Bomber Mini Camp

I thought this deserved it's own thread wolverine:

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will host a three day mini camp beginning Monday, April 11th, to Wednesday April 13th at the Winnipeg Indoor Soccer Complex (211 Chancellor Matheson Road).

The mini camp will feature mainly players currently on the roster for the 2011 season including cornerback Jovon Johnson, quarterback Buck Pierce and wide receiver Greg Carr. A final list of all players in attendance will be issued prior to the camp, as well as filming and media availability times.

Looks like BP's right on schedule if they are going to have him throwing in April. Will be interesting to see which other QBs will be in attendance.

My thoughts exactly (Jyles).

But this mini-camp idea is great, i'm jealous the Ti-Cats don't have anything like this as i'm in serious need of some football.

I guess it's also good for the Receivers to get together with their Quarterback and retrieve some of the timing they may have lost.

The Bombers expected to participate include: quarterbacks Buck Pierce, Alex Brink, Joey Elliott and Justin Goltz; running back Chris Garrett; receivers Greg Carr, Aaron Hargreaves, Markus Howell and Cory Watson; defensive backs Deon Beasley, Jonathan Hefney, Jovon Johnson, Jerry-Ralph Jules and Alex Suber; and offensive linemen Kelly Butler, Chris Greaves, Glenn January, Obby Khan and Steve Morley.
Good to see all 4 QBs making their way up. Its not a mandatory camp and this roster is probably not complete and may change over the course of the next week leading up to the camp. A camp like this could help a guy like January who missed all of last season due to injury. Nice to see guys like Jovon and Hefney coming in, sends a good message to other players. Is there anyone not on this list that you think should be there? To me, someone like Lobendahn, who didn't have a great year last year which was partially blamed on bad knees and who resigned here after finding out no other CFL team was really interested, is the type of guy who should try make the effort to be here, especially with a new D co-ord in place in Tim Burke. I'm a bit surprised no Dlineman or LBs on the list, especially since there is a new co-ordinator, thought that may be because this is only a partial list. A camp like this could get someone a leg up on the competition for Hunt's DE spot. I wonder if players new to the CFL signed in the offseason, like say an Alex Henderson, or say if they sign another QB in the next week, are eligible to participate.

...I would think every prospect the Bombers have would be at the mini-camp...There was an announcement today that KR/WR Tim Brown had been signed but the league is just processing his papers now, hence no official word...I watched a film clip on this guy...He's got some serious speed and pretty good hands....He's kind of on the smallish side at 5' 8" 165 lbs. but he can fly...I would think he would be at the camp along with a few other recent signings...but no word as yet :roll:

From what I understand the team didn't ask certain positions to be at the mini-camp. There's no mention of any LBs or d-linemen in the list and of the o-linemen listed they all have been in Winnipeg for the winter with the exception of Chris Greaves. This mini-camp seems to be more about seeing what the QBs and receivers can do - you'll notice those listed are mostly offensive players with some DBs being brought in cover the receivers. It's likely Tim Burke will be gauging how those DBs present do on man-to-man coverage since that is his preference over zone.

Right, I can understand from that standpoint why there may not be any Dlineman in camp. However when you look at the way the CFL game is played, your LBs, especially the outside LBs have to be able to play in coverage. Looking at the confirmed players you almost have an even number of QBs, receivers, and DBs. That will make for 3 very long 90 minute sessions for the receivers and corners over the course of the minicamp.

WR damian sherman's agents posted on twitter that he will be up here for the minicamp, so add another receiver to the mix. They haven't released an attendance roster for the camp yet which starts today. Anyone else hear of who else may be showing up?

Also if anyone goes, the rest of us would be interested to read your observations/thoughts.

A few posters at the Bombers message board will be going. They will try to post information. Apparently Alex Suber missed his flight so his ETA isn't known.

per joe pascucci tweet

Pascucci015 Joe Pascucci My mistake. Suber will not be at Blue Bombers mini camp. WR Damien Sherman misses day one but will be here Tuesday.

......saw a pic of Darian Sherman at todays camp.....WOW this guy is huge .. If he's got any speed... :lol: is he gonna be a truck-load to bring down..Apparently Beasly was trying to cover him..(and he's a decent db.) but was having a little difficulty
Buck sounds like he's throwing the ball well and ..surprise ..surprise so is Joey Elliot...Lapo says Elliot has the inside track on the no 2 spot in todays press... :thup:

No argument there. I still think Brink is in tough to break camp with the team.

I'm not so sure about that. I think Brink's chances are just as good or better than Goltz's are. Unlike fans, coaches and GMs tend to judge players on the basis of more than one game.

Bombers signed all 3 new guys (Sherman, Brown and Guillory ) BUT to be quite honest today Brown looked aweful and seemed to have a problem paying attention to the coaches (possible attitude problem) ....

On a brighter note Sherman looked awesome and will have a solid shot at cracking the starting lineup in TC!!

DCM from the Bomber forum has uploaded a bunch of video from the mini-camp. Here's a link to his YouTube page:

Txs for the bomber vid fix there Blue.