Bomber fans weigh in! What's in a name?

I figured you Bomber fans would have strong opinions on this!

If, as expected, the CFL returns to Ottawa, and the team rightfully resumes its original name, should the Saskatchewan franchise (who blatantly stole the name back in 1924, the unoriginal villains) be forced to go back to their original name, 'The Regina Rugby Club'?

So, what about having an option without obvious bias?

He went trolling on the Rider forum, so why not troll here too? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Whats The difference, at least the Rider's of Sask have lasted in the league without folding, they have the naming rights to the Rough Riders.

And what is the big deal with Ottawa and it's name anyway's, they will only last a maximum of 4-5 years in the league again anyway's, so what's the point of this argument and trolling.

It won't be long until the CFL realizes, it will be alot better without a money losing franchise in Ottawa, and we all know it. It won't be long until London, Quebec City or Halifax will come in and replace the Ottawa team. We can't keep bailing out Ottawa everytime someone steps up and makes a false promise to return to Ottawa's old Glory, you keep saying you need a new stadium in Ottawa, how about filling up the old one for more than one season first. Until then it's just another waste.

Ye of little humour.