Bomber News and Discussion 2023

Last year we had the first thread since I’ve been on here for general discussion on all topics Bomber related and it ended up being a modest success with some 1600 posts in 11 months. As the calendar has turned I thought it would be appropriate to have a new thread for 2023.

Even though it is a Bomber thread, I believe I speak for all Bomber fans in inviting any non Bomber fans to post their thoughts and opinions on this thread, as long as they are not incessantly negative in accordance with Forum rules and policy, which I expect we will continue to informally police as we did last year as necessary.

There may not be anything to discuss for a while at this time of year and that is ok, but we have our 2023 thread. This thread is also not meant to prevent any other Bomber threads on any topic Bomber related from being started and in fact I would encourage that. Anything general or topics not worthy of their own thread can be discussed here. In fact LetsGoBlue started an off season thread not long ago which I take as similar to the free agency thread we had last year. I will bump that thread and intend to post free agency related matters in that thread although you can of course do whatever you like.

Happy New Year to everyone and I’ll say 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.


Wow, 2023 hey? :astonished: Time flies when you're winning games!

Don't matter to me where we post about our team, as long as we are doing it!
Wishing the club (and all of us!) good health & fortune this year! We do have lots to be fortunate about.

Funny, I've had that meatloaf song in my head since the Grey Cup, but singing 3 out of 4 aint bad. :smile:


The one where he says "I will do ANYTHING but root for the Argos"?


All we can do is keep on winning games
I want wins, I need wins
But there aint noway we're ever going to hate them
Carlos, don't be mad
Cause 3 out of 4 aint bad



Your coded message was understood fellow Bomber fan (wink wink). Good work eliminating the Carlos threat. Don't tell us where you disposed of the body. :grinning: :+1:


I'm thinking either that Agent Quack or that Agent B.O. know something about that op, but we're too busy now with a national security matter in Seattle to worry about any of that today.

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You know we are waiting for word from our top US operative (you). As the cone of silence is sadly on the fritz you will have to phone one of our shoes once Operation Fur Coat is good to go. Make sure you call the right one.


I have urgent news for Agent Paolo (that's you) regarding a certain underappreciated Jets' QB who should be ours. Read this message, mark it Triple Top Secret and then burn it after you've committed it to memory:

We've heard from a very reliable source that Chris Streveler wants a ham on rye with mustard, mozzarella, green peppers and pickles. Under no circumstances (and this is crucial) should you HOLD the mayo. Get him this item and he's ours.

We're all counting on you Paolo. :zap: :zap: :zap:


Idaho to Beavo, B.O., Quack ...come in ...

Relaying orders to Agent Hormel and Agent Hellman...

Delivery to Asset on schedule ...

Awaiting further instruction for involuntary inebriation ...over

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Squelch...squawk...Idaho...forwarded message from Agent Hormel: supply bib with delivery, considering inebriated state, mustard impossible to remove from fur coat. Subject's image important to successful implementation of plan. Over


Roger that Agent Hormel...

Bomber HQ recomments that in the event of mustard stain removal from fur coat failure, you should implement plan 'S' (also known as plan 'Shave it off'). See if there's a nearby electrical plug for the hidden fur coat shaver that's built into your Secret Agent Wrist Watch.

Note: as per the 'Secret Agent Wrist Watch Manufacturer Agreement' under section x, paragraph 4, (ahem), we are not allowed to use our Secret Agent Wrist Watch Fur Coat Shaver to shave private parts. So no man-scaping or your warranty will be void and you'll have to repair this thing at your own expense.

Good luck Agent Hormel. Rendezvous with Agent Paolo to arrange submarine pickup before rush hour traffic gets too bad. Over. :zap: :boom: :beaver:


Great thread guys.

Anyone think the Bombers sign Mike Jones?

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I kid you not... right now there are TWO Mike Jones in this league, they're both on Montreal's roster and they're both listed as Free Agents!

Personally I don't think we'll sign Mike Jones (we've got lots of Americans), but we might sign Mike Jones since we can always use another Canadian.

Agent Beavo...Regret to report my failure to peruse the "Wrist Watch Manufacturing Agreement" (damn those X, Y chromosomes). Man-scaping less that successful but resultant prosthetic and hormone replacement therapy has returned me to my former glory.
I have sent the Wrist Watch Fur Coat Shaver for repair (expense covered by Blue Cross as I added it to the invoice for the prosthetic itemized as "erection aid") but will not be returned until Friday sometime between 0700 and 1830.

In light of this, the bib becomes much more crucial to the op unless a sheep shearing tool such as Oster Showmaster Variable Speed Shears can be utilized. I will dig my set out from my extra wide rubber boots in anticipation.

Agent Paolo, submarine pickup should be scheduled for mid-afternoon to allow time for rubber boot search.


Shhh! I'm Idaho he's Quack. Hormel is out to lunch now too with that Hellman with the mayo on hold (not to be confused with holding the mayo as per your instructions).

Copy orders ...much relief to know what should not be shaved ... will advise Asset ...safely from afar ...over

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So is there that doppelgaenger strategy in the works here?

They'll just announce they will sign a Mike Jones to take them all off the board, and then they'll figure it out later which one?

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We copy your copy Agent Paolo... please be advised there might be an elevated cholesterol warning issued for this mission if Agent Hormel can't get his saturated fats under control with Agent Hellman...

Also... Bomber HQ warns that your cover might be blown. Agent Potato turned up baked just hours ago... there's a chance he spilled the beans... Over...

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That no-good spud turncoat! I'll tell what's good for his fate now after our betrayal - steamrolled very brown hash browns that rotten varmint!

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Ten-four Agent Paolo... we feel your pain. You and Agent Potato were best spuds in Spy School... he even chipped in for your tuition... playing ketchup with him over the years with all those women must've been spicey...

Agent Potato's autopsy was completed minutes ago at Bomber HQ... he was a bit flat... needed salt I think...

His funeral will be next week... we'll be burying his remains with full honors in poutine curds and gravy... his widow asks that you bring your own fork... over...

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DB Mike Jones?

OShea knows him well. He did pretty good at corner when with us, if the price is right, why not? Not sure how his season went this year.