Bomber Hopefuls Making A Big Impression - Here Is My Take

After rookie camp and the last four days of camp i am really impressed with the coaching staff and the player's, anyone thinks that we will be a horrible team will be sadly mistaken, we have a great nucleus of player's.

Quarterbacks - Buck Pierce is happy, he has been very accurate and a team leader as expected, happy to have him. Adam DiMichele has had an excellent traing camp so far, very mobile and accurate and has a great attitude. Steven Jyles has a strong arm and is very mobile and he makes smart reads.

Alex Brink - This kid has been very impressive and in my opinion has had the best camp of all the QB'S to this point, Alex has a very strong arm, he is really accurate and he is more mobile than most think.

Reciever's - Great group of guys at this position, Edwards and Bowman have been excellent and are leading the other reciver's. Arthur and Ball have been solid in camp as has Chris Davis (he is faster then most people realize).

This will be a toss up but Cory Watson has the tools and is looking like a solid starting NI Reciever, great hands and size. After that i would have to say that Kenny Strickland has had the best camp of all, he came in with speed, solid hands and he, this guy is a keeper.

O-line- Every player still on the roster have been showing up ready to play, all of them have a chance of making the team, most impressive has been Kelly Butler, he is huge at 6'8 350 LBS but he is still really fast and has great foot movement for a huge guy. I also like what i see from Chris Kowalczuk, young kid, great blocker and is very fast.

DB/CB - I see a ton of talent with this group and anyone can make this team, Jovon, Glover and Craver have been solid veterans in camp. I am also impressed with Kent and Tate, Stewart has had an amazing camp and if he keeps it up he will be starting, he has had the best camp of them all.

LB - Again a ton of talent here and i am really looking forward to see who makes the team, Carter and Bowman have been impressive, so far Courtney Smith has impressed me the most.

To Be Continued --------

find it odd u didnt mention jeffers-harris or bernard hicks.

i agree lots bg, but you have everyone on our team as being a star basically, and as killer mentioned u forgot jeffers harris, who has been better than everyone outside of edwards and bowman... harris will make the team before davis, strickland and ball.... considering there is only room for 2 of these import recievers and the coaches are high on shelton... strickland unfortunately is likely to be cut unless he earns the returner role,

oline - yes butlers been a beast, but outside of him i havent been overly impressed just yet, more often than not our dline has manhandled our oline in drills so far...

jyles is mobile, but has not made good reads like you said... hes been picked more than any other qb. dimichele has been picked lots too, but just poor decisions, the rest of his throws have been bang on

the rest i think i agree with, thanks for sharing your opinion. db may be the deepest group on this team right now... lots of playmakers...

after sunday everything will be different, some of these opinions will be solidified and unfortunately a fair few will also be shattered. thats just the way it goes... im optimistic, but not going to pencil us in as a power... were going to have a lot of new faces in the lineup, even if we fill it with talented individuals we need to remember that chemistry doesnt form over night... especially since a lot of the new guys have never played canadian ball before... sorry if this post sounds negative, im just trying to be realistic... camp has been encouraging, but we still have a lot of work to do.

i agree towelie. most seasons i go into thinking this is our year, the year the bombers are gonna win the cup and they havent yet.. will we be a powerhouse? i dont think so. that takes time, new coaches, new players, new management, new president... it takes time to gel, really i hate saying this but what this year is... is a rebuilding year of sorts. as much as u can in the cfl.

we arent that far off from being a very good team, but.. we do have several question marks. more question marks then the als and the riders thats for sure..

i think.. the bombers will do ok this year, im not gonna say they are gonna beat the crap out of everyone like im some ticat fan, but... i think they will surprise some people. i have lowered expectations this season. i just want to see the team go out there and compete and i want to see if a few of our younger guys can stick around and make a name for themselves, if they can, next season will be that much better.

realistically.. we have some holes to fill.. will they be filled? time will tell.. im liking the look of our offense but... can they gel quickly? im not sure. it takes time and i think all us bomber fans need to take off the blue colored glasses and realize that while we may have a chance to hoist the cup this fall... its unlikely.

next year tho.. who knows.

lowered expectations folks. i dont want to hear people booing ppl off the field after they miss a pass.. bomber fans need to come together this season and realize we are rebuilding, we arent gonna be montreal or sask but i would suspect we will be right there with the rest of the teams. negative? nah.. just realistic.

sask and montreal didnt get good over night or in one season and neither will our bombers. it takes time.

You guys have done a nice job with your reports this season and your right.

There are a few question marks on the team but every team has them this time of year.

Confident no, optimistic, yes.

The staff has done a good job so far of finding some intriguing prospects.

And of course, real coaches with current CFL schemes doesn't hurt.

.....Good assessment bluengold.....LaPolice says we want to be competitive....I like that...No big promises or 'pie n the sky' stuff....just be competitive....To do that the players will have to give a 110 percent... Failing that won't be a member of this club...By the look of things right now, we have brought in some serious talent....It's going to be a tough decision with regard to a few spots....Some good people will be let go....However., I'm confident in the people we hired to keep the right people for the right position and that in itself is a BIG upgrade from last year...How will the Bombers do in 2010??????That will depend on how fast this team can come together and how they'll respond to a new coaching staff ..and for some a new game....We'll see shortly.. :wink:

blue&gold4ever, can you use the words "very" and "really" more frequently when assessing talent? :smiley: :wink:

I don't mean to get in your grill, but going on your post, you'd think every player on the Bomber roster is a star in the making. That's good TC fantasy talk, and certainly Bomber fans need to get jacked up about this season, if only to erase the taste of the Professor's regime from everyone's mouths, but you haven't written a report, you've written a puff piece for your team's PR site.

Real TC reports provide balanced, accurate assessments of each player using specific detail, and they don't shy away from discussing players who aren't performing up to snuff.

Depends on how you interpret it.

Nobody is stinking the joint out, in fact, the competition for certain positions has been beyond expectations, and will come down to the last preseason game to determine who starts where.

Agreed, but I don't care how good TC has been, not every player is great good, very good, great, better than expected, one of the best, etc. etc.

how would u know? are u there at practise like bng and towelie are most days?

maybe, most of the guys are that good. havent really heard of anyone sucking consistently.

no im not their @ practice LOL LOL

Sorry, it's hard for those of us with opposable thumbs to speak MSN Degenerate.

maybe, most of the guys are that good. havent really heard of anyone sucking consistently.
Or maybe, training camp for the Bombers is like training camp for every other team: some stars in the making, some good players, some players on the bubble, and some who just won't make the cut.

yup no doubt about it, not everyone will make the team but to say they arent any good is just ridiculous coming from some guy who probably has never played a sport in his life or if he did wasnt good enough to make it to even a training camp.

And not everyone is 'very very good, 'very fast', 'very talented', 'really good', and whatever else was in the original post. :lol:

but to say they arent any good is just ridiculous coming from some guy who probably has never played a sport in his life or if he did wasnt good enough to make it to even a training camp.
Nice cheap shot there based on a straw man argument I never made. I NEVER said your prospects weren't any good. I'm sure you have your share of game-breakers in the making, unknown guys who will become impact players over the next year or two. But the OP was basically acting like every warm breathing body in camp was OMG amazing!1!1!1! It may shock you to learn this, but there are seven other teams in this league whose TC rosters also contain good prospects. All this hyperbole over a group of TC bodies most of whom will likely be cut, PRed, or hidden on IR is just silly.

well fans will see what they want to see. nothing wrong with OP being optimistic about the talent they have on the field at the moment.

world would certainly suck alot if everyone said and thought the same thing.

While B+G's report is a tad on the optimistic side you have to remember he is generally talking about the players at camp who have met or exceeded expectations. There are others not mentioned who have not.It also (I hope) shows we have talent in the scouting,coaching ect... department since this has been such a good camp despite our fairly demanding needs.As far as "Bomber fans need to get jacked up",I think 3000 fans at a training camp speaks to that.

I for one am thankful to see his analysis. This is a voluntary effort and to criticize content is unfair. Maybe we could read Dispunish’s account instead of whatever his team’s TC he is not attending or sharing. too easy to critique.
I say good work.

I do not get you man, honestly .... I observed every practice and i noted the player's that have impressed me on the field with there play, what would you like me to say? All player's are sucking big time? use your head and read deeper into the post before posting a dumb reply.

A) It is possible that a ton of player's have been impressive at camp, maybe even every player and it is observation and obviously i am optimistic about these player's.

B) You are going way off base by saying that "I think every player" is "Really" or "Very" impressive.

C) did you notice that i only picked 1,2 and maybe 3 in some cases for each position, and those were the player's that have "really" impressed me, i also added my opinion on who has had the best camp for most positions (one player), fair analysis.

Well said and i am optimistic but not to the point of saying we are going to be the best team in the league, but we have absolutely improved big time. You were correct in saying that i was referring to the player's who have met and/or exceeded expectations, i wish people would be able to grasp exactly what i meant in the analysis, but i guess it is easy to poke fun at my analysis when you live thousands of miles away and have not seen ONE BIT of the Bomber training camp.

Just found your fab fan forum, all I can say is way awesome! Sounds like we might go all the way this year, go Bombers YEA :thup:

Thanks for the great camp reports, way awesome

welcome blue rainbow, ignore the trolls and you'll be fine. at times ticat and als and rider fans come in here and attemp to start false rumors and bs.. just avoid that and you'll be good :slight_smile: