Bomber News and Discussion 2022 (Other than free agency)

The Lions are the real deal. I'm anxiously waiting to see how Masoli's Red Blacks fair next week against them. If it's close then I'll exhale. :grimacing:


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The Lions are the real deal. I'm anxiously waiting to see how Masoli's Red Blacks fair next week against them. If it's close then I'll exhale. <

Really short week for us here, this is the toughest test so far, seeing as TO didn't rise for the challenge.


Someone slammed the oven door too quickly. The Argos were 'done like dinner' BEFORE they hit the field.


Does anyone have any idea what the logic is behind playing on a workday Monday evening after a three day weekend?

I’m just asking as I don’t know.

I don't mind it being a Monday game, but it sucks that they would schedule us to play just a few days later. Sucks even more that it seems to be a 1st play showdown.

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From another thread. It appears that the death of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and their defence in particular has been greatly exaggerated.


That's the part that worries me the most. We're supposed to keep up with that crazy scoring machine in BC on a short week? That didn't work out so well for Saskatchewen when they flew into Montreal dead tired and got slapped around by the ALs.

TSN probably WANTED it that way. 'Monday night football' Canadian Style.

Also to gauge the gambling aspect for a potential US TV or streaming site to obtain CFL broadcast rights.

Remember, Monday Nights were invented to make up the losses wagered on Sundays

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Very good defense. Mortal and spotty offense.
As per the Bomber D, Masoli ripped them new ones for nearly 700 yds passing in their 2 games. However, Masoli was unable to close the deal.
Bombers are closers. They've learned to win even when not at their best or missing key performers.


Here's a thought and question though I don't know how many here are in a position as described so as to answer.

Multinational firms of course follow the holiday schedule of the locality in the US or Canada for those subsidiaries.

As business operations are spread around the globe, depending on your job your day can be lighter on those holidays somewhere else in the world.

Such is particularly the case more for some executives and higher management who spend more of their time on global calls and meetings.

Even so at the ground level, I once worked for a Canadian company with subsidiaries here in the US including in Pennsylvania and as an example, we would get Boxing Day off too.

And so especially in GTA or Hamilton or Calgary or I figure in any given other of the major cities in Canada who work for a company with its global seat in the US, is the US Independence Day holiday a lighter work day anyway? Or do more of the employees just use the 4th of July as an additional day for their Canada Day weekend when it falls on it?

I'm not sure how or if this figures at all into the scheduling of this game on that day, but are perhaps most people traveling on Sunday this holiday weekend in Canada?

Also I would note that in the US military now many have also 1 July off for the weekend as an extra day for the holiday weekend, and most civilian public sector employees take the day off anyway.


As far as I am aware July 4th is a regular workday for everyone in Manitoba. It is for me.

It seems stupid to me to have the Bomber game on a non holiday Monday, especially as it gives the Bombers a very short week. The CFL could have had four games over the holiday weekend from Thursday-Sun. Not very smart scheduling in my opinion.


The US Fourth of July is a regular work day for me as well. We are Canadian, we should only honor Canadian Stat holidays.

C'mon, the NFL has no problem playing on Monday nights that are non holidays. The CFL should have no problems either.

Maybe the CFL is tinkering with the schedule to include a game opposite the MLB All-Star Game later in the future. That would be more helpful for the league to gain viewers for it's product. All-Star Games are jokes when there is nothing to play for

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Hey that's normal when you or your team are hot. Always somebody has to try and bring you down. I don't think it will be a cake walk for Blue but show me one other team, save Stamps that come close. And Oliveri will find his way based on what he showed last couple of years behind Harris. That sucker can catch as well. Andrew was a fine checkoff receiver and Brady will be as well.
Just sayin

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Well alright then, as the game is oddly on a Monday night, what are people doing in Manitoba and in much of Canada all weekend?

Down here, I just went to the beach on the New Jersey shore for a day to meet up with some cousins and they are there all week.

And everybody's been taking their road trips or getting aboard packed planes for two weeks now.

Go figure, my cousin's wife took a red-eye from Denver to Philadelphia and said it was packed. I don't get it! People are not on business trips this week and people are not coming here from out west in the summer unless, like my cousins, they are family!

The cost of fuel certainly makes that road trip more challenging, but is flying a big problem within much of Canada too?

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I’m not overly worried in and of itself that it is on a Monday. Not much different than a Thursday without a holiday and usually Winnipeg has lots of those. I just think it would have been smarter to have it on say Sunday afternoon. That way there would have been four days in a row of games leading into or on the holiday weekend. I think there would have been a better TV audience on Sunday than Monday and probably a better crowd, although I’m not sure if that matters in Toronto. But anywhere else I think it would matter.


I think the league is tweaking with the schedule to include a 10th team down the road

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Wait Jon, the schedule gets even better....after the short week to prepare for BC, we have another short week to prepare for the Stamps, who'll have 2 extra days.
A couple of very big games right there.

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This is a good point (Brady catching like Harris did), and we haven't seen much of it yet. Doesn't help that the OLine has had injuries, but I think we need more plays like this.

The only reason July 4th might be a slower work day in Canada would be because we're still hungover from the real holiday!

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