This is the first i have ever heard in Winnipeg of this happening, unless i missed it before and it is not uncommon for new player's in any league wanting to get going sooner than training camp. Now i have no resourses to back this up, but heard it through a very good source who works in The Winnipeg Sun Admin dept. at CanadInns Stadium.

Mack-Lapo and other management and coaches have said they would be happy to see some of the newer player's in Winnipeg before camp to get a head start, of course this would be done on the player's own time and money. So far it appears that Brink, DiMichele, Santos will be in town sometime this week with Buck and Jyles not far behind. A load of new player's want to be in town at least a week before camp begins.

I know they cannot officially start training camp until whatever date it is, but if player's want to be here early on there own dime and time to start at least looking at the books, learning the rules and so on ..... No one can stop them. The Bomber's have secured Temporary Living spaces for the new player's and current CFL Bomber's are also opening there doors to the new guys.

Now with current Bomber's opening there doors for these new player's and many new player's WANTING to come here at least one week early tells me that we have a solid and positive group of player's on our roster with the Rookies wanting to come in early to get a beat on the rules, playbook and so on and the Vets even wanting to come in early and helping out by providing the rookies with living space in there own homes. This group is talented/positive and the overall team seems close knit already, i can sense the sportsmanship among all these player's and this is exactly what LaPo and Mack have been saying since the hiring.

Now i hang around the stadium alot (not stalking .. LOL) with a couple friends who work in some sort of small role with the Club, i even attended The Blue Lightning Tryouts this year, they keep getting better as well. Anyway's i have seen alot of BIG BODIES (people i did not recognize) coming and going out of The Bombers training room, i am sure these are some new player's that may already be here, if they are not player's than Mack should keep his eye on the parking lot for new talent as well cause one guy i seen must have been at least 6'6 and at least 300 LBS, it sure was not Buzz and Boomer i'll tell you that. This gives me the sense that there are already a few player's here.

I know it is not uncommon for player's to come by year round and hit the weights and so on ... heck some player's don't leave in the offseason. Now i am not too familier with new faces, but i can let you know that i have seen some vets coming out of the B&G Room, such as Edwards, Brown, Reid and Jovon. Either way football fever is already here in the Peg and with a load of player's here early already or on there way shows me that these player's are serious about this team, the fans and getting a beat (doing all they can to WIN).



The QB coach who works with Ricky Santos posts at the Extra Point occassionally and he's talked about how hard Santos has been working out and how he's chomping at the bit to get to town and start TC. I'm on Adam DiMichele's friends list at Facebook and he's been posting for over a month on how much he can't wait to come to Winnipeg and for TC to start. He's said that if it weren't for his family he'd have been here a month ago. :lol:

buck was in fargo yesterday and should be hear well today aka tuesday. dudes already in town or will be in the next 24 hours. he's driving up from fargo. atleast according to bob irving.. what does he know tho :stuck_out_tongue:

bowman has been in town for several weeks already aswell.. some other players also. just shhhhhhh :stuck_out_tongue:

ill tell you right now that about 15 players are here already.. with about 10 more to come in the next week or so.

brink will be up here may 23rd he was saying on h@l.

learn the nuances and the playbook he said.

we got a team that wants to win :smiley: i likes it :smiley:

.........hey did that work-out with the blue lightning go.....i hope you had your routines down and you remembered your pom-poms.... :lol: .......seriously though....It's great to see the exhuberance of some of the players...I know there's going to be some stiff competition for a few positions....qbs. being one of them...I think, anyone really gunning for the top job ,will pull out all the stops and coming to camp early resonates with management and the coaching staff...Good luck to them all..... it's right around the cornor..can't wait... :thup: :rockin:

If Brink doesn't make it, he can always go back to working in his family's SHOE WAREHOUSE (where he was working when Mack shrewdly traded for his rights). Man, Obie really got fleeced on that one! :wink:

On In Two please reserve your remarks for when the time is right, Eddie Steele may be a bust as well, so no one really knows at this point if anyone got "fleeced" as you put it, i know you are not that stupid and can see that situations like this play out alot in the CFL, one may bomb, both may bomb, both may surprise, who knows?

And knocking a human being because he has been working "where ever" just adds to my point of some Cat fans being classless, Brink probably made more money at shoe warehouse than you were making a McDonalds, even though i hear McDonalds is actually paying pretty good, my nephew make $10.50/hr not bad for a 16 year old.

My point is not that people who work in shoe warehouses don't make a good living or work hard. It is that a QB who is basically totally out of football, working a normal job, is not someone you should trade anything for...let alone pin your club's QB hopes on. But maybe he will defy the odds. There are some players who have. I believe that Ricky Ray worked for Frito Lay before becoming Edmonton's new hope. And I read somewhere that Deandra Cobb was a janitor before trying out at a Ticat minicamp in the States last year. But for every Ray and Cobb there are a hundred other guys who mistakenly think they can come back and light it up.

at what point did we lay the hope of our club on brink... at this point brink will be in tough to even make the top 3... i would not be surprised if he spent this year on the pr... with jyles, pierce, santos and dimichelle who all have at least played or been on a cfl roster b4... brink has the toughest road to make the rotation.... i dont think anyone here has or will label him the future of our club... tho you never know, he may surprise... or could be a bust, only time will tell

u seriously putting COBB who had 1 decent year in the same category as ricky ray?

oh wait your main point was about people working in shoe warehouses.. right.. ok.. thanks for your awesome info. THANK YOU FOR EDUCATING US about your knowledge of shoe warehouses.!!! its much appreciated.

u also realize tho that it wasnt eddie steele for alex brink.. it was pick number 22 for pick number 28 or some crap and alex brink.. u realize this right.. YOUR ASSuming that the bombers would have taken steele, Im not so sure they would have.