Bomber Momentum

I've been watching all the posts since Grey Cup game in Winnipeg. With all respect to RO1313, Madjack and Pappazola, I have enjoyed your excellent posts and all others that have some brains.

Whatever happened to itoldyouso, possibly he-hate-me or leeang or leeanq (spelling not sure)?

About the Bombers, I am extremely worried about their kicking game. Turnovers in the 2nd half is troubling to me. Very smart calls by Berry and offence with 5 mintues left in the game to kill the clock, to choke Als momentum and regain the offence's confidence which ultimately led to the field goal and pretty well extinguish any hopes of an Als comeback.

The Bombers will be a threat once they get their kicking game in order and lose the turnovers. Good luck to the Blue Bombers.

bombers need a much better kicker unlike troy westwood or the new rookie kicker.if they had a better kicker than they would have trust in him to kick 50 yard field goals.

i agree and disagree pikula is a good punter,but we need a better FG kicker although it isnt one of our top priorities, also our cover team of the punt was really good like how bearman got that td