Bomber predictions in east division

i think weill be 3rd or if were lucky 2nd if allen starts to slow down.i have a question cause last year in the east 2 teams made the playoffs and the others were sent packing.this year could ther be 3 teams in the playoffs i dont understand the east well

.......homer, you forgot: stink(4th place).......

Um you forgot last place

...unfortunately.....we are only going to be fine.....oddsmakers will definitely see as long shots to do anything in the east...the east is going to be tough and a meat grinder....we are going to have to be top of our game...every game.. :arrow:

yes, we will have to work hard, but with an all new team with the bombers it will be an intresting year in the east.

so will every team though pap. the CFL as a league has amazing teams in general this year. there isnt any team this year that will give u an easy two points.

Why make a poll if you are going to leave out options?

Would you like a mod to make it right?

reason that i didnt put last place cuz they are guarenteed not to be last place

Says you. Id vote for last place for sure the als, argos and ticats are at this point all better teams

Me too Mada

They are guaranteed not to to be last place? Who made that decision? Any team in the league can finish in last place and this is a meaningless poll until all the options are put up there to vote.

Now we have a poll!
So with your guarentee, what happens if they finish last?
Do we get our money back?

..yes, I think that BBfan12 should refund all the money we paid.......he's guarenteed it for goodness sakes, it's gotta be good......papa, hank, piggy, get BBfan12 to guarentee you the GC win as well while he's on a roll.......

Geez Red He didn't even cast a first place vote yet :shock:

I guess BBfan12 is psychic, cause he is garuanteeing that the Bombers wont finsih last. Im wondering if you could look ahead to Friday and tell me the winning Super 7 numbers so i can go get the winning ticket

u guys should stop criticizing him.

thrid place or CO, see you at the GC, Montreal, Calgary, or Saskatchewan!


Well BBFan looks like hte majority of people here dont agree with your assessment that theres no way he bombers will finish in last

they still won't though, hamilton sucks despite all the changes to their offence. they still have a shitty defence

Crossover is not a ranking
and there is no crossover
and if there was it would mean the fiished in last place