Bomber News and Discussion 2023

A lot of super-shills predicted another 15-3 or 14-4 season with no apparent look at the Bomber warts & deficits.

I actually pegged them a solid 12-6 pre-season pick, in a dog-fight for 1st/2nd w/ BC

Now, based on 2 of the last 3 games I2-6 would be a damn good achievement. But more likely after getting thrashed by Jim Kelly & his Argos, 11-7 looms quite large.

An early playoff exit will drive sorrow to an all-time extreme!

Are you sure about the current Argos? They were quite unimpressive in their amazing comeback against an haplessly unimpressive Montreal team that figured out how to steal defeat from the jaws of victory in that crapfest on Friday night.


Never 100% sure about teams that clinch their playoff bye so early in season. Now playing virtually meaningless games. Imagine losing Kelly to a late clobber?
So the intensity and spark won’t be there - that said, they managed to eke out a W vs. a deranged Als squad that lacks professional coaching.
Bombers were visiting a low end group while still fighting tooth 'n nail for 1st in West - and they took a giant dump on Tim Hortons Field.

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Not only what Paolo said but do you realize how poorly the Lions are playing right now? They recently lost to Sask and got throttled by Hamilton at home. Not to be outdone by that ineptitude (for a supposed top 3 team) they barfed up a fur ball against worst in CFL Ottawa at home and only won a game they deserved to lose because of a monumental coaching brain cramp.

The Bombers lost two of their four games in OT and lost by 6 to an up and coming Hamilton team on the road. They got blown out by BC way back in Week 3 but returned the favour to cancel that out as you know. They also blew out Saskatchewan and Montreal.

The Bombers aren’t perfect or infallible but by any measure, and the experts and simulations agree, they are a better bet than BC at this point.


But I would argue that the Ticats are a better team than Montreal at the moment.

Let’s see if they can beat Toronto this weekend. If they do then clearly they will have surpassed Montreal as a team to worry about.



I heard on the radio yesterday that this is the first time since IG Field opened in 2013 that the Bombers have sold out three games in a row. Gotta hand it to dare I say the league’s best fans.


Winning breeds success and success often breeds winning.

Only problem is since the sellout streak began, the Bombers have shown more warts in their 2 losses sandwiched between an OREO W than they have in 3 or 4 years collectively.

A loss to the Argos won’t be unexpected. Toronto is the slightly better team and doesn’t have the coaching deficiencies other CFL teams are burdened with. An Argo win where they carve up the Bombers and serve them up for roadkill will send off tremors of panic in Bomberland.

Let’s see if Toronto’s best players even show up for this game. Locking up the Eastern Final after 12 games gives them some options down the stretch. Their final 6 games really don’t matter to them now.

Also Andrew Harris has been placed on the 6-game injured list so I guess he won’t be making his return to IG Field after all.


One of the downsides of clinching a conference final berth so early in the season. The Argos will show up - I’m sure they’ll rest players who are either slightly nicked, sore or high-risk.
Pretty sure they’ll start the majority of their starting group for at least a half, maybe even 3 quarters before retreating.
Only incentive for knocking off the Bombers is sending them into a playoff free fall . . . . . and hoping Bombers (Argo’s #1 competition) fail to emerge out of west. Indeed, Bombers are vulnerable to Sask’n, BC & possibly Edmonton.

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Argos are already sitting a healthy Oullette this week so he should play against the Bombers. Andrew Harris is done for the year and his career although that won’t hurt the Argos one bit.

I was very supportive of the Bomber brass when they refused to sign Harris for double what he was worth and let the Argos do so. I don’t ever see any follow up on this anywhere but the Bomber brass deserves massive kudos for making the absolutely perfect call on Harris. I can’t imagine having Harris and not Oliveira right now.


Husky Harris got what he wanted. A good paycheque (not what he was earning in Winnipeg) and an opportunity to pass Charles Roberts in the yards running CFL category. Winnipeg was going to have a PR nightmare on their hands if they re-signed Harris - or they didn’t. The bonus to not signing him was Olivera’s emergence as a top CFL back. . . . . not quite the blocker or receiver that Harris was but darn close (other than the sub-par blocking)
Bombers got Andrew Harris 3 Grey Cup rings - 2 as their starting RB and last year’s donation to the Toronto cause with an obviously ailing Collaros and a legless place-kicker!

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Guys, we are going to beat Toronto. Trust me. Coming off the bye at home, we will be motivated. Toronto is the best team in the league this year. Man that hurt to say. They have nothing to play for for the rest of the regular season. It will be a good game but the Bombers should pull away late.

The next week is one where the Bombers need to overcome their “flaws” of having emotional let downs. That will be a massive game. BC is a solid team. And again, odds are we play BC again this year in the playoffs and I’d rather win that game on the road than this upcoming game.

The Bombers are going to have to start letting players go this off season and bring in new and younger talent. This core has been awesome. The 2019 season got me hooked on this amazing game, and it was made all the more special with the Beatdown in Cowtown that ended it. If this season is end of Winnipeg being Grey Cup favourites every year, so be it. 2 Cup in 3 strait appearances is nothing to scoff at. :+1:t2:


Lets just hope we can add to that tally in your last line.


Didn’t Harris get a GC ring in 2011 as a BC Lion? That would make it four.


Yes, he did - but that one had nothing to do with the Bombers. 2 of Harris’s 4 rings were as a Bomber player, the 4th ring was donated to him courtesy of the Bombers falling apart in the final 7 minutes of last year’s game vs. Harris’s Argonauts!

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That’s right. I realized earlier in this season that in Grey Cup games involving Andrew Harris and the Bombers, the Bombers are .500 and Harris is 1.000

I very much believe he’ll find that extra gear still come PO’s

Actually Da Bombers are .666, which also happens to be my favourite number. Harris won two Grey Cups with Winnipeg before leaving for Toronto. He was MOP of the game in 2019.

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That’s correct if you don’t count any Grey Cups before he became a Blue Bomber, but I’m looking at Harris’ whole career.
BTW, I think I recall seeing that he was just added to TOR’s six game list.

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