Bomber News and Discussion 2023

I don’t think I have since i do live in Winnipeg, lol

Side note, no one in the Vancouver airport has even so much as commented on my Bomber windbreaker in a 6 hour layover.

Any updates on Rasheed Bailey and Dalton Schoen since the last game?

No updates I am aware of but I’m pretty sure that Schoen is done for the year. Looks like some kind of ligament issue that will require some time to heal. I’m more optimistic about Bailey.


First practice is today, so we should get an injury report this afternoon.

Safe travels and Go Blue!

Ok, my bad

Yarr Captain Paolo… speakin’ of forbidden techniques, they be after our Assistant GM. Or at least they be talkin’ up a storm on the TigerCat forums about the pros and cons of luring Danny Mac to Hamilton to bolster their sagging fortunes Danny Mac...why?

But if it be sagging fortunes they want, why not first bring in Captain Assistant GM Cheddar Cheese (from the creamy Dip Ship HMS Stinky) to lure Danny into their pirate lair? Yarr, with those two joining forces the combo of ‘Mac and Cheese’ would reign terror upon the Spanish Main… otherwise known as ‘The East’.

The mere thought of coming face to face on the high seas with pasta this powerful makes me blood run cold Captain Paolo. :beaver:

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Thar be much yar ye matey. Powerful pasta too?

I’m going to have to report this all up the mast, for I do know this move has not been approved by the global confederation let alone my Great Uncle Ernesto Blofeld, whom we have not informed quite yet so as to be able to mitigate the effects of his fiery temper.

HMS Stinky and Mac and Cheese? The HMS Stinky is not a properly registered ship with the global confederation either. I love mac and cheese all the same don’t get me wrong here, but the penalty for no registration is a dire fate that includes having registered for its own bounty by all ships at sea.

It’s not looking good for yar ship ye matey. Maybe we’ll get those jerks and losers on Captain Longshanks’ ship to go after the HMS Stinky so that they can clobber each other and cut their numbers.

Fear not this banter yar Mac and Cheese ahoy in the East ye matey.

Yar HMS Stinky shall be Swiss cheese at the bottom of the high seas very soon.

To be continued …

We be sharpenin’ our blades for the game now too you know, for we know the Bombers be sharpenin’ yar blades for the Mowing Crew.

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Sounds like Dalton Schoen is done like dinner for this week’s final against BC. Meanwhile coach O’Shea expects Rasheed Bailey and Nic Demksi to be ready to play.

O’Shea said last Saturday that Demksi and Bailey should be OK to play, but the team is working through scenarios that include Greg McCrae, Brendan O’Leary-Orange and newcomer Markeith Ambles being part of the offence this weekend, when the Bombers try to qualify for the Grey Cup for a fourth straight season.

Any disruption to what might be the league’s best receiving corps — when healthy — could put more of the onus on workhorse running back Oliveira, who says ‘Bring it on.’

And Adam Bighill wants colder weather…

Chasing ghosts: Secrets, tricks and paranoia in Bombers-Lions West Final prep (


For cold weather and precipitation, and in case anybody has forgotten an important lesson from the past, make sure the equipment manager has different shoes ready for the team!

How is the forecast looking?

Mowing Crew - get your snow cats and snow blowers ready now too just in case.


Looking frosty for the 2nd half at least. :grinning: :+1:

Bombers wishing for colder weather as they prepare to host Lions in West Final (


Paywall article.
Now it makes sense why Lawler has had monster games against BC.

"Kenny Lawler doesn’t forget.

In 2018 — before he became a star receiver for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers — the University of California product was trying to break into the CFL with the B.C. Lions when he tore one of his hamstrings.

He went home to rehab and the Lions promised to cover the costs and then bring him back once he had recovered.

That, however is not what happened.

They cut him loose and never looked back."

Time for another big game from 89.


Another paywall article.
This one’s for you @Jon.

" Ask anyone in the Blue Bombers locker room who the best halfback in the CFL is and they’ll tell you it’s Deatrick Nichols.

“It’s no question. He does a lot of things for us that a lot of people really can’t do,” said safety Brandon Alexander after Thursday’s closed practice at IG Field.

“He does everything. He blitzes, he covers, and understands the game of football at a very high level. There are people who can do certain things at a high level but he can do everything at a high level.”

Opposition offences avoid Blue Bombers halfback Deatrick Nichols (middle) at all costs.

The problem is what Nichols brings to the table doesn’t show up on the statsheet. On paper, 37 defensive tackles and one forced fumble doesn’t jump out. On tape, however, it’s a different story.

Opposing offences try to avoid Nichols at all costs, often going out of their way to not throw in his direction. That’s the ultimate sign of respect to a defensive back.

“If they don’t have to throw my way, I wouldn’t either,” said Nichols, a 29-year-old from Miami who’s in his third season with the Blue and Gold.

That respect did not come in the form of an all-star selection this season. Nichols was named a CFL All-Star the past two years but was left out this time around. He wasn’t named a West Division All-Star, either.

Prior to the season, Nichols was voted the 12th best player in the league — the highest ranking for any DB — in TSN’s annual top-50 poll.

The Bombers secondary didn’t come up empty as cornerback Demerio Houston — the league’s leader in interceptions with seven — was named an all-star while second-year pro Evan Holm got a division nod at halfback and Alexander was also recognized in the West at safety.

“It’s part of the game. You just got to play the cards that are dealt. They say I’m not an all-star, I’m OK with it,” said Nichols.

“Life goes on. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t make you better than anybody.”

When the division all-stars were announced last week, Nichols didn’t have time to stress over it as he was back home to support his partner for the birth of their second child. Nichols spent a few days with his baby boy Harlem before returning to Winnipeg to prepare for Saturday’s Western Final against the visiting B.C. Lions.

“I had to be a father and stay locked in with work and everything, but it was a great experience,” said Nichols.

A lot of eyes will be on Nichols, and his fellow pass defenders, this weekend. The Lions are a team that throws the ball early and often. Quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. was second in the league in pass attempts (488) and first in passing yards (4,769). As for running the ball, B.C. is dead last with an average of 77.3 yards per game. Winnipeg leads the CFL with 139.1 rushing yards per game.

In last week’s Western semifinal, Adams threw for 413 yards and two touchdowns in a 41-30 victory over the Calgary Stampeders. He also ran seven times for 54 yards and three scores.

“Vernon definitely looks way more confident than previous years. He looks like he loves the system that he’s in and the guys that he’s playing with,” said Alexander.

“Vernon came into a system that Nathan Rourke was able to make pop last year and it’s like they really didn’t miss a beat. They’re in the exact same spot they were in last year. Vernon went in there and everybody’s riding behind him. They’ve been playing very well.”


Thanks Arnie. I could have written the first part of that article myself. I had forgotten that he was voted best DB in the league prior to the year and he only cemented that standing with the outstanding year he had. It’s not even close as there is no DB on any team that can even carry his jock strap. I’m a little surprised he isn’t in the NFL like his fellow rookie at the time Alford. I guess he’s a little small and a little slow for them, much like Milt Stegall was.

Love his line “If they don’t have to throw my way, I wouldn’t either”.

I’ll be watching tomorrow to see how many passes, if any, are thrown his way. I didn’t count any last game. I also can’t recall any receptions of note against him the entire season. just a few 6-7 yard curls here and there. Arguably he is better at his position than the second best player at his position than anyone in the CFL.


It been awhile since I’ve heard about our geriatric Bombers. Too old, slow, can’t finish…no player will sign for the family discount…AHH, I miss those days.
But seriously folks, this has been the loooongest 2 weeks of CFL since…well last season’s Western Finals. lol :heart::canada::football:


Lol! I feel like I’ve read the gist of the article several times from your posts. :grin:
Nichols definitely is elite and the cream of the crop. I thought he had some NFL tryouts a couple of years ago, but just too small. Their loss, our big gain!


Deatrick is a miniature beast, a Hulk on roller skates - a wild bull of the pampas.

But he can’t take care of the Lion’s MOP (Vernon) all by himself. Vernon will use a hybrid of his running, elusivity and some elite WRs to savage the Bombers for a min. of 250/300 yds thru the air, but they’ll still need those key 1st downs via running. Don’t know if they can run over the Wpg defense just like that.


Hot off the FB press! Bailey and Demski are top of the depth chart, but game time decisions. The intrigue builds!


The pass and rush defence need to keep Adams and his offence in check right away. Despite the Bomber defence making effective, positive adjustments in the teams’ last meeting, they have shown cracks in keeping energized throughout 4 quarters. This first sign became evident in last year’s Grey Cup and a couple more times this season where they appeared collectively gassed to make a stop. The automatic 4th quarter shutdowns are a thing of the past. Father time catches up to everyone. But the Bomber defence, and the rest of the team, are highly talented, cohesive and experienced. They still have what it takes to not just beat, but dominate any team on any given day. This will be Adams’ second chance against the Bombers in a highly meaningful game. The previous one was for first place, a bye and a home game for the western final. Adams started on fire in that one, but collapsed in the second half. He still has to prove himself imho. He may do that in tomorrow’s game. But until he does, I give the Bomber defence better odds in performance than the BC offence.


And let’s not forget the Bombers #1 in the league offence and Brady vs the BC miniature DLine. Grant also has a nasty habit of returning kicks for TD’s against BC. If the Bombers don’t beat themselves via turnovers and penalties I really don’t see any other way they will lose this game.


I see a slew of ways Bombers can lose this game. Ignoring the fact they’re prolly Vegas dogs (smart money) Adams can gas that Wpg defense within 2, maybe 2 and a half quarters.

O’Shea finally had the decency to declare Schoen as “OUT” for Saturday, Bailey & Demski (who got nicked late in the Bombers final reg. season game vs. Calgary) are GTD. I suspect O’Shea will be tickled pink to get at least one of Bailey or Demski into Saturday’s game. Neither are 100%; Demski prolly 75 to 80%, Bailey around 85 to 90%.

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