i heard that there is such high demand for tickets tomorrow that there putting seats at field level for 20$ for tickets call ticketmaster

I hope so. I want the game to be on in winnipeg

why dont u go to the game?

I'll be working at the game tomorrow night, and it would definitely help me if it was a sell-out! :slight_smile: Can't wait to be @ the game tomorrow night - should be a good one!

Go Blueeeee!!!

LOL...I used to work concessions years ago. Awesome job, football games, hockey games, concerts, wrestling etc. all for free (actually you get paid to watch!)

is it sold out? i hope it is cause i wasn't able to go to the game tonight unfortunately. i hope it's going to be televised then! i'm so desperate to see it i'm willing to order another province's CBC channel just to watch it, ha! anyways, go bombers go!