Bomber fans offended at Riders

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Some humour for your Sunday reading!

Some people are overly sensitive. They sell Bomber mugs at 7-11 here also, don't hear anyone complaining. Obviously they are out because they are selling.


Just media trying to draw audience

This guy didnt have to buy the mug. There are NHL mugs at the 7-11 in my community that I don't buy because I do not like any of the teams. Thats the beauty of living in a free market economy.

That was a drunk idiot. Could the press get more of a dumb*** to represent a Bomber fan? "I'm so offended" (drinks from cup) "They shouldn't sell these" (takes another drink)
This just goes to show how much of an idiot the guy is. IF you are offended, don't buy it you dummy!!

What an unbelievable load of nit-picky crap coming from I don't know what kind of a brain dead Bomber so-called fan. It just goes to show you how far the Bombers and all the other teams are behind the Riders when it comes to marketing and merchandising. What's that old saying: "Try and keep up", or in this case "try and catch up". Must have been a real slow news day to even air this load of tripe. But if it helps ignite more fan fires for the Labour Day Classic and the Banjo Bowl, all the more fun and interest for everone. And by the way, Bob Bergen, just as there are a lot of Rider fans at stadiums around the league as well as around North America and even Europe now, a lot of Rider clothing and merchandise seems to be showing up as well. Everybody else will just have to "get used to it" and keep getting used to it.

This is funny really, we have the best colors a nice logo, the best marketing team at Rider central and by far the best fans on the planet. I missed the Edm. game on TSN but was at a BBQ with people from Edm there, they told me there are more Rider colors in their stands than there own team! So what does that tell you.. !!