Bomber fans spreading rumours

Bunch of Bomber fans spreading rumours around that Mike Kelly has acquired Adrian McPherson LOL ! Not too sure what they are sending our way ??? Maybe the wood Bi-Plane LOL! Maybe Touche can fit in it…

Nothing but a dreamer!

Where are they posting this nonsense? and

Let's see, the wood Biplane, Taman's old couch and a Milt Steagall autograph. FOB Montreal :lol:

Ya see the thread where they claim Ben Cahoon "WHINNED" about a hit to the head?

He refused to name the player who hit him....only mentioned it because a reporter dragged it out of him....and he is whinning!

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You are surprised how? Bomber fans on that site are at best of times nut cases, not all but pretty damn close.

It is the absolute lowest CFL IQ on the internet, it is too bad because the guy who runs it Collin is a good guy.

Colin has his BB moments, he used to be just like most of them, that is why the board is the way it is, he started it that way then, he has changed since (grown up). He was part of the BB fans that reconnected when the BB made a run at it with Khari Jones


I have known him for 10 years, he started posting on total-cfl one of the first CFL discussion boards. He was young and brash, and quite in your face the way bb fans and rider fans can be.
He grew out of it since, we still post on total-cfl