Bomber Jersey

Im thinking of buying a bomber jersey but one problem which players jersey?

post a few players names and il think of it :thup:

The Obvious


The Darkhorses


I like to buy jerseys of the lesser popular players on the team and players that I think will stay on the team for a while. Im actually thinking of buying Childs jersey myself, probably buy it from river city.

I bet a lot of people are going to buy lots of simpson jerseys heill be on the obvious list in a month or 2

I got a Walls jersey at the begining of the season.

how about an andrae thurmon #9 jersey..i think he mite be here for a hes wearing my fav number....kamau incompleterson brought discrase to that number last year when he wore it tho

I think thurmon is a good idea, i also like gavin walls on defense.

Thurmon is a great idea, Also what about McCord?

How about a Hebert jersey, when you find what his number will be? I would suggest 00 :lol: :lol:

i wouldnt get him, he isnt a team player, he has a bad attitude and he said to reporters that he didnt want to play for winnipeg.

What about Tom Canada, or Tory Westwood?

I would never get westwood too old and a favourite player of mine good idea for tom canada tho

you cant go wrong with anyone on defense right now.....

i rounded down possible ones

Dont forget its #32 Roberts! hehe.

get a Stanford Samuels Jersey he's great i remeber his first interception and was astonished one handed pick for a defencemen and ran it back, i was like wow this rookie's a keeper

Simpson…I know for sure when I buy my next one he’s going to be my No.1 choice.

Perfect Bomber Jersey


keep trolling mucous.......

I shall

The best way to stand out is you gotta go with a retro jersey. I'm not sure how the Bombers are with them but you want respect you get a Dieter Brock Jersey. The only problem is the real ones can get expensive. I paid 375$ for a Bart Starr but it's my favorite