Bomber Forum Down?

I know many of us get our fill from multiple forums.
Has anyone else not been able to get into the Bomber forum off their main site?

There is a Bomber forum?

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I have not been able to get there. I get a 503 error - which I think means their server is down.

looks like there are some changes to all the official team sites and links to their forums have been removed. i have been asking the league about pointing their team forums here but no answers. a number of the teams were using facebook forums but those links seem to have disappeared very recently with the changes to the team sites (or moved somewhere i can’t see). :thinking:

Interesting. It’s happened I think a couple times lastyear, but only for a couple days. This has been for I think like 4-5 days already, and it still says “503” error like the poster above says.

I haven’t spent much time on that one, I was reffering to

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that one . Is that a newer fan forum ?

Been around for 15 years or so I guess. Lots of knowledgable fans.

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yea it also says “this project is suspended” and the link goes to a general form platform site run by a third party company. all other team sites seem to be missing, which all leads me to believe that this is for good this time.

That would suck. It was a great site, and there was no warning as far as I know.

there was no warning for any of the team forums. it’s very CFL like for them not to warn users that things are being changed. i suspect that this is all related to the new Genius and PFF fan engagement initiatives and data ownership. there’s a lot of chatter in other digital social realms about this business…

i suspect they forgot to remove the link off the Bombers main site menu. those links have been removed from the other team sites by the looks of things.

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going to is just the bombers landing page - the forum (which is still down) has a link on their landing page that takes you to the forum ( which is still down.


The Bomber forum on the Blue Bomber website is up and running again.

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Is this what it looks like?

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That is the one. It’s a Blue Bomber sponsored forum.

Okay. I’ve never come across that one. Do we use the same names and avatars on that forum that we’re using on this forum?

I believe it is separate. You would need to register with a user name, password, etc.

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How many of us are on that forum as well as this one? It looks kinda primitive. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Were all of these forums linked at one time?