Bomber QB Situation .... Again .... Numbers Assigned

Looks as though Dinwiddie will be back in TC according to Taman and is re-listed on the Bombers Roster .... Brad Banks is NOT listed.

On we have 3 QB'S listed.

#2 - Ryan Dinwiddie
#5 - Kevin Glenn
#18 - Justin Holland

Not to sday this will be our Startig 3 on opening day, but at least we are making progress, Taman is really high on Holland and is still looking to recruit at least 2 or 3 more QB'S for TC.

If Rohan Davey comes he'll be number 2 challenging for top spot... can add Brad Banks to the mix.... just re-signed with the a reduced salary.....seems Tilman and the Roughies were trying to sign him...but couldn't get a deal done there....he better start showing some stuff for the Bombers this year or he may have to start re-negotiating with Tilman :lol: ..... :roll:

nice .... So As It Stands We Have The following At TC

#2 - Ryan Dinwiddie
#5 - Kevin Glenn
#12 (I Believe) - Brad Banks
#18 - Justin Holland

Apparently Taman is Close to bringing In Wright From The Cowboy's, Rohan Davey HAS signed with The Arena League (He Won't Be here), but apparently Taman wants Russ Michna in Camp as well, but will he actually come?

I like the Looks Of

  1. Glenn
  2. Banks
  3. Holland (Young and can spend a year learning) and Taman is high on him


If you guys signed Anthony Wright I think he'd be a serviceable, competent backup (something you've sorely lacked the past few seasons); I always thought he was more suited to the CFL than the NFL.

My guess is if he signed it would be him and Banks fighting for the #2 spot, with the loser getting released; that way you can keep Holland as #3 and groom him for the future.

Michna, if he returns, and Dinwiddie are training camp fodder.

Banks Brazzell and a first and 2nd round draft picks for Buck Pierce... Gotta get that one done lol

Nice to see Banks coming back, he was Berrys project last year. Sounds like the brass are expecting big things from him this year.

I didn't mind the guy, he has quick feet and was never really given a fair shake last year...Go Banks..

when banks had stegal and armstrong to work with, and the season to learn the system, he looked pretty good againt BC at the end of the year. im happy with this signing.

Banks Brazzell and a first and 2nd round draft picks for Buck Pierce... Gotta get that one done lol
I don't think BC would trade away their future QB for Chris Brazzell again. I just hope #84 can regain some of the magic he enjoyed while he was in BC. Need more than a few big games out of this guy. He lit it up against Edmonton and then went into hiding for the rest of the season. Big guy with good hands. I predict 700 yards plus for him.

It's probably a make-it or break-it year for Brazzell. Maddeningly inconsistent so far in his career...great performances one game, then as you say he disappears for a game or two.

This year, with most of the defensive coverages focusing on Armstrong and Stegall, it's time for Brazzell to step up and the opportunities will be there. Will he seize them? We shall see.'re right MadJack....Brazzel is a very talented receiver....but all the talent in the world is no good if you don't show up for every game...I know last year a lot of defences keyed on both Milt and Brazzel....until Armstgrong came along...then things began to take on a very different look for the Bombers...IF....we have one of the receivers signed in the he belongs in the CFL....lookout.....this could be a very good year for the where the offence catchs up with the 'D'... :wink: :thup:

Brazzell is also good as just pullling a db over toward him, but he is good enough to catch a him break out this year...hmmm doubt it but would be nice.