Bomber News and Discussion 2023

I’ll make you a bet that if Leggs is cut, he’s scooped up by another team.

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I’d say its slightly better than 50% Leggs goes to Edmonton if O’Shea somehow can’t find a spot for him in the Bomber t-shirt store. Barring injury I don’t see another team that needs a dual threat kicker.

Perhaps Ottawa nabs him as a punter if they’ve got enough cap space.

Well, he was released. You betting, or not?

JUN 3, 2023
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the following transactions:

Released from roster:
American quarterback Josh Jones
American receiver Manasseh Bailey
American receiver Sean Coyne
American receiver Braxton Westfield
American receiver Tavaris Harrison
American receiver Brendan Beaulieu
American receiver Gavin Garner
American running back Kevon Latulas
American running back Vance Barnes
American running back Jordan Salima
American offensive lineman Kelvin Ateman
American offensive lineman Desmond Bessent
American defensive end Joe Beckett
American defensive end DeJaun Cooper
American defensive end Aaron Sterling
American defensive tackle Keenan Agnew
American linebacker Barrington Wade
American kicker Chandler Staton
American defensive back Karon Delince
National kicker Marc Liegghio
National defensive back Jordan Veltri
National defensive back Jacob Janke
National defensive back Bret MacDougall
National linebacker Max Charbonneau
National offensive lineman Cole Adamson

Added to practice roster:
American running back Greg McCrae
American offensive lineman Drew Richmond
American offensive lineman Chris Ivy
American long snapper Damian Jackson
American defensive back Abu Daramy-Swaray
American defensive back/returner Matt Cole
American defensive tackle Caleb Thomas
American receiver Amare Jones
National offensive lineman Jakub Szott
National receiver Jeremy Murphy
Global offensive lineman Tomoya Machino
Global defensive back Souleymane Karamoko
Global punter Karl Schmitz

Added to suspended list (returning to school):
National defensive tackle Collin Kornelson


Surprised they released Wade, we seem weak at LB.

Well count me as one person that is happy to see Liegghio go. Nothing against him personally but he just wasn’t good enough. Tough decisions have to be made. That Aussie punter was booming them 15 yards past Liegghio with regularity and Sergio is simply the best clutch place kicker in the league. You can’t escape consequences of poor play forever. I am pleased that O’Shea and company didn’t let blind loyalty interfere with a decision that was basically a no brainer. He may catch on with another team but only because of his passport.

I saw that they let Salima at RB go as well. He looked decent yesterday. Would have thought a practice roster spot to be in order, especially with Oliveira hurt.

I also thought Harrison at WR would land on the practice roster where he was in the past. No surprise they released Josh Jones after Filet Pignon’s awesome preseason performances. He didn’t stand a chance coming in last week after Piggy lit it up. Sort of like following Jimi Hendrix at a multiple band concert.

A link to the recently posted Bomber cuts is below.

I also was impressed with Salima, but we are commited to going Canadian there so no room for him I guess.
McRae can also play WR/SB.

I just hope we don’t have to go thru the kicker carousel again next year.
With some growth, Leggs could have solidified all 3 positions for years.

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He could have but I just don’t think he has the leg and that won’t change. He also isn’t clutch and that could change with experience but at this point I’m happy that our GC chances won’t rest on his leg this year.


He did have that 55 yarder FG in the LDC to win the game.
Anyways, the ship has sailed. I just think we made a mistake there.

Who was that new kick returner we had for last night’s game? He was dynamite. I hope we found a way to keep him.

That was DB Matt Cole. He also made some nice tackles but missed a few as well. He’s on the practice roster.


You’re right. Lawler doesn’t get paid while he’s suspended. He’ll also be losing around 7K per game in bonus money. With Lawler on the shelf and Legs gone, I wonder if we’ve got enough spare change in the til to get Shawn Lemon out here to man Jeffcoat’s spot (until he gets healthy again)?


That wouldn’t be a bad idea. Or Derek Dennis for the Oline.

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We’ll know after the upcoming Hamilton game which shopping priority comes first. Ideally we won’t need ANY help but it kinda looks like we will.


Its only a whisper now but will develop into a Edvard Munch-like scream if the Bomber o-line gets man-hamboned by Hamilton next week - or our d-line can’t stop a 5 yr old baby!

O’Shea is still in IF mode.

If Jeffcoat can return to 2021 levels?
If Bighill can be the super-stopper he’s built his reputation on?
If the o-line can conceal the obvious weakness of a new centre & Geoff Gray?
If Olivera can return to average 75 yds a game plus be a solid check-off guy for Collaros when Zack under siege!
If the 10 DBs can cover ground + pound that other teams will throw at them when they realize Bombers don’t have much in legitimate linebackers (other than ageing Adam Bighill).
Agudosi a good replace for suspended Lawler but Lawler creates separation and Collaros can basically launch balls to destined targets and Lawler will meet the ball - Agudosi doesn’t quite have those separation skills. It means Collaros will have to hold onto the ball a bit longer to go thru alternate reads - and that can only result in more sacks & drag-downs!

Especially when this info was available a full day ago.

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Remember the game is played on the field; not in the courtroom and not at the water cooler. The boys all row with the same stroke and that will glide them to many victories. Plus the bombers now have the “SEAL” of approval. 2023 will be another memorable year.


Man this guy boingos around a lot lately. Too bad he hasn’t landed in Winnipeg. maybe salary cap issues.


Kongbo had an NFL dream and got to play in a handful of NFL games last year and served time on a couple NFL practice rosters to boot.

I suspect the NFL found Kongbo too much of a tweener, a bit too small to stem the tide and be a difference-maker on prototypical NFL d-lines and a bit too big & slow to work as an outside linebacker.

He may be a sterling silver find compared to someone like Derek Dennis - because Kongbo is younger, stronger & Canadian.
Dennis has perceptions of a guy who can play like the dickens ---- WHEN HE WANTS but is a bit hard to coach, isn’t always in prime-time shape and lets face it there’s only a few tough nuts playing 0-line in the CFL aged 35 or older.