Bomber Fans Just Ignore The Hamilton Trolls - They're Scared

We left most of our starting defense in Winnipeg as well as some of the starters on offense. Don’t go reading too much into that game. :roll:

Agreed you'll be better as Long us Buck is Healthy ..
Every Beat Reporter in CFL Is staying the Same thing .
You have good Defence but you have no depth if your QB goes down
We do ..

Bombers will better then Toronto

We all Hate Toronto ..that we can Agree on that

Jyles went 9 for 14 for 152 yards and a TD today. DiMichele and Brink are both young but have looked good. I'm not willing to say the Kitty Cats have any advantage there.

Actually, I hate the Ticats more than I dislike the Argos.

X2...never used to, but some folks have really let a .500 season go to their heads...I guess if a record that good only happens once every decade, I can understand it... :stuck_out_tongue:

Porter's stats, btw...

PORTER, Q 11 5 104 1 1

Jyles gets my vote as far as backups go today...

yup even my dad said, what has happened to porter, 2 years ago he was supposed to be the next big qb and today he looked lost, happy feet and his stats sure were helped by a couple fluke catches thats for sure (mckay i think it is, that was qp just throwing up a prayer)

porter may have potential but he's not even close to being a number 1 qb.

jyles, same thing, could be one day but not anytime soon.

cant stand the ticats either mainly due to their fans..

seriously last week they lost to the argos and they were all quiet, this week u beat the bombers by really not as much as u should have and you're gloating really. Its just pathetic rreally.

pre-season is pre-season, its not about wins and losses, its about evaluating talent.

said it when i woke up.. cats will win this one. they did. doesnt mean a thing.

on july 2nd tho, it willl be a different story.

guaranteed the bombers ran the most basic offense u could run today.. glenn and the cats seemed to be playing full out balls to the wall.

if i was a cat fan id be somewhat concerned that porter looked like crap against a bunch of rookies and id be very concerned that u couldnt score a touchdown on our 2 yard line. they all talk about if pierce gets hurt, well... if glenn gets hurt.. cats are done!!

aw, c'mon, we're not that bad... you badmouth us just as much as we badmouth you. The only difference is we come on your forum to badmouth you. Some could consider that trolling, but... :wink:

Seriously, us Ticat fans aren't that bad, we just like to talk (or type in this case). It's always been this way. We could be losing by 30 to the Argos and we're still yelling at their players on the bench. So we're a little rough around the edges... every league needs a team with players like that (Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Flyers).

But many of us will also be the first ones to congratulate you on a good game and want to drink beer with you.

It's all in good fun.

BTW, I was at the game today and any Ticat fan who believes we're going to walk all over Winnipeg this year doesn't know what he's talking about. You have some talent. Good luck!

There are only a few Cats fans on these forums that are real jerks. Most of you are okay most of the time. :wink: I still hate the Cats more than the Argos though. Take that as a compliment. A few years ago everyone would cheer for the Cats when their own team wasn't playing them because we felt sorry for them and wanted to see them win at least one game a season. Now we hate them which means we take the team seriously.


We were the loveable losers weren't we? Glad those days are over.

ya u know what catsfan.. you're allright.. you're actually less annoying than a few people who call themselves bomber fans. ateast u seem to understand it was just pre-season :slight_smile:

i like cats fans… cat fans and bomber fans are the most active posters on this site… sometimes it does get a little out of hand on here… but for the most part id say the 2 groups of fans are kind of a mirror image of each other

both are passionate (dilusional at times) but passionate

i dont hate anyone i just happen to dislike hamilton and saskabush...

i didnt watch the game, but it seemed like Jyles played well, and some people are way overreacting to some of our receivers dropped balls, they have to think about alot of things out there, like knowing the new plays, running the right route, all the new things in the canadian game for some of the rookies, even the things we take for granted such as snap count and how to time their waggle to the line. Sometimes they just forget the most important part which is to catch the ball. :lol: :lol:

I know thats their job but these guys have shown that they know how to catch in the past, thats why they r here.

Peirce will be much better with a d-line to stop they opposing teams offence, and give us some decent feild position. :rockin:

I've seen posts elsewhere that are calling for Jamayel Smith to be cut because he dropped a couple of balls. The guy signed on Tuesday and only had 2 days of practice before the game. Cut him a little slack.

cut all of them some slack.

people calling bowman brazell.. its just.. it really makes you wonder if some people really are true fans.

on the facebook page, some lady went on about how we suck and we shouldnt have traded glenn and how she wishes we had all the players from 2 years ago on our team.

i think.. winnipeg has alot of fans when we win.. but when we lose, alot of people are either 1.drunk or 2. show they arent really true fans. i bet a few on that facebook page are at the hospital right now cuz they broke their ankles jumping off the bandwago.

alot of them i dont think even understand what pre-season is about.

but they all claim to be "fans".

by july 2nd i can assure you we wont be seeing the same type of sloppy play, our guys better come out ready to play and kick some ticat a$$, because if they dont and are still dropping balls then i will have a problem.

Bomber fans are the scared ones. The only thing that scares me about the Bummers is the ugly uniforms . With the crap I read on this site its safe to say some if not all Bomber fans eat from the Kitty box. That is what you get making a thread such as this. Oh and hello Pigseye my friend and closet cat fan. :lol:

If your so confident in your TiCats Mr. Block, them let's see you put something up for July 2nd ?


The clown college called...your shoes are ready...

I LOVE our unis. Except for when we are wearing our gold, we have the sexiest team in the league.

Anyway, I would never say anything about Cats fans. all those years of winning 1 or 2 games a year and they still have a fan base? That's absolutely incredible. In winnipeg, after 2 years of Reinbolt, be had 2000 fans in our stadium at some games. Any bad mouthing on forums between Bomber and Cats fans is just part of the friendly rivalry, My favourite rivalry when we are in the East. It's going to be a fun year.

And the Tabbies will be quieter next week when they play our astarters and full playbook. Buck will light it up.

I don't know. Might be a little early for lapolice to bring out BOTH of his running formations. They might want to save a new wrinkle or 2 for the stretch drive with the Argos.