Bomber Grey Cup drought prediction

How many more years will the Bombers go without winning a Grey Cup? Anyone want to make a prediction?

The year after they host the cup.

Hmm...well I'm of the opinion once you make the playoffs, anything can happen, save that the crossover team doesn't win it all and teams who have been there, do better. So that being said....I don't think you need to look at when Winnipeg turns it around, but when does the rest of the west drop the ball and they start making it.

I'm going to guess, 4+ years they'll get a shot and allow me to explain my rational.

Calgary - Calgary for years has done well because of the success of their coaching and GM Jon Hufnagel. That being said, Huff is getting up there in age and I can certainly see one of his coordinators getting poached in the next few years. I don't expect the Stamps to collapse, and I can certainly see Huf stepping away from either his manager duties or coaching duties if he wins another Grey Cup, but I think also given how much high price talent they have (keeping Tate, Bo Levi and Cornish has to cost a lot) that some key players are going to get lost in the wash come contract time.

BC - BC's future hinges on the health of Travis Lulay and he may never be the same QB again after a repeat shoulder injury. As much as I would like to see Kevin Glenn shed his reputation for not being able to get it done, he hasn't proven that anywhere he's been. He had solid chances in both Hamilton and Calgary and wasn't able to make the most of them. The Lions have long been contenders due to the work of Buono, but when Braley sells the team one has to wonder how long Wally is going to stick around for, at 64 right now.

Edmonton - Is the sun finally rising for Edmonton? I have to say yes, they have a freakishly big sized roster with solid receivers and a QB that's getting progressively better. Jones is also that kind of stubborn coach that you love to hate because he gets results.

Saskatchewan - Durant got hurt and the team collapsed. I blame George Cortez (him having worked over Hamilton) and the coaching and let me tell you why. Sask went from Grey Cup champion to beatable 3rd place possibly 4th place in the span of a season. Why is that? Is their tendency to go over the cap finally biting them and forcing them to cut players, not really. Do they have guys to run the Football? Yes, Messam is a monster. Do they have good receivers? Oh yeah, in spades. Do they have and O.Line? Yup. Do they have a defense "Well it's leading the league in sacks and while they haven't been stopping yardage the talent is there. So, with the 2nd best rushing in the league, you mean to tell me you can't make passing schemes a young QB can work with? You mean to tell me with Jon Chick, Brandon Boudreaux, Rickey Foley that dominated offenses at the start of the season have been rendered obsolete by NFL cuts? I don't buy it, and some house cleaning may be on the horizon and when that happens, a team tends to falter for a bit typically.

O'Shea is going to keep the team stable and slowly improve them, so I think making the playoffs in the 3rd year is doable. Winning the cup though, that's probably going to need a trip to the playoffs before the Bombers can get exposed to playoff football and make the push for lord Grey's chalice.

You hit the nail on the head there Hammer. :lol: It has been a coaching joke this entire season with what you have mentioned about the offensive package and also the handling of the Q.B. and running back situation all season.

Not to worry Bomber fans....I promise you'll win another Grey Cup long before that other joke of a team from TRAWNA aka...
The Makeme Laffs ever win another Stanley Cup in fact your Jets will win one before them and the Bombers will win a Grey Cup before the Arseholes aka Argo-Nots win their next one. :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

Getting an Oline unit in place for a new regime is one of the toughest things to do, especially when you inherit a terrible situation the the Bombers did. Walters and O'Shea cannot do anything about the out of the box top Oline draft pick from the previous regime who turned out to be a bust.
Walters started the process during 2013 season by acquiring Neufeld who became injured most of the season. Their first draft they took the best possible prospect that would be with the Bombers this season. They have been on the search all off season and during the 2014 season for the best possible Imports.
Post season player evaluation grades are next and aside from January they will likely look to keep the other best two imports that grade out and go on the search during this off season.
Starting with players that are available. Then scout the Arena football league. Currently off the top of my head the Argos were able to find two top LTs keeping one this season and trading the other to Edmonton.
That will be the key to the Bombers Success who have found a nice group of QBs.
Willy is on the same course as Reilly. Brohm as well has used his pro football experiences and being under both Austin and Dickenson in Hamilton running the scout teams. Willy and Brohm with styles.While Marve being just his second year out of NCAA and his first pro team, has a different skill set with his legs. Josh Portis as well aquired from Toronto where he could very well likely also be a good QB after spending time with Mivanovich, Maas, and Ray.
With both Buck and Dickenson I would trust their judgement of talent and potential

Uh oh, bobo is off his meds again and fallen into his default rant against all things Toronto!

How many Argonaut Grey Cup championships since the BBs last won one?

For that matter, how many Argonaut Grey Cup championships since the Tiger-cats last won one?

Should have stopped with the Leafs bobo. :smiley:
(I''m not a Leafs fan btw.)

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Willy quoted in paper as saying that he is excited that Winnipeg is hosting the Grey Cup Next year. Not sure why as he has Zero chance in playing in it unless he can get a trade back to Saskatchewan. Willy will likely be in the Hospital by September as the Bombers can not seem to put together an o line. Have had the worst o line in the CFL for well over 10 years.

Drought continues for at least another 6 years according to the local psychic who predicted this drought in The Free Press shortly after their last grey Cup win. She predicted that it would be 30 plus years. They are only at 24. They will celebrate their 25th anniversary at the Grey Cup in Winnipeg next year. That is probably why Willy was excited. LOL

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Just what kind of a night DID you have?

they should move the Bombers to Toronto so that the Leafs and Bombers can be together as they share so much in common. Who will be the 1st to win a championship??????? Good thing that these teams have die hard fans as most teams would have folded with the losing records that these clubs have.