take a spot elsewhere where they may be looking for a #2 (Sask) or there may be a chance to win the #1 job (Hamilton). Any salary another team might be able to offer them is one thing, but also if both are back they will have to fight it out for #2 behind Buck and one or the either might not like the thought of potentially ending up #3 on the depth chart here when they can be #2 with another team. The bombers still have Goltz around and they kept Brandon Summers around for a good chunk of this season on the PR so they may decide to save a few bucks on resigning one of the three and put the money towards signing another player.

...Tid Bit off of cjob sports says Alex Brink 'tweeted' he is very happy with the oc hiring and would look forward to working with Gary Crowton...Does that mean he's ready to sign :roll: ..Guess we should hear soon as Lapo said he's ready to announce a few fa signings sometime this week :wink: :thup:

You are wrong. There is no CFL team coming to Atlantic Canada for at least five maybe ten years. There is simply no money to build a stadium right now and with the Austerity measures being forced down our throats by the Queen's bankers, there won't be anytime soon. Ottawa is in a nice position. City would have to be crazy to kill a development like this in the current economic climate.

Looks like Elliott is close to resigning. I wonder if this will have an impact on either Brink and/or BP. Elliott to me was the lower priority to keep but considering he's had the least experience of the 3 and a bad knee injury last year, he should've come relatively cheap. Also good news on Greg Carr returning.

....guess none of our guys are in limbo anymore :thup: :thup: :lol: