Bomber Game

Just got back from the game, and what a game! Everything seemed to come together for the Blue and Gold tonight. Glenn was bang on the money and had 374 yds passing with 3 TDs, Roberts had 3 TD's, Stokes was unbelievable (he was stopped by his own players on two returns that would have likely been retirned for a TD), the entire receiving corps looked great, and Brazzel fit in nicely. Plus Michna looked great going 2-2 in the lats half of the 4th quarter.

This could be the turning point in the season for the Bombers - even though the game was against the lowly Ticats, this game will give the Bombers confidence. I like the direction that the Bombers are going, and teh changes that have been made (i.e. Stokes as a receiver, trading Peterson for Brazzell, adding Colon, giving Stoddard more time, and moving Michna to backup).

Daley is starting to make some good decisions.

i have to say good job to the bombers... as a turning point for them... not too sure... they did only beat the ti-cats... we'll have to see what happens next week when they play ottawa...

Wow, thought we would win but that was a thrashing. Stokes was on fire along with the rest of the boys. Man did we need that win. And how about Colon and Stoddard they look like they belong or what. Brazzell is going to be a very nice addition.

great game...but one funny thing I found....The crowd cheered on the good plays but were very quite the rest of the time.......almost like "we" collectively were waiting for the other shoe to drop....just my opnion...well until the beers started to kick in that is...

Caustiously optimistic I would say, but the bombers got stronger as the game wore on. The 21 points in the third quater really blew it open and by then I had a few in me as well.

I saw some real progress last to agree with you Pigseye....thought we would probably win but that was a 'whoppin' we laid on them......everything seemed to come together once Glenn settled down....Brazzell...what can you say except this guy is got to be a keeper....what a nice pass he snagged on the two yard line. Stokes really stood out with the kind of play I new he always had in him....and Charles was Charles (he sure can make guys miss)......Stoddard wasn't too shabby either......Gilles Colon really impressed and the O line is really starting to gel.....hope we can keep this going ....the way Sask.....and Cal.....are playing maybe it's not too late to make a run.....putting things into perspective ...we only beat the Cats'...but a win is a win is a win is a win......great game BigBlue.... :smiley:

I agree with all the posters above. I knew we would beat Hamilton... but not by 44 points! But I like it. :smiley: All our receivers looked very well and this will be a HUGE confidence builder. Back to work boys because like Flemming said, Ottawa is in town and they are going to be a tough one. Roberts, Stokes, Glenn, Brazzell, Colon - KEEP IT UP. Props to all the other bomber players for sure.

The game looked good but the only problem is that it's the Tiger Cats, not BC. We still have a ways to go.

Remember the TI-CATS havent last to anyone by very many points...the Bombers beat them pretty badly so don't underestamate Winnipeg....

They put up some fights with B.C and Edmonton, so yeah. I'm just glad we beat Hamilton and now have to move on to Ottawa cause they are going to be a true contender.

i dont think theyll beat ottawa. you may feel confident that the BB kicked the crap out of hamilton, but ottawa is a force to be reckoned with. man it feels weird to say that. hamilton sucks.

they better win because i'm driving 3 hours to see the game