Bomber Merchandise

I was just checking out the Bomber web-site and lo & behold, i can't seem to find any on-line ordering for Bomber merchandise - wot's up with that? I live in Victoria, BC (transplanted 'pegger!) and want to wear some Bomber gear when i watch the Lions w my BC buddies, not to mention everytime i watch my Bombers! there doesn't even seem to be on-line ordering on the cfl web-site. Am i blind or something??? Please help, i need a fix of some blue 'n gold!!!

eventhough i'n not a fan of the new 3rd jersey, i kind of want one as a souvenir (since i don't think they'll be around for long!). apparently, they're only available until Monday so i thot i'd order one on-line, but NO LUCK.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K, i feel like an idiot now - just clicked on the Bomber Store and got to see the merchandise, but no 3rd jersey!!!!! any suggestions on trying to get my hands on the gold 3rd jersey?????

I lived in Victoria for 26 years and now transplanted in Manitoba and you being a Bomber fan there, I'm suprised you have not been beat up by Lions or Rider fans as there are allot on the Island :lol: Buy a Lions or Rider hat lol.

i have a pretty good rivalry w all my bc buds! i just remember going to bomber games when i was living in the peg and no matter what team we'd be playing, by the 4th quarter, the chants was always "BC SUCKS"!!! come hell or high water, there's no way i'd ever cheer for BC, i'm a bomber fan for life, however painful that it this year!!!

i will say this though, when the bombers came to BC last year, i was at the game w my bc friends (lions fans of course) and had a few beverages poured on me for cheering for the blue! ..... all in good fun though, i gave it back as well!

lol well its all good. If you get lucky I would try to make it to Grey Cup while your there. Hope its warm in Victoria when I'm there in November.