Bomber fans

It was nice to be at the Bomber game around respectful people, in section 14 who cheered for their teams without being disrespectful to the other team's fans. Walking out was a diifferent story...thank you to the loud mouths who were spouting crap out of their pie holes...would be nice if some individuals would watch what they say when young kids are around. People like this need to grab a brain!

You will see that in every stadium. If you don't want people to say things to you, try supporting the home team, or catch the game in Regina

I have to agree that you do see that in every stadium. And I have no problem with some harmless kidding around with the opposing team fans, but when it starts getting mean or abusive a line has been crossed. I love the Big Blue but I will not take my young kids to a game. Going to see the Bombers at times is not a family friendly atmosphere.

Remember we are all fans of the greatest football league in the world. Even if they do cheer for the Riders.

Actually when I was walking out it was a Riders fan that punched 2 people. One looked like another Riders fan...

Bomber fans are known for being the rudest, most childish in the CFL. It's unfortunate, but it's true.

They should stop serving alcohol at Canad Inns Stadium, because some people have too much.

ladies and gens, exhubit A! :twisted:

...lets just cut the crap right here....Bomber fans are no better than any other stadium...and i've been to them all...Jets who ever your b loody name is....get off the pot....and quit running down ...your team (if in fact it is yours)...and the city and fans where you're bull$hit is showing... :thdn: :stuck_out_tongue: and wearing kind of thin... :thdn:

He's probably a NY Jets fan and thinks they will win the superbowl this season

The NY Jets should move to LA, seriously!!! the GIANTS are NY NFL team, and always will be.

Always squacking about the Wpg jets moving and how they were ripped off yet he wants other teams to move.

OK, Ro

  1. Move the Winnipeg Jets, what NHL teams does the NHL have left there, NONE!!!

  2. Move the NY Jets, what NFL teams does the NFL have left there, ONE!!!

ans history has proven that in all cases where a city lost a pro team in the same league when it orginally had two, the fans of the team that left join the fans of the other team, and THERE IS NO LOVE LOST!!!

not the point
You are a hippocrate for wishing something on someone else that which you consider to be so terrible for you

what ever you say Ro what ever you say :roll:

presonally, I wouldn't have made the boneheaded idea to keep both NY teams in the same league in the frist place.

of course not because you hate every idea except your own

what ever lie you come up with about me that you want to believe ro, go right ahead. I have said again and again about other peoples ideas that I have accepted, and you chose to ignore what I say, and just restate, like a troll, you lie over and over again, hm, that sounds familar.

Wow MR action point is calling me a troll for voicing my opinion

Why dont you go to wikipedia and look up "lie" I am giving you my ovservation and an observation cannot be a lie.
You maybe have like 1 or 2 ideas but the vast majority you have been against and that is a fact!


FYI, so have you been agaist the same ideas, but do I say that you dislike every idea but your own? no, so before you bring home the bacon, you have to kill the pig frist.


and isn't voice you opinion over and over again trolling, like RK?

no its not
But if was then you must be a troll with your rule changes dont you think????

I can't deny that, I was wrong when I did that, but I don't anymore, do it? (not counting the one I did to show RK, which not counting that, and the myspace link if you count that, it's been months since that list has seen the light of day on this site)