Bomber Free Agency Discussion 2024

O’Shea won’t leave Bombertown For a Few Dollars More… we ALL know that. His family’s here, he’s comfortable, appreciated, obviously happy and doesn’t have a worry in the world. Sure for double or triple the money there’s some upside to pulling up roots and heading south to some ungrateful venue only to take the heat for some incompetent GM’s failures and get fired a year or two later… come to think of it, there’s NO UPSIDE.

Thankfully. :grinning: :+1:


O’Shea has two years on his contract remaining. He’s 53 now so in two years he may be interested in a retirement income boost if there are any serious offers down south then. I wouldn’t blame him for cashing in especially with the knowledge that he would be CFL bound if things in the NFL didn’t work out.
Your points of family, comfort level, and appreciation are all well taken. I expect it would be dependent on the situation and contact offer.


It would also have to be a northern NFL team that signs him. O’Shea’s beard would never be happy in a southern climate.


Minnesota would be the natural habitat for Mountain Man O’Shea. Ever since Bud Grant fled the scene, the Vikings have been led by an assortment of punks, fraudsters, scammers, dilletantes, hobos & deadbeats. Current guy Kevin might be the best of a bad lot - O’Shea is more like Grant than anyone.

Don’t think he’d take a $100k to $150k raise to be a position or d-coach. He’d have to have the entire enchilada, perhaps 3 or 4 year guarantee for $3.25 to $4 million a season. Let the chips fall.

Maybe thats why Buck Pierce is hanging in there. Does Buck know something we don’t? Also believe in 3 or 4 years, Zacharias Collaros will be ready for a CFL head coaching assignment.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

/Taps field mic
“There is no foul on the play. The call stands. FIRST DOWN!”

That was one heck of a play call and execution right there sir.

Now to be fair, some of those punks, fraudters, scammers, et cetera whom you mentioned do still include a small few good people, but regardless the list does not include any pirates, buccaneers, evil villains, sorceresses, swashbucklers, bojacks, both kinds of galoots, and so forth, and so I kept my penalty flag in my pocket this time.

Like @Maaax with the keen observation as well on the overlooked facial hair dimension, I think your assessment is spot on this time.

O’Shea would not go for cheap just because it’s the NFL, but he would not have to do so anyway. That’s the NFL.

He can go ahead and raise their bet (within reason), for they have plenty of money! If they want him, they are not folding their hand just like that.

Now shuffle up and deal.

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And another depth piece signed. Can’t hurt.


I’m actually more pumped to see another DE they signed a bit ago, Jordan Lewis.

Lewis (six-foot-three, 223 pounds) comes to the Blue Bombers after originally signing with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL for 2024, but that franchise folded following the merger of the USFL and XFL to form the new United Football League. Lewis was a highly decorated player at Southern, helping the school capture three SWAC West titles while being named to two All-SWAC teams. In the 2021 spring season he won the Buck Buchanan Award as the top defensive player in the FCS after registering 27 tackles, 15 tackles for a loss, 10.5 sacks and a forced fumble in just five games. He was also named the SWAC Defensive Player of the Year and College Football Hall of Fame’s Mel Blount Player of the Year.

Sounds pretty good!


And we lose Exume. Not unexpected. Just a depth DB but great on special teams.


Sadly we also lose Thiadric Hansen, arguably the best global player ever to play in the league. His special teams tackle in the 2019 Grey Cup will always be remembered and replayed.

I expect and hope he got a decent raise, one the Bombers couldn’t afford. Due to the ridiculous cap on global salaries during most of his tenure, he was one of the most underpaid players in the league for several years.


Yes I remember some of those big hits Thiadric delivered while on coverage teams. I’ll bet those bruised returners all cringed a little bit while they reviewed the footage.

I was hoping to keep that fine German Juggernaut here. He was a special teams beast and when completely healthy, he didn’t look out of place subbing in for Jeffcoat on the defensive line.

Even though he’s in Toronto now I’ll still root for him. Once I’d learned that he’d volunteered in the off-season in a humanitarian capacity to go over to war torn Ukraine and help out in any way that he could… I realized that we had a decent human being in our midst.

I hope that they appreciate him in Toronto as much as we appreciated him here in the 'Peg.


And another depth piece, Brendan Apple-Orange, has left the building. Would have preferred that he was retained after patiently developing him for some 3 years, but that is the curse of a winning oraganization in a salary cap world. He is off to try and help a losing organization.


And we got one going in the other direction to break the drought. Tyrell Ford is back. I had forgotten about him. And he’s still on his rookie deal.


I hope he is excellent in sixteen games. Against WPG I hope he finishes healthy. He did provide some very great moments as a Blue Bomber.

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No huge surprise but Malik Clements, who showed promise at times but not enough to stick as a starter, is off to Toronto.


Speaking of depth…

I don’t know whether this is good news or bad. Today we signed Eric Lofton, a cast-off from one of last season’s worst offensive lines in a stop gap effort to replace perennial all star Jermarcus Hardrick.

What’s going to happen tomorrow or next week when we have even LESS money? Will the stadium’s Water Bill get paid or will we try to get by with nose clips and buckets instead of flushable toilets?

Note to self: no more fried burritos for staff starting next Monday.

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This has been posted elsewhere and probably most of you aware, but I would be remiss if I didn’t pose the reaction of true and lifetime Blue Bomber Rasheed Bailey upon knowing he would be leaving Winnipeg, although he is clear that he hopes it is only temporary.


I will admit my Philadelphia bias too here, yet regardless I hope the Bombers get him back because he can obviously contribute and has also has one thing that is not guaranteed at all in any new player - HEART.

Think about wherever you work. Perhaps you are that person already, which is outstanding. But who ELSE is also who works there?

We shall see what shakes out from the camps in the spring assuming that Bailey is not picked up by another team.

Now if you all will please excuse me, /cough

/Sends text to somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows Geroy Simon and Chris Jones
//Sends text to Superb Owl


I hope it’s only temporary, also. With all of his blocking for teammates and making many tough, but not very esthetically pleasing catches, he was fun to watch.


Although this topic may be close to ending, it is necessary to mention that the Bombers have signed Sergio. Last up should be Janarion.