Bomber O-Line

Luke Fritz: NI - 7th overall 2001
OT - 6'6" - 300lb - 32yrs
40yrd dash: N/A
Strength Reps: 26
Vertical Jump: 34
Broad Jump:8'6"
Shuttle Time: 4.59

*Steve Morely: NI - 1st overall 2003
OT - 6'7" - 314lbs - 29yrs
40yrd dash: 5.37
Strength Reps: 27
Vertical Jump: 24.5
Broad Jump: 8'6"
Shuttle Time: 4.80

John Hashem: NI - 3rd round 2009
OT - 6'7" - 310lbs - 23yrs

*Obby Kahn: NI - 2nd overall 2004
C - 6'3" - 306lbs - 30yrs

Mike Morris: NI - 3rd round 2009
C/G - 6'4" - 305lbs - 25yrs
40yrd dash: 5.58
Strength Reps: 16
Vertical Jump: 23.5
Broad Jump: 8'1.5"
Shuttle Time: 4.97

*Brendon LaBatte: NI - 6th overall 2008
G - 6'4" - 324lbs - 24yrs
40yrd dash: 5.48
Strength Reps: 21
Vertical Jump: 24.75
Broad Jump: 8'4.5"
Shuttle Time: 5

Adam Bestard: NI - 4th round 2009
G - 6'5" - 292lbs - 24yrs

Derek Armstrong: NI - 5th rounder 2006
G - 6'2" - 296lbs - 29yrs
40yrd dash: 5.58
Strength Reps: 9
Vertical Jump: 23
Broad Jump: 7'8"
Shuttle Time: 5.12

Ryan Donnelly: NI - 4th round 2001
OL - 6'5" - 295lbs - 32yrs

Chris Kowalczuk: NI - undrafted?
OL - 6'5" - 295lbs - 25yrs

*Glenn January: Import
T - 6'5" - 310lbs - 27yrs

Kelly Butler: Import
T - 6'8" - 350lbs - 28yrs

  • = projected starter

I doubt Kelly Butler is actually 350, If he is I doubt he would be very quick on his feet... hopefully he shows up to camp around 325lbs...

Still think we could use a good gaurd opposite LaBatte. Derrick Armstrong looks weak, Morris and Bestard are prospects.. Though I do like Morris to eventually be a good Lineman in a year or two. Don't know anything about Bestard. Chris Kowalczuk is another ?. cant find anything on him.

overall looks real good to me... we will have good tackles, good depth at tackle, a good center in Kahn with Morris for depth. Brendan LaBatte is an all star quality Gaurd.

If we were to Draft Kristian Matte in the fourth and he were to get cut from the Texans I think he could push for starters work and excell(similar to LaBatte in 2008)... other than that I see no real strong options for that spot... I wonder if they are planning on moving Fritz inside? wouldnt mind seeing what he could do.

Dont think Much of Donnelly other than his great versatility...

Butler's AFL contract situation hasn't been worked out yet so hopefully that will get straightened out soon. When he originally signed there was an article in the Sun that said he has excellent footwork because of his experience playing basketball when he was younger. Here's a link:

Kristian Matte signing as a free agent with the Houston Texans may drop his position in the draft. There's an article in today's Sun where Mack talks about how the signing of some prospects by NFL teams may affect the CFL draft:

Speaking of O-lines

O lines are quite often revamped because of a poor QB. I have seen this done many times in my CFL career. The coaching staff for some reason or another thinks the QB`s they have in their stable are the cats meow, if only they had a better O line, everybody would see just how great our qbs are.

Just something to think about

What I have heard is that, really only the RG position (opposite Labbate) is up for grabs.

Also, if the Bombers are able to land a starter (defence most likely) in the draft, then they are considering moving Butler to that RG spot and going with 2 imports on the oline.

I dont think we should waste an import spot at Gaurd, but if thats what it takes to get somebody good in there then thats whats gotta happen...

I think if we do land a good Gaurd, Fred Ried will be pretty amazing, especially now that we will have a passing attack... He'll probably run away with the rushing title...or at least have a very high avg if we dont use him very much

Well, if Eppel for whatever reason falls to 6, and there arnt any good linebackers left, Eppel can play gaurd as well

Personally, I'd prefer he play guard as opposed to playing gaurd.

Sorry, couldn't resist. . .

Well, "arnt" you just a smartypants. Just wait until "Fred Ried" clinches the rushing title. Then you'll see who's laughing.....

Well I'm laughing, now. . . :lol:

Hey ......Fred has a shot....but I'll bet Cates ain't gonna win it ....snicker ...snicker ......snicker :lol:

I would not be heartbroken if Cates got beat out of a job this spring. Anyway, I like Reid, always have. Just was teasing 'bout the typos.

typos' .... geez you could read through the whole forum and throw a 'ton of razzes' , at quite a few posters guilty of that ...not just guys on this site....... :wink: :lol:...( yes Cates looked a lot like ol folks at the end of last year...surprised the riders re-signed him.....but then Taman like those ol vets :lol: )

Meh, it's training camp. It's not who you sign, it's who you keep. Plus, if he wins a job, then I take comfort in knowing Kenny picked him because he was the best at that position.

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And that matters because . . . ?

Naked and liquored up, sounds like...

......maybe he's one of those streakers that attend rider games......if so ...he probably throws a 'mean' beer can..but ain't very good at predictions.. :wink: :roll:

Sorry that was my dry sense of humor, went over heads. :oops:

…‘dry’ and ‘liquored-up’…doesn’t seem to jive somehow :roll:

I recall the artical Blueblood but 350 is definately overweight and would no doubt slow him down