bomber oline just got a little bit nastier

i am sure many of you remember hating the bomber oline for being dirty. well, get ready to grumble cause good ole wilson is back and hopefully as nasty as ever. should help shore up the line anyways and rumour has it garrick jones may be on his way as well. those would help with the injury situation but would hurt the ratio that is for sure.

Wasn't that the kid that Bauer was gushing over a few years ago? He was really impressed with him how Wilson just goes out there and wears his heart on his sleeve.
I'm glad he's back, that oline could use an aggressive injection!

wow antoher fat guy, are we supposed ot be impressed? it aint like winnipeg just signed jonathan ogden, orlando pace, or D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

one difference. wilson has proven that he can be dominant in the canadian game. i too am a little concerned about the weight gain he needed to do for the nfl but they like their guys fat down there.

wake me up when the bombers sign the next willie roaf.

playmaker you have one serious case of little man syndrome. wilson should never have left the cfl. he was made for this game. now that he tried it down south they forced him to fatten up and it will likely take a while to get back to his cfl best. he was always too small to make it down there. i guess as long as willie roaf doesn't show up we can all count on you staying asleep and no longer filling the threads with your drivel. not likely i know.

this wilson guy is garbage, if he was good, a team would have signed him to a long-term cotnract, whether its cfl or nfl, and if he was so good he would get hyped up by the media and have massive endorsements.

Hey playdate maybe they should sign one of those NFL drug-free linemen like Lyle Alzedo or Tony Mandrich.

Yeah, like linemen get massive endorsements, You are so cute when you dribble from your sippy-cup.

last time i checked D-Brickashaw Ferguson has endorsements with addidas, gatorade, ea sports, and ford.

yeah, i guess simon stegall dickenson etc etc are no good. none of them come with massive endorsements either. he was in the nfl for the money/dream--he is an american. i could see him signing longterm now that he realized he was not meant for league down under. it is a shame that they tend to produce fat softies down there. look at onterrio and ricky. just couldn't handle having to be athletic to play a sport. no wonder they require such a small field and 4 downs to get 10 yrds. they don't have the stamina to move any quicker. damnthose dunkin donuts.

here is the type of lineman brenden taman needs: Mark Fenton, C, Colorado: The quality and quantity of offensive linemen coming from the Colorado program in recent years has been disappointing. Fenton is in a position to change that. Explosive and hardworking, Fenton is a three-year starter for the Buffaloes and presently carries a third-round grade. With more centers breaking into the draft's first two rounds and a poor crop at the position for the next draft, Fenton can move up draft boards quickly.

Did you just cut, paste from or the Colorado online media guide?

as for endorsements, the nfl is a marketing company that wants to make money. they throw in some football as a diversion. they are incredible at what they do but they could give a waterboy an endorsement and people would eat it up. it obviously works on you.

Hey Playdough! I don't know if you're a Hamilton fan or not. I'm just assuming by your avatar. Now that's a team that could really use some help. And by the way, Ron Lancaster is FAT!

You watch a league (NFL) that’s full of fat people! and don’t deny that, the obesity level in America is dangerously high!



you think i give a damn about fat guys in the nfl, all i care about is my fantasy team and if they make me money, i could care less about the obesity level in america, as long as my satellite dish is working i love it.

No one is saying he's going to be the most dominant Olineman in the league, or even on our own team! The reason we are happy to sign him is he is a coaches dream. Goes out there and does whatever is needed (including playing both O & D line in the 2003 playoffs). He will help a line that has been pushed around the last few weeks, and is still missing thier top 2 players. Very good signing :thup:

sure, the NFL is so easy to predict cuz you can just pick the guys that aren't fat, let's make money off it saw we?