Bomber News and Discussion 2024

Since Jon asked someone to make a new post to replace the 2023 thread, I will do him the honours.

Deatrick Nichols signed for another 2 years hallelujah!


One of the top three most important free agents on the Bombers in my opinion. This is great news. He is far and away the best DB in the league and the recent site article on the top 10 DB free agents in the league didn’t even mention him, although another recent article pointed out he was the best in the league because no one will throw to his man.

As per the protocol developed with @Maaax i of course didn’t mention the war when I read that article in case a needy GM was reading it too. So 2 of the top 3 free agents signed with just Brady left. We’ll have to wait until he tests the NFL waters but has said he wants to stay and I think it is doubtful he will latch on down south. We’ll also likely need a backup QB or two. Oink, Oink.


Happy New Year there fans of the Blue Bombers.

I know it’s a bit early, but this plan for 2024 is in place.

Back to you, @Maaax


Happy New Year you too Paolo (and everyone else)! :partying_face: :beers: :beaver:


I must admit, if WPG can’t hold on to Brown it could be interesting to find out how much Strev´s passing skills have improved.


Breaking News on Two Fronts!

  • It looks like Richie Hall is relieved or relieving himself of some duties and passing the torch to Jordan Younger, our former DB coach.

Hopefully the mentoring process continues throughout the year and all the success leading towards Winnipeg hosting the Grey Cup

  • It seems to me that Mike Miller is retired and taking on the role of special teams coordinator. Great on us to retain the ST tackles leader in our organization. Class act! Hope he can inspire some better ST play heading into this year! We sure missed him on the field.

Here is the link to the site generated thread.

We don’t know and never will probably the real reason for these moves and specifically whether Richie Hall was on board or as some speculate, whether Richie is politely being shown the door. I hope that isn’t the case. In my opinion he has been as good as or better than any coach on staff including O’Shea since he joined the staff. Theren is no other coach alive that is the author of the best CFL defence of the last 50 years the Bombers had two years ago.Yes the defence regressed at times, but I attribute that to diminishing quality of personnel . The offence certainly didn’t impress when it counted either and special teams was by far the worst of the three, with the penguin, played by Burgess Meredith, being responsible for the punting last season.

I hope that Richie was on board but I doubt it. Anyway, I’m not going to pretend that I know more about the Bombers inner circle than those within the actual inner circle, although I have to admit I was surprised at the demotion.


I’m not surprised at all. There had to be a succession plan in place for the retention of Walters, DannyMac, and Goveia.
I also wouldn’t be surprised if this plan was discussed and agreed to by all the players involved, with the possible exception of the STC Boudreau (sp?).
The management cap makes for some unpalatable/unpopular decisions.


I believe Richie is gradually being escorted to the “door”. According to Mountain O’Shea he’ll still retain some form of ambassador role with the Bombers. Don’t know what happened to Boo Boo (Boudreau) but he & O’Shea often appeared at odds on the sidelines. Mike Miller was a special teams swamp monster but the adjustment to coaching might be a steep incline. Boudreau obviously had weak spots that were exposed in game action but he was an experienced, grizzled & gnarled hand. Mike Miller will be a virgin ST coach.
I like Younger moving into Hall’s spot - keeping in perspective the Bomber D gave up huge gobs of yardage in 2023. Yes, injuries to Jackson Jeffcoats and lack of any oomph in their interior d-line cost them. So did Adam Bighill slowing down another notch. Due to lack of great footspeed the Bomber secondary was forced to play zone cover much of the time.
Essentially, a neutral move - unless Bombers miraculously find another “Stove” for their D-line or upgrade on the slowing Bighill (fat chance). Hall is 63/64 while Younger is 45.


This is an EMERGENCY ALERT for all fans of the Bombers.

It appears our people were able to convince Streveler to agree with our plans for him!

He’s on his way back. Wherever he goes, the road should go through Winnipeg first at the very least.


I think Hall’s demotion – which surprised the heck out of me – is more about keeping Younger than anything else. At some point, you have to give your younger coaches opportunities for promotion, or else they’ll leave for greener pastures.

Boudreau seems to be a coaching cap casualty, though my understanding is that WPG’s special teams were not particularly great in 2023 so his firing isn’t a huge surprise.

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I didn’t know that Boudreau was rubbing O’Shea the wrong way. And speaking of rubbing the wrong way… ‘Virgin ST’ sounds like a sexually transmitted disease. With that in mind we must hope that Mike Miller practices safe coaching. Otherwise his young players will have to follow Nancy Reagan’s ‘just say no’ strategy when it comes to all that off-field naughty stuff.

I’m a huge Dalton “Roadhouse” Schoen fan. One of my Top 25 Bomber all-time players:

  • Norm Winton
  • Kenny Ploen
  • Leo Lewis
  • Ernie Pitts
  • Frank Rigney
  • Hoss Houmard
  • George Fleming
  • Schoen
  • Bill Frank
  • Rod Hill
  • Bud Grant
  • Brady O
  • Bluto Walby
  • Chris Streveler
  • Bob Lueck
  • Bubba “Doug” Brown
  • Dr. Ken Neilson
  • Albert “Blue Bayou” Johnson
  • Phil Minnick
  • James Murphy
  • Johnny Helton
  • Matt Dunigan
  • Gerry James
  • Gord Rowland
  • Herb Grey
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That said about Schoen - if it came down to money for Streveler and the Bombers couldn’t save Schoen on the roster I think Streveler could help them win a couple extra games - plus stronger playoff and Grey Cup results. Zach, no matter what kind of legend he is - sagged at the end. He was OK vs. BC, a bit lucky to win - then he was out-classed by that Corgi Toy from Montreal in the big one.
Love to see all the seniors come back plus Kenny Lawler, Zach, Biggy, Willy J, so long as we have Strevs as the #2. Can’t imagine being able to sign Strevs + all of Schoen, Lawler, Olivera. We will be fortunate and cap geniuses to get 2 of the 3 re-upped.


Lawler is signed for one more year so we don’t have to worry about him. That softens the blow if they are unable to sign Schoen. We need Demski signed too. Starting to worry about Brady a bit with the “show me the money” tour he’s been on lately, but still thinking he’ll want to be in Winnipeg and there doesn’t seem to be any NFL interest. Biggie will sign for his final season. Jefferson was a necessary signing. We need Jeffcoat too in spite of his injuries. The most key signing and always under the radar was Nichols in my opinion. Best DB in the league by a mile. I would send Houston packing and use his money for Schoen. Would love it if Mr. Fur Coat returned. I’ll take him over Brown any day.


According to this article, Demski and Bighill are both signed for 2024.
I’m surprised by how many DL we have signed despite Jeffcoat remaining unsigned. I wonder if Jackson will be be back this year.

There’s a lot of high dollar guys we are waiting on and the dominoes will fall once we know which of them are coming back. Money can be assigned elsewhere if necessary. I’m not worried about the Bombers scouting staff unearthing gems at positions of need this year like they have in years past. I would rather rebuild a bit this year and be better prepared for the Grey Cup at home in 2025 then being caught by surprise in a Grey Cup hosting year next year.


Good article. I guess I’m out of touch not knowing that Bighill and Demski were already signed but I’m not complaining. It looks like Bryant will be back but he will have to take a pay cut. Still, I don’t see him going anywhere else to play what might be his final season. We definitely need more linemen signed aside from that, starting with an expensive Hardrick and Kolankowsi and Walker and Jeffcoat as I mentioned earlier.

Lot’s of work to do but this management and talent finding regime has gotten it done for a number of years and I expect no less. Unlike for most of the team’s history players want to stay/play in Winnipeg and for several years Winnipeg has been the #1 destination players want to be given the choice. I wish that applied to the Jets as well.


Agreed. But there are some obvious recruiting weaknesses.

  1. Ever since “Stove” left, no real middle d-linemen with oomph who routinely force o-linemen against their will.

  2. Zero development of a plan for Bighill’s succession.

  3. Obvious diminishment of Special Teams - Boudreau took the fall but I suspect the number of minimum wage guys on ST had as much to do with it.

  4. Failure to recognize both Hardick & Bryant were rapidly approaching their best before date. Bryant was beaten like a rented mule in the Cup game. Hardick had problems, too!

That said and all told, Bombers do better than almost every other CFL team in most categories. SO long as Bighill hasn’t lost more than a step he could have a decent year in 2024. Very poor quality in the middle of the d-line persists as a bugaboo.


Yep. We need an interior Dlineman badly which is pretty much unanimous I think. I was surprised that Stove signed with BC again. We were just starting to organize a kidnap plan which would have been much easier than the one concocted for Streveler. No international border and he would be able to travel undetected in any of the many trucks hauling appliances across the country.

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No Milt Stegall on that list?