Bomber Playoff Chances - w/ 5 games left

Beating Calgary last weekend would prolly have guaranteed a western playoff for the bombers and seriously contend for 2nd in west. Now, nothing is totally clear. Only clarity is bombers will finish at 1 of 3 different positions:

A. 2nd in West - dogfight with BC but they'd have to win 4 of their last 5 to have at least a 70% chance of doing so. Because they're incapable of playing full 60 minute games I agree!

B. 3rd in West - most likely scenario, 80% chance if they knock off the Esks this weekend but can't win enough of their other games.

C. 4th in West - not foreseeable today but if they get licked by Esks this wknd they're 50/50 to assume crossover. Lots of Winnipeg fans (including me) think that's the best route to the Grey Cup - playing mope teams who are slightly over or slightly under .500
But it would also mean the Bombers had a record of 1-4 or 2-3 in their last 5 matches. So they'd be going in as slight underdogs even with better record than the 2nd in east team. Losing attitude would infest the organization and make winning a crossover in November very difficult.

Finally, they probably have to win at least one of their remaining 5 games to certify a crossover. Who knows what kind of lineup Calgary will field when playing eastern teams down the stretch with 1st place in tow - they don't need many more wins, just avoid injuries to Mitchell, etc.

....I'd hate to back into the playoffs Lyle... Playing the 'mopes' as you put it wouldn't be that challenging....I think we have to play the best in our own division and IF we are successful..who knows what could happen... :wink:

If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

Sorry Papa - pigseye kinda sees it my way. . . .
If Reilly can over-power the spotty Richie Hall secondary the bombers will officially be in a 2-game tailspin and "Winnipeg Panic" will start focussing on the next game as an "absolute must-win"
Of course, even 3 straight losses doesn't do much other than pricking out some steam from the confidence balloon - a 3 game losing streak probably kisses 2nd in west good-bye - so the focus will be finishing strong and prepping for the eastern or western semi.

If they hammer Edm then I'll have no concerns . If they allow them back in the race. I think we will be 50/50 to get 3rd in the West . We need to fix our Pass Defence in the 1st half . They have given up 6 TD's and almost 50 points . They have been horrid the last two games. Reilly still a dangerous QB . Hopefully we play a full 60 and put these guys away !

.....Don't know if this means anything yet but Adams has been relegated to second team at practice and Frederick is getting first string reps.....Could be that others are seeing that Adams (who is a fa) is not up to snuff and is on the bubble..The guy was lights out last year now he's just plain 'out'...I think we'll see Heath starting as well...Message to Riley....passing on us just got a whole lot tougher.. :wink:

Slightly tougher, I'll admit without Johnny "Squibble" Adams in the secondary. But Hall's reverse umbrella defense is pretty easy to read and a killer like Reilly is prolly drooling game-time can't come soon enough.

I don't know. In all Halls' time in Sask. he hds gone through periods of game calling like this, and just when we were ready to insist he be replaced he turns things up a notch and his Defence plays lights out for an extended period again. I think your D is exactly where you want it to be right now.

.....Adams done as a to the Cats for a neg. lister....Who that is :roll: we will have to wait on that one...Has to be a guy, you would imagine, who is CFL ready..Adams was done the moment Frederick came to camp and I think he knew it...Most likely why his play left something to be desired...He was an fa anyway and we were most likely not bringing him back.

You wanna get slapped around - no better place to land than Hammy! :twisted: :thdn:

Didn't you call both of these moves, Papa ? Wayta go. :thup:

....Yeah Dan I kind of alluded to the fact....Adams pretty much sealed his fate in that last game when he looked stupefied and did a fairy dance around that kick/fumble...Can't have guys on defence playing like that plain and simple...

...Glad to see our tackling machine Wild is back for the Edm tilt....Cole and McDuffie as well..This game could be a lot different than the 'close encounter of the worst kind' that we played in Cal...Hopefully :rockin:

You shouldn't be so modest with a bang-on call like that. I called the Paredes hitting the post FG. My wife just looked at me and shook her head.

I like to think the Calgary game was a real good lesson and the guys won't forget it.

Ya, I got a good feeling about this game. Go Bombers !

Who does tackling machine Wild knock out of the lineup?
Cole will step in for the not so effective DE import who played last game, no?
McDuffie comes in, who's out?
Harris looks longer-term than first thought; O'Shea is trying to game it out vs. taking some sal-cap savings by 6 gaming Harris.
Obviously, The Red Terror stays in at RB, Harris gets to "Cornish Up" the crowd!

McDuffie & Harris are no goes.

Wild knocks anyone but Nicholls out of the lineup :lol:

Bomber mgmt./coach did a masterful job hiding and washing off Harris's obviously more serious than feared nick. First it was day to day, then hour to hour, nearing game-time O'Shea had it minute to minute. Totally put the Wpg. media to sleep.

Bigger problem is how long Harris is really out - so far not missing him as Red Flanders has worked in well

......I think ya missed one there Lyle.....shouldn't it be Red Flannels now that winter is fast approaching :roll: Kidding aside Flanders is definitely a find.. :thup: :thup:

......Nobody started an esks. ..Bombers thread...Now I know why>>>>no comment on that non-effort and I'll await for our usual swan song after flirting with some success...Brutal. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

They got owned, nothing more to say.

Not really , we came out with the same garbage defence to start the game and this time our offence couldn't overcome the deficit . Which was bound to happen. We will be lucky to scrape in the playoffs if the defence keeps playing 10 yards off receivers. It's been an issue all year long This is on Richie Hall !!!