Bomber Free Agency Discussion 2024

Well I can’t speak for everybody or others here, but I feel like maybe this topic should go into overtime?

For sake of comparison, I think there are numerous others that should have had the game called in the early third quarter, but hey, c’est la vie.

/Throws Up Hands

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In the extremely sad to see him go category, Rasheed Bailey has officially signd with the Argos. The question now will be who exactly will be throwing him the ball? Not the team I would have signed with if I were him but good luck to a fine player and a fine person.


A summary of how free agency went for the Bombers. Fairly in depth considering the source.

With the re-signing of the big guns, addition of Strip Streveler and expected losses of Hardick, retirement of JJ Jeffcoat, I still think the Bombers are at least 45% chanced to get to the Western Final, 55% chanced to win the Western Final - and finally 35% chanced to win Grey Cup. (especially if Cup game is vs Montreal, 50% vs. any other eastern team)

Reason for some lower odds than the rah-rah fans would prefer is that by season’s end a ton of old guys (Bryant (40), Bighill (36), Jefferson (34) & Demski (32) plus Ricky Ocean (Collaros (36).

As recent times have clearly demonstrated - guys who are old and nicked cannot produce optimum performance in big games.

Just look at last year’s Cup game.

Hardick & Bryant were getting ravaged.
Bighill was in hobble-town
Schoen was nicked
Collaros was pressing
Jeffcoats actually had a pretty good game.

Is that fair to Bighill and Schoen, though? Both were battling serious injuries and should not even have dressed IMO.


I wonder if there’s a place in the CFL for “Piggy” this year?
His passing statistics suggest his accuracy is not very desirable in a league that relies strongly on airing the ball out.
To assert that the Bombers whiffed on their decision to cast him aside after another team’s “brain trust” has assessed his talents as below those of five other QB’s; two of whom are, at best, journeymen has obviously been proven wrong.
I doubt he will be picked up by another team this year.

Well Filet won’t be ahead of Brown or Masoli on the depth chart, although Masoli will start the year on IR. He also won’t be ahead of Crum considering what they invested in him. That alone means he would be gone or at best PR once Masoli is back. I didn’t see much of Adams before he got hurt, but many seem to be high on him. I know nothing about Dinniway. It’s a numbers game in Ottawa with perhaps the usual sprinkling of politics. I didn’t expect him to be there this year.

I don’t know how he would do if given the chance. That didn’t happen last year with him being only the short yardage QB except for some inconsequential garbage time plays. I saw a lot of potential in him and would roster him as QB3 for the Bombers in a heartbeat. I saw enough potential to give him a shot. He would have been in a great understudy position here, even moreso this year. But that won’t happen I think. I would definitely make room for him over a few other rostered QB’s in the league. Maybe someone will pick him up (Saskatchewan?) but he’s now in that no man’s land where if he isn’t picked up he might be done, unless he can make a spring league team and has the desire to do so. Who knows how he would have done if he was given the chances Crum was given?

I have never been a fan of pre season games in any league and wouldn’t miss it one bit if they were ditched. Exhibition games with half the players being ones you’ll never see again. The visiting team stocked with Pop Warner level players. Stars playing little or not at all, especially in the NFL. The proponents have always told me that the pre season is essential for the coaching staff to evaluate players and that perhaps someone unexpected will jump out at them. Nonsense. Based on what Filet did last year in the CFL pre season and Streveler did the year before in the NFL pre season, I am more convinced than ever that pre season football is meaningless. And for sure football politics remains as important as ever.

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Players do show well in preseason and earn spots they wouldn’t otherwise earn. It happens every year. It may not happen often but it happens. And the real benefit of preseason is giving players a chance to shake off rust after a lengthy offseason. You get rid of preseason and the first five games of the regular season will be a complete flag / mistake fest for every team.

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Well that’s the party line and until a few years ago I bought into it. I have just seen too much evidence to the contrary so count me among the cynical. Politics is too important. It doesn’t really matter how you play in the pre season (Filet, Streveler, Rourke). It also wouldn’t surprise me if the coaches actually learned more about players and formed their assessments better from watching them much more closely in training camp/practice. They are too busy coaching during a game and many players may only have a chance to make an impact play 3-4 times a game, with luck being a bigger factor as well.

I say have a couple of smashmouth intra squad games instead and end the season two weeks earlier. As I recall there were lots of complaints about the CFL sucking for the first 5 weeks last year even though there were pre season games. It will also save travel costs. Add those costs to the salary cap. I’m pretty sure the players would support that. This fan would as well, although I don’t think the majority of hard core fans such as the members of this forum would support what I am advocating. But that is irrelevant as the vast majority of CFL fans would be apathetic I predict, or not even notice. Win, win all around.

Besides, as the saying goes, the CFL season doesn’t start until Labour Day anyway. Your Als did nothing to disprove that last year.

I don’t expect you or necessarily anyone to agree with me, but I think at least that I am serving the purpose of this forum by putting forth new ideas for discussion. We can’t have the entire off season discussion be about Chad Kelly and Trump and the way too early power rankings can we?

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During traing camp coaches coach and then watch closely to observe how well the players are absorbing the instructions. During a game the coaches are focused on strategy and scheming to counteract their opponent’s schemes and then coach their squads to enact their schemes. The succcess of in-game coaching stems from the traing camp/pre-games observations of the players’ coach-ability.
Pre-season games allow for game speed observation/assessment of both players’ and coaches’ adaptability and the efficacy of the scheming. To say coaches should “watch much more closely” in traing camp is folly; how close is close and how much closer is " much more close"? Pre-season isn’t just about assessing players.


Just saw that Piggy was released by Ott, and knew Jon would be salivating.
Surprised others aren’t too interested. I would love to have him back, in camp at the least and think he’d be a great #3. who better for him to learn from then Strev?


If Pigster would come back at just over league minimum (hard to absorb shock-wise as a vet) I think Kyle Walters & O’Shea would seriously consider him as #3.

So whats the Hometown Discount? Is it playing for $85k for 6 months of holding clipboard and 35 3rd + nothing snaps? (If $85k is the going low rate for 3rd string QBS?

However, the real Hometown Discount is actually $85,000. You either play for the lower amount - OR YOU DON’T PLAY AT ALL . . .

Choice is $85k or 0.00

I don’t think I’d call Piggy a vet. If he can get a better offer he can take it. But he also has to look at ZC and the fact he’s not likely to play the whole season, and the reality that the game Strev plays also leads to injury…
WPG #3, could be his best bet to see action.

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Things are looking up so much here.

I told Captain Timbers the recent news, and he is most pleased as the crew are in preseason training and he shows up during training to fire them up with bits and pieces, including especially about the quarterbacks and the Mowing Crew.

As an observer from the honourable opposition, I am encouraged as things look up for us too for once.

As the wisdom of the Code of the Sea tells us as many of you well know, a rising tide shall raise all ships that are seaworthy.

Now to continue this solid progress being made as we all work to crush all those bojacks on those other teams in the 2024 CFL season, which is only 3 months upon us on the first Thursday in June!

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US scouting camps are right around the corner!

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Comments from Ford on his return to Winnipeg. By the way, anyone know what Janarion Grant is up to?

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Ya, I’d have Ford penciled in right now at a DB spot. He could be a returner too.

Anyone here thinking about checking out the combine? It’s at the Leila soccer complex. I think I might, send me a message if anyone is going!

Takes a lot more than speed and youth to be a returner who breaks the odd return for a bomb.
The only thing that may have caught up with Janarion Grant is Father Time. That, and a veteran’s contract, seen as too much by Bomber brass.

Wouldn’t surprise if Grant ends up toiling in Calgary for same or slightly less he earned in Winnipeg last year.

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