Bomber Free Agents unsigned

.....Here's who we have left and really, my take is, they are NOT indispensable:

Bass.....too weak in the middle and he should have stuck around to protect his job rather than trying the nfl...waste of time
Briggs....potential but not a big loss

Burnett....hate to lose this guy BUT he can be replaced
Cummings..big fanfare last year and bombed as far as I'm concerned
Denmark...luv the guy but with the receivers that are out there this year in fa????
Gurley.....didn't show us much in the games he was in....looked like he wasn't interested in us...also the recent addition of Stafford makes Gurley's return more than a bit skeptical

Macho Harris long
Hurl....good on special teams and that's it....ain't gonna cut it as a linebacker....time to move on
Keeping....his days are done....too injury prone
Kohlert...faded last year and is on his way out...could still get a shot but he'll probably get beat out by a rook we want to groom
Sherman....same as Briggs above
Tuck.....tough as nails and I hope he hangs around

All in all I think we may be parting ways with a lot of these guys and will be bringing in some new blood in fa ...through the draft....maybe a trade and new signings that we've scouted

......Just my take... I'm batting a thousand so far this year..... but of course nothing earth shattering has taken place thus far and there's a lot can happen :rockin:

Those are some solid players.

.....If Mike O'Shea and Walters words mean anything, that 'we only want players who want to be here', mean anything then I would say we are in for a few changes on Feb. 14....A few scribes saying today that Bass will definitely test free agency???he could be toast...Also that Gurley is definitely an fa and the contract he had here (apparently in Walters drawer) will most likely not be honoured as it was structured so either party could walk away :roll:

Most of your list I agree with Papa.

Bass is a fairly easy loss - w/ one codicil, the guy who replaces him should be faster, stronger, better & of course, cheaper!

Yuke Cummings (I think they named a street in Winnipeg after him) was a failed project. Big money, little to no results. Probably graded out well cuz the bomber grading system favours holding position vs. results.

Glad you didn't list our Canadidan WRs - not worth listing, mostly a merry band of mopes.

Keeping might be a keeper, as an assistant o-line coach - now that Walrus Wylie is done!

Hurl is semi-keepable due to citizenship. Not bad as a rotational linebacker/permananent special-teamer. As a starter - he's a gift to an opponent's offense. If I were Lapolice I'd take a serious look at turning him into a spot tight end, rotational blocking back. :cowboy:

Yuke that because Burton is from the North End.. :lol: ..They have some fine sausage, pyrogies and cabbage rolls there and I thought he would've owned one of them instead of the Sals. Houses.....In any event Cummings did not come as advertised and there's better out there in fa....Don't get me started on the receivers or linebackers....If this team wants to progress we have to fix these positions....and a good one is in free agency....We shall see next week what Walters comes up with.

Yuke's real name is Euclid - of which there's an actual Euclid St. in the downtown Winnipeg area - maybe a mile or less from Burton Cummings Community Club.

Euclid also the name of a Guy Maddin film - or some other film-maker from Winnipeg. Could also be a novel written by that former member of Personality Crisis - Chris something or rather! . . . . :cowboy:

....Know the street well Lyle....from a better day when I was kid, and the area was half decent and Main street was filled with the old movie houses... ( Starland...Bijou...Regent etc) that's really going back...Now I wouldn't let my dog roam around there...Go a little further up Main to Luxton and you'll most likely find Burton Cummings mothers home (If she's still with us)...She would never leave...even for L.A. :wink: Enough tripping down memory lane...I see today that the leos are letting Westerman walk...Could he be walking right on over to the Bombers???I think he'd be a good fit..

There's a Euclid ave in Toronto. 1st Euclid I know of is the Greek philosopher. 2nd is Euclid the mathematician and then there's the truck. :lol:

Westerman would be nice !

Bass I'd like to keep around but he may get more than we're willing to pay. I think maybe he and/or his agents may be looking at the Riders after they let their guy sign in the NFL as potentially being able to offer more $. Lot of potential openings in Toronto too. If he leaves they give more money to Burnett IMO. I'm not sure we have the ability to resign Bass, Wild, and Burnett. I think ideally they'd like to have two guys come back but who knows how that works out.

Briggs I think they look to keep around unless he wants to be elsewhere. Drafted by the Bombers, can play a bit on D, but a good special teams guy. Tuck wasn't drafted by the Blue but they gave him a shot, converted him from D to FB. I think we have the inside track to bring him back.

Hurl's gone. Could still be useful as a backup but he'd have to take a pay cut from what they gave him a couple years ago so they could use the money elsewhere. I'm not sure he takes a cut here.

Kohlert could be done. He's the best Nat receiver on the roster until he hits FA IMO, but it certainly seemed he fell out of favour there at the end of the season. I wonder if they target Chambers who was let go by the Riders. Younger player, maybe a bit more potential, and would certainly have to take a lot less than what the Riders were paying him.

Don't think Gurley will be back. The fact that he could only get into one game last year and that they decided to go after Stafford I think says a little something about what they though about Gurley in his brief time here. I'm not saying he was terrible mind you but perhaps coming in trying to proved something after the way he was unceremoniously dumped by the Argos he didn't do enough. Denmark probably is out as well. I like him, he came in and played great for us, but same old story for him as last year - will they keep him over Dressler or Smith who are similar bodied? He'd make a great fill in if one of those guys goes down but I think he'd prefer to cash in on last year and get a full time job.

Macho Harris, Keeping, are likely gone. Cummings is also likely gone. Fahan Lalji reporting today that BC is letting Westerman head to FA, I still feel like they try bring him in and see if they can go 3 nationals on the DL. If we sign Westerman and draft a DL with a high pick, then it's almost a certainty that's the plan.

There was lots of sludge around last year than our 11-7 record would indicate.

A couple flabbies on the DL, under-powered and under-sized guys at linebacker and terrible weakness at Canuck WRs.

The bomber track record for drafting canuck WRs is really bad. Can't even blame Drowsy Joe Mack - cuz he's the go-to blame guy.

I think it was either Walters, Taman or the combination that brought phlegm like Tyson Pencer, Addison's Disease Richards, Jade Etienne and that cornrow kid we burned a 1st overall pick to pick in the supplemental. None of this trash are still playing in the league, maybe any league.

O'Shea won't be any help as he couldn't tell a good receiver from a potato head.

I might be inclined to sign up Milt Stegall to a 30 day consulting contract, have him look at all the Canadian (and some American) WRs, then fly him in to help with interviews and such. Letting flubs like Walters & his boy do the job is not the best idea. :cowboy:

.....I like the idea of Milt as a consultant....As I remember he was all for us drafting Coehoorn and we had first shot(esks, grabbed him) and instead we took Etienne the Jaded wonder....Says a lot :lol:

I think Milt could make himself available. After all, its the off-season and he's just doing a couple 'Torment Troy' pieces on TSN1290 every month. Milt is a money man so an extra $10k (or so) would be welcome.

Only problem is that guys like Walters, O'Shea, McManus & ultimately Little Lord Fauntelroy Miller might feel threatened having a knowledgeable football guy in their midst - and that ultimately it might be an inroad for Milt to replace some of them at some future point. :cowboy:

gary lawless ?@garylawless 40m40 minutes ago

does not sound like @Wpg_BlueBombers will be re-signing LB Khalil Bass #cfl @cfl

....Good move....I was never impressed with Bass...he was average at best and we need a shut down middle linebacker...IF you have been following Bass's career he was a reject from a few clubs before signing with us and his best play was over achieving for him and that wasn't good enough...I can see why we are parting ways..So do we have someone in mind in fa orrrr do we think Kyle Knox can fill the bill...I was actually impressed with Knox in the little chances he got last year???....Could be the way we're going.

.....Chambers....being reported today that he's signing back with the Esks. ...Guess he didn't like the smell in Regina and sees his former coach as a major fail :lol: (I like to stick it to those guys when I get my shots)...I would have liked to have had him in camp BUT that's the way the cookie crumbles

Chambers re-upping in Edmonton is disappointing. Bombers don't have any WRs of cdn. stock that can stand up to Chambers. Kohlert is the best of a really bad lot (cred. Harold Loster) - - - - I think they're keeping a dud like Addy Richards in the mix to save face (but at some point they'll have to cut ties with the dud)

If they want to take a chance on Simonize from Calgary in the draft they can. He's OK, probably won't be a game-breaker - but give that kid 6 to 8 games of pro experience and he'll probably be good for 40 to 48 recepts a year. Much better than the duds.

Getting a competent canuck WR via trade doesn't appear possible - Corky would probably demand too much for a solid canuck WR/RB like Demski. Demski would instantly become our top canuck WR - BUT AT WHAT PRICE? Stanley Bryant? I'd certainly give them our 2nd rd. pick plus our top import WR of last season - the guy we cut and had to bring back when things starting going bad! :cowboy:

Huge move by Walters today signing Tristan Okpalaugo. Put up great numbers on an average Dline in TO a couple years back. Expectations will be huge for both him and Westerman. Now we just need to figure out things in the middle of the D - DT and LB.

Knox could be that guy at MLB. They better have a back up plan though in case he gets injured and misses a large chunk of time like last season.

I guess we could also bring back Ejiro Kuale - that physical specimen who was all talk and no action! :cowboy:

.....Huge move by Walters....Okpalaugo is a specimen alright....He's the pressure end we've been looking for....Westerman and this guy are going to put some serious fright into opposing qbs. :thup: :thup: GREAT SIGNING

Re-signed Briggs today....good move...I know he tried hard to catch on down south but fell short...He makes us a lot better and would've been a loss :thup: