Bomber Home games

This will be my first trip to Winnipeg. Could someone please tell me which side of field, E or W, is designated the "Home" side? Thank you very much! Also, if anyone can suggest best sections to view a game from I would greatly appreciate your help.

Tennessee, USA

Hi Robert

For a seating chart you can go to

The 'home side' is the west side so your best seating is in sections C,D & E in the lower deck. The only concern with those seats though is that they are arena style seats that were retrofitted as there used to be bleachers. They are quite cramped and are the best argument for a new stadium.

If you like to be comforable, the upper deck is your choice. Sections 2A-5A are the best options there. I like to get row 2 if possible. The upper deck gives a great view of the whole field.

The west side is mostly taken up by old-time season ticket holders so if you don't mind being around the boisterous fans you will find a better selection of seats on the East side, sections U,V & W in the lower deck or 10A, 11A & 12A in the upper.

The current stadium will likely be replaced soon as it's really showing it's age. The views are good but the facilities will be a little disappointing. If you've been following the posts you know that there has been spirited debate over this proposal or that proposal for a replacement stadium. We're like that here - we take forever to make up our minds. Stadium aside, you are sure to enjoy the game.

Thank you very much for the helpful info. I have been keeping up with the stadium debate. At MSU, where Barrin Simpson played college football, we have the 2nd oldest on campus stadium in the USA (Georgia Tech being the oldest). Although older and sometimes 2 times smaller than other conference stadiums(Univ. of Tennessee), it's still a great place to watch football. I do feel Winnipeg deserves a new stadium, and hopefully most will be satisfied with the decisions. Domed stadiums are nice, but at times a hassle. The proposed stadiums pictures I have seen look really nice. Hope it works out for the city, fans, and the team.

Have fun at the games