Bomber fans read this and tell me is Taman wrong!

Regarding K Herbert we had discussed about the right thing to do hold him to his contract and have a disgruntled palyer on the team or relase hm to try the NFL if he does not make it he would then come back to play for the Bombers. Now many of you stated this does not happen or refuse to believe it does not happen, Well here it is guys talk about a classy organization.
Terrance Wilkens a member of the Calgary Stampeders is being allowed to do that.

Statment by Ted Hellard President of the Stampeders:

Terrance has not retired and yes he will not be in camp....T wilks has an opportunity in the NFL and the stamps will allow him to pursue this opportunity he has expressed clearly to us that when he completes this opportunity he will return to the the meantime we have a minimum of four returners in camp including Allen and Stallings as well as Williams, Marshall and others....

You see that is the right thing to do! When an organization cares about their players the players care about the organization. Remember I mentioned David Allen going to the NFL prior to the Western final against Edmonton last year. Yes he had it in his contract to leave but he did come back this year to sign a three year deal. Thats what I am talking about. Its all about the HORSE the Team!

Good post 05, but im afraid you are wasting your time. All the bomber fans will come with the same arguments, that he signed a contract, he should honour that contract, etc,etc. They fail to see that if you let him pursue his NFL options, that he could come back ready and willing to play if he runs out of those options. He aslo has personal problems he needs to deal with, Taman the Bomber organization needs to let him deal with it. Some things are more important than football, and in his case,its getting his personal affairs in order. Family is more important than anything else.

Also, we don't want the league to be seen as a bush league, but a professional league.

but I see your point.

The fact is Terrance Wilkens does have a contract and was given an opportuntiy down south. So rather then having a pouting and disgruntled player on the roster they let him have his opportunity. If it does not work out down there then the guy comes back feeling good about himself that he tried one more time. I could care less what Bomber fans state really that is their opinion and the truth is this is the right thing to do apparently it works. Tamans gun to the head will never work. You are right personal problems should be looked at first. My family always comes first I guess in Winnipeg it may be different!

So this will be the new policy! Sign a contract with any team and if you don't like it, just tell the team you want to try out for the NFL. You get released, go do your thing, fail than sign with the team will pay you most since you have no obligation to return to your team. Remember, you had been released. This will do as much for the league and the failure to adopt the cap. I don't really care if Hebert does not show up if he does not want to play but I would have to go with Taman on this one. Employees should not be the boss right? Having said that he would make a difference and that is for sure.

...players under contract have an el....Thompkins of the don't see Huey bending over backwards to release him to the fact he will be returning punts for them or he dosen't play ..How come you guys ain't berating Campbell....IT'S NO DIFFERENT....SOOOOOOO if Hebert wins his arbitration...and returns the signing bonus (that he took from the Bombers quite readily i might add) then he can be on his way....if he dosen't win it....i would say he should report to the Bombers t.c. AND LETS GET ON WITH IT... :idea: :arrow:

Sambo you are right! We have a bite! Yes they do have a contract and they can walk from that contract at any time. The only problem is if they walk they can not play for anyone else until the time runs out on that contract. The fact of the matter is that you want a player that will produce for your team not a guy that can potentially become a cancer in the locker room because he does not want to put an effort on the field. Again some bomber fans just amaze me.
Remember players can be easily replaced well maybe not in Bomber land. Who would want to play for this organzitation? We have a few ex Bombers on our roster and thats what they say! They are happy to be in the Red jersey!


Fill me in Pappa please do!

....Thompkins asked to go to the nfl in the he believed ...just like Hebert ...even though you have a contract up here you can just pick up and blow town....Permission denied by Campbell and the Esks...and really i don't blame you see its not just the Bombers who expect players to live up to a signed agreement ...and if they are confused about what they signed...then they should never have signed it.....simple.. :!:

All this tells me is that you have a weak recruitment system. A player that can not get replaced. I would encourage you to watch what happens with Tompkins this season. He will be gone!
Again pappa read TEds statment at the end

in the meantime we have a minimum of four returners in camp including Allen and Stallings as well as Williams, Marshall and others....
If you feel the team can handle the situation why not allow the guy go and give it his last chance. What the Bombers cna't find linebackers ha ha ha you see Taman is not good.

Remember Hebert signed that contract with the Renegades and the Gliebermans, not the bombers. The CFL in its infinite insanity , declared that all those contracts were valid. It should have been that the players who were not picked automatically become FA after the draft was over, without going on "waivers", if a team really wanted that player, they should have taken on DD day, baggage or no baggage. That is what should have happened, but its stuff like this that makes the CFL look bush, IMO.

.....and if HE decides to be gone....that will probably be what his career will be...GONE..

You know pappa, thats see my career or my familys happiness! Hmmmm Big deal so he retires! It is not the end of the world my friend. After all it is only a sport! All Tamans actions would do is show to the remaing players that the organization does not care for its players. Tell old wise one do you think Herbert is not replacable!

Just because Calgary wants to look "Minor League" or as a "farm team" to the NFL doesn't mean the rest of the CFL shoulds follow their examnple.A contract was signed and he needs to honor it.I like what pap had to say about Thompkins and the ESKs. Same thing.

Good for you I hope your family is happy. I mean if I had to choose my career over my family that is a no brainer family comes first. Really it tells me a team does not have the capabilities to replace that player.
If a GM has confidence in his abilities to replace that player then why not. If he does not have the confidence then I guess you have to make a stand but in Herbert's case it is regarding his family life as well and that should be taken into consideration. As in Wilkens case the Stamps could have a possible five guys to step in his shoes! WIYD we will see when the the minor league Stamps play this season are you prepared to eat some crow my friend.

Crow! never had it, what does it taste like? I'm sure it is something the Stamps fans barbaque every game in the parking lot.Please don't tell me it doesn't taste like chicken as I hate chicken....go LIONS!

The Lions have tasted crow before you are definately lying to us. Speaking of old crows where di my buddy Pappa go :lol:

…the Tompkins and Hebert cases are similar, but not exactly the same…Tompkins signed an agreement with the EE that had a two year time span on it, but he did so without an agent present (dumb) and didn’t know what he was signing (he thought it was for one year only), therefore was ineligble to leave for the NFL…Hebert thought his contract ended with the dispersal draft and felt, based on misinformation from the CFLPA, he was a free agent…similar but not exactly the same…

…daddy, I don’t think allowing players to leave for bigger money and glory makes the league any bushier…its always been a league that american players come and go from…the stamps are building a reputation that they care about the men who play on the team, the player comes first because a happy player will produce a better team and is the teams’ best source of recruitment…

I honestly can see your's and RW05's point of view. I can also see what Calgary is trying to do with their team and organization, but I disagree. Players need to start and finish the season with the team /league they are playing in barring a release from their team. I also believe that you need to honor the contract you signed. HE signed for a million bucks (?) over 5 years. No one told him he needed to do that. If we make the same arguement in the public sector and signed a contract with our employer and then tried to reneg on it then the shot whould hit the fan. I believe we now live in a society where contracts aren't to be honored anymore. We then blame others for our poor judgement and look for ways not to be held accountable. Hebert needs to be held accountable to his choices, whether that is the contract or the decission to hit his wife.