Bomber QB ?

Where oh,where, is CASEY PRINTERS ? Worth alook at least.

from Glen Suitor's twitter page:

"just got a text from Casey Printer...says he is being patient and ready if he gets the call."

One neat thing about this era of instantaneos casual electronic communication is that it is easy for people like Suitor and Printers to exchange bite-sized nuggets of information and opinion with each other. They can have low-overhead conversations with a quick turnaround and no phone tag, where the substance of communication is such that in many circumstances they otherwise might not bother going to the trouble of having a phone or face to face conversation about the same topic, much less producing a newspaper article or broadcast segment about it.

I suppose it's a double-edged sword, as there is a convenience factor for the public in consuming this kind of information, but it is by nature shallower and lends itself to turning into mere gossip rather than "reporting" in the sense of providing meaningful context, interpretation and analysis. I realize Twitter itself is designed with the intention of facilitating the sharing of brief facts rather than in-depth analysis, but I still think it's an interesting topic now that media figures like Suitor have this kind of direct and informal access to a wide audience.

Insert rant about Twitter and shortening of the public's attention span etc. etc. There is an interesting book by Neil Postman called "Amusing ourselves to death", which is more of an argument about the value of print versus television, largely arguing over the depth and meaningfulness of communication each medium lends itself to. In fact, there are sections where Postman talks about the telegraph as instrumental in the emergence of what is now considered "current events". Prior to the telegraph, printed news in general tended to focus more on local issues that had a direct effect on readers and which they had the capacity to act in response to: that is: information that was useful to people in an immediate way for making decisions about how to conduct their lives. The telegraph suddenly made the daily news in Dallas available to people in Cleveland, many of whom probably didn't have much use for it outside of entertainment. Less "important" but more entertaining news from other locations and contexts has become widely available, and the majority of the public appears to have an insatiable appetite for it. Now with the internet, guys like Suitor or Perez Hilton (not really mentioning Hilton to slam Suitar, but to show how low this can go) have an easy time finding an audience and contributing to the public discourse. If there's a theme here I guess it's about how these sorts of small bites of heresay are appealing or interesting to many of us on some level, but to a degree they tend more to just add noise to public discourse by introducing a large volume of de-contextualized facts that don't necessarily add up to much at the end of the day.

If anyone's bothered reading my post this far, I heartily recommend Postman's book. Postman died in 2003: I have to wonder what he would have thought of twitter.

And here's a link to an interesting comic "hook" someone made about Postman's book:

[url=] ... Death.html[/url]

Now I'm off to consider the irony of the fact that I posted this message...

Edit: Fran Lebowitz wrote an interesting essay once about how she thought writing with a typewriter was better than writing with a word processor because it was more difficult and hard work. Not sure I agree, but here point was that the word processor makes it to easy for too many people to produce lots of really bad writing quickly. She compares the act of writing to the act of building a house. Not completely sold on her thesis, but it's more interesting food for thought...

Blah blah, proofreading, blah blah, irony, etc.

Forget Casey Printers! Bishop is the only way to go! Totally assanine to even consider Printers!

If we do not hear something today then it`s obvious they are going another week with the current motley crew. Bishop was airlifted in to Sask with a day and a half practice and started and won the game.