Bomber Free Agency Discussion 2022

‘Wendy’s Kick to Win’ popped up in my head and Google did the rest.

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If we can’t replace the Stove right away, maybe we can coax this guy out of retirement:


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After thinking we might be done with signings, the Bombers just extended Cat killer Nicholls for another year so we now have him for two. Obviously his NFL aspirations didn’t work out, but selfishly a good thing for the Bombers!

Key excerpt here from which there is so much to enjoy - perhaps the biggest achievement is finding “Penny Sauve,” which finding a lady once you come into money is no feat at all they find you, but what a keeper.

Diesbourg was aware that the 10-year anniversary of his kick had come and gone recently. But he wasn’t aware that the Argonauts were playing their last game ever at the dome Friday night.

He doesn’t follow them. So close to the Michigan border, he prefers the Detroit Lions.

Diesbourg hasn’t even been to Toronto since that night in late October, 2005.

He bought a house, went on a cruise and bought a dune buggy and some other “toys.”

Much of his life stayed the same. He is still a mechanical engineeer, but there have been other changes.

He works for another company and he has a new woman in his life too. He and Penny Sauve are expecting twins in February. They have a couple of dogs.

He uses his winnings to pay his mortgage.

Diesbourg owns a ranch-style house, valued at about $400,000, which sits on more than an acre of property with a volleyball court.

The money he earns as a mechanical engineer is the extra cash he plays with.

Diesbourg always felt that if had received the $1 million in one lump sum, the money would have been gone by now.

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As long as he’s happy he’s done well. There’s no shortage of angry, drugged out, near suicidal millionaires out there (or so I’ve been led to believe). :grin:

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I’ll bet he wins the coveted ‘Thorn in the Side of the Tigercats’ trophy this year too! Do it again Deatriiiiiick!!! :partying_face:

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Walters keeps showing why he is now the best GM in the league. Dakota Prokup just signed as backup QB. When he is not out gunslinging or starring in Westworld I predict that Prokup will be a much better backup than either of the ones we had last year. We need Maaax to weigh in with some woohoos.

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Woohoo! Woohoo! Prukop for President (or backup)!! :partying_face:


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Hey as he is a pro I like to wish a decent guy well.

I’m never quite sure why everybody gets so excited about all but perhaps two or three of those backups who come around every five years. Think Bo Levi Mitchell, Drew Tate, and so forth in recent times along with others.

And then there are those who flop once they get a few games under their belt.

One never knows. I prefer to wait and see.

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Completely agree, but at this point, what else do we have?
Perhaps Buck can chisel Dakota into the backup QB we so desperately need.


Some would argue that our best ‘chiseler’ is Kyle Walters… speaking of whom, looks like he signed another bargain:

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The FA list is here:

Official 2022 Free Agent Tracker -

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We just resigned defensive back Josh Miller today which leaves about three ‘wanna haves’ left on the table. Good job Kyle Walters!

So… 14 free agents to go (assuming we lost Sergio Castillo to the Elks). Of those remaining I hope we find the cap space for Thiadric Hansen (LB) (G) and maybe Connor Griffiths (DL)(N). If Janarion Grant (WR) (A) doesn’t want to be here then so be it. The rest are holding out for various reasons but IMHO won’t wind up in a better situation anywhere else.

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Yeah. Thanks for the list. Had a look and agree. What’s up with Grant anyway. I like him returning kicks for us. Tovati Eli and Ezekiel Rose have been around as depth players for a bit so maybe they’ll be signed. Line depth from those familiar with the system never hurts. I guess they’re going with Mark Leg for the kicking duties.

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Why not? Mark’s a year older and a year wiser. Kicking is a mental game (or so I’ve been led to believe) and our young Canadian has all the physical tools. Maybe he’s found inner peace from structured meditation or maybe he’s taken up drinking. :smiley: :+1:


As an amateur kicker, I can endorse, understand, and appreciate this training regimen. Also lots and lots of stretching and agility drills help.

You must do what you have to do so as to tap into your inner zen factor and all that.

So both Bighill and Jefferson are giving big, I want to play for Mike O'Shea, discounts or something is up. Maybe Willie got a job as an investment advisor.

Welcome to how Winnipeg plays the salary cap.

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You can assume and speculate as you see fit and that is the problem with salaries not being open. Who knows why Willie signed for less? Maybe it’s because he’s moving his family to Winnipeg this month and his wife has a good job? He doesn’t have the certification to be an investment advisor as far as I know. One thing I am reasonably sure of is that whatever is going on with Winnipeg is going on with every other team to some extent. And don’t forget that Winnipeg currently is a desirable player destination and that players see it as the most likely destination to receive post season money.

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Alright guys, I am merely a happy visitor to your fine establishment here in the hopes of perhaps one day being a visiting fan so that I may also enjoy perhaps the Rum Hut before the game against my Elks starts, but I feel like more of you are holding out on us here.

What's the scoop or the poop? No, not that thread! Dish out already.

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There is a lull here, with some of the regular posters apparently on off season break. I am hit and miss during the week because of work. Feel free to post on all things Bombers and someone I am sure will get back to you.