Bomber memories

I recently made the 75th Bombers memories page:

"I haven't been a Bomber fan for long (only stated following the CFL last year and now I'm in love with it), but I already have seen many great Big Blue plays! but my favorite of them all so far has to be last year during the last game of the season, when Eric Cater intercepted K. Jones pass for a Winnipeg TD. That was a Thrill!

For the team's history, I'd have to say Kenny Plain's game winning TD in OT in the 1961 Grey Cup, simply amazing!

I'm looking forward to the Grey Cup in 2006, more great Bomber moments, and to see Winnipeg win the Grey Cup again in the future!

Go BB!!!

  • Matthew "Kanga-Kucha" Clemence

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia"

What are you guys favoite memories?

All the TD's Stegall caught in his whole career. :slight_smile:

That is a good one of the scrap book! but I would have thought that Astegallfan would have said that.

Or.... Whenever Roberts had amazing games.... Which are a lot. Like for example that game agaisnt Montreal this year at home. 195 yards rushing! I'm still growing up and it's kinda hard for me to remember the past memories... but I'm sure their is tons for people here to bring up.

The year was 1990..Bombers vs the esk's in the Grey cup, Tyrone Jones stated to the media a few day's before the big game, that he's much faster than Tracy Ham and he'll be running him down like crazed dog.well I remember a play in the first quarter, ham rolled out and started running away from #35, well that crazed dog turned on the jet's and ran right over Ham, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

There are just so many great games and plays but one game sticks out in my mind.
In 1970 the BBs suffered a 2-14 season. They weren't bad, just poorly coached by Ray Jauch (who Jim Daley looks more like all the time). We had a big 'ol boy at fullback named Hoss Humard (#35), kind of a white Mike Sellers. Late in the season in Ottawa and the rain had turned the field to thin mud. BBs start deep in their own end and and just started giving the ball to Humard, 1st 2nd and 3rd down for the entire length of the field. "Who do you think is going to get the ball this play Pat?" "Humard?" BBs scored the touchdown and won their second of the season. Guts and glory!

One great moment comes t mind in this season. When the blue and gold bea the als in the 3rd highest scoring game of all time.

Yeah... that was an amazing game. With Stegall and Roberts playing outstanding football.

....a long time the years when the Bombers put fear into the hearts of all teams in the league they went to the Grey Cup in T.O......the infamous 'fog bowl'.....the game started out fine.. and then all of a sudden this huge fog bank rolled in off of one of the great could hardly see the field....the players continued on as long as they could but conditions worsened.... it got so bad the television announcers became completely frustrated because they could not see the players nos. or only part of the play.......but then just before the game was called and continued the next day.....there was a play I will always remember and still amazes me today.....With the field shrouded in a cloud....Kenny Ploen dropped back to pass...and the announcer blurted out 'Ploen is back to pass....he's throwing ....where's the ball....COMPLETE Lewis.....I don't believe it ....Ploen could not have seen him through this soup. and Lewis literally ran under the ball thirty yards downfield...........that play stands out as one of the great moments in Bomber football....No. 29...Leo Lewis catching an almost impossible pass.. running under a ball out of the fog.....and the Ti-Cat players standing around in complete amazement....of course the Big Blue went on to win the Cup the next day because the game was finally called by the commissioner........and that touchdown Kanga mentioned when Kenny Ploen scored ...scampering down the sidelines...... was also one... I will always remember....

ABC was recording that game, the fog bowl, I wonder if they aired it at alll?

don't know Kanga 'll have to check ABC programming.....would be a great one to watch again....maybe not for Ti-Cat fans ....but for the Bomber faithful... :wink:

ahhhhh yes the first GC that I remember was the 1984 blow out against Brock and Hamilton, it wasnt looking good early on as were down 17 - 0, but we turned it around and won 47 - 17, the good old days.

if it wasn't for John Hufnagel comming off the bench and pulling our offence together, I wonder if we would of won that one. Great coaching to make the switch to the back up Qb and then to put Clements back in to finish disecting the Tabbie's D.

This is not a game memory but I remember a sports show on CKND where it was Walby's 40th birthday and Joe had a picture of him in a wig and a ladies dress. Walby was speechless. Anyone else remember that?