Bomber Fans Just Ignore The Hamilton Trolls - They're Scared

Obviously there is nothing special going on in Kitty Cat Camp worth talking about, so the trolls come knocking on our doorstep ONCE again, i say ignore the trolls because the more they troll on our site, the more scared of The Bomber’s they are. It’s become apparent that the Cat fans are scared out of there pants of our team and they need to vent that somehow, don’t worry Cat fans it won’t be long now until we whoop your a$$es and leave you fighting for a final playoff spot with a crossover team. Bomber’s will be better than the Cats in 2010 and we will make 2ND and it’s back near the bottom for the Kitty Cats, good luck making the playoffs Cat fans.

What I find somewhat amusing about all this is that here you see complaints about Hamilton trolls coming in here trash talking, and over on the Hamilton boards you read, you guessed it, complaints about Winnipeg trolls coming in there trash talking.

One group or the other is going to have a lot of egg on their faces early on in the 2010 season. . .

Do we REALLY need a thread like this? I don't see anything good coming of it...

All it does, as far as I can tell, is antagonize and set up the original poster for a big fall should things not go our way early on... read on a few cats' fans is that they're definitely concerned since we signed Pierce.....I think they're hoping he can't complete the year because of his proneness to concussion.....BUT what if Buck lights it -up and stays injury free.....Then you can see why all of their angst....The pivot spot is a very important part of any teams success....The cats and us were one game apart in 09...(not that significant)...if our team comes together quickly under a healthy Pierce, we will definitely give them all they can you see why the concern :wink: They can hee-haw alll they want about continuity ....and they do have that to some degree....HOWEVER....I believe if the criteria for a successful year is greatly pinned on the qb. position...Buck could be the difference maker....We'll see :wink: :thup:

....if nothing else we'll stir them up Kubie....maybe it'll put a few more bums in seats, at ivor wynne, when we come to town.....It's going to be great rivalry this season :wink:

Well THAT is certainly the truth !!

Looks like we'll have to wait for regular season to see how these teams match up...

From the Free press...

*  Among those not travelling with the team to the final preseason game in Hamilton are the following: DTs Doug Brown and Don Oramasionwu, linebacker Ike Charlton, defensive ends Odell Willis and Phillip Hunt, defensive backs Keyuo Craver and Brandon Stewart, receiver Brock Ralph and running backs Fred Reid and Daryl Stephenson.

For sure on that.

At this point, and it's too early granted, I'd compare/contrast the two teams thusly:

Call the secondaries even at this point; both teams have reconstructed their secondaries from last season.

Linebackers, I'd give Hamilton the edge here, with Johnson~Floyd~Knowlton.

Defensive line, advantage Winnipeg (Hamilton, while their D line was improved last season, has no one I know of to compare with either Brown or Willis).

Offensive lines, running games, and receiving corps are more or less equal I'd venture to say.

So I think it'll all come down to coaching, game planning, and the respective peformances of Pierce and Glenn. Barring serious injury to any key starters on either team, seems to me that Hamilton and Winnipeg will be very close to each other all season long. . . don't know what to read into guys not taking the flight....As i have experienced in other years....some of the players left behind were definitely in the 'we made the club' category....however...there's that however :lol: Some that were not taken to the final preseason tilt got their walking papers not long after..... :wink: :wink: make what you will of that..????? :roll: :roll: the 'we made the club' bracket....Brown,Oramasionwu,Willis, Hunt, Stewart, Ralph, and for the rest....anyones guess....there will be a few surprise releases... :cry:

You're obviously talking about the Kevin Glenn/Buck Pierce debate going on in another thread.

Apparently, I'm a troll for saying absolutely nothing bad about Buck Pierce. I've even complimented him on a number of occasions. He is a tough player playing a tough game, and no one can dispute that. He has a good arm, good instincts, and perhaps more importantly a profound knowledge and love of the game. When healthy, better THAN Kevin Glenn. The concern (and it's not a fault, because he can't help it), is the number of injuries he has had over the course of his career. This does not mean I WANT him to get injured, I hate seeing players get injured, even on other teams, and anyone who does like seeing players get injured is sick IMHO. Somehow Bomber fans misconstrued this message as an 'I hate Buck Pierce' message or a 'Buck Pierce sucks' message, which is simply what it was not meant to be. I have upmost respect for the man. And yes, yes, I understand that any player can get a serious injury at any time, but I still maintain that the risk is greater with the more injuries you've had.

And then, my grammar was corrected by Professor Peabody and his boy Sherman. I don't know why. It just got silly after a while. I apologize for mixing up, 'than' with 'then'. It will never happen again, I promise.

But if trolling to you guys is having a respectful debate about QBs and their risk for injury, without actually saying anything negative about the QBs themselves, THEN I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that point as well.

But we can agree that the rivalry will be better than ever this year (I think I actually consider you more as rivals than the Argos), and I can't wait. It's a unique rivalry developing for the CFL and that's never a bad thing. :thup:

....than i guess we'll just have to wait and see how the season unfolds....Will Buck be the difference maker and play better then Glenn.....It's just around the cornor.....We should get a glimpse Sunday.... than we'll get a better handle on things for 2010.....(sorry grammar was deliberate and i'm just playing 'silly buggers'...Good Luck on Sun. :wink: :thup:

I think all of those guys who were mentioned as not travelling are on the "made the club" list. It's the 10-15 players who weren't named who are being left behind that have more to worry about IMO. It was reported that Stephenson had a hamstring problem. I wonder if that's why he isn't going although I still think he would be on the "made the club" list.

....agreed.....but also, a few that don't show us anything against the cats on sun. ,could be in trouble....Gonna be some tough decisions :expressionless:

I pretty much agree with this, except i'd give Hamilton the edge at Reciever and Winnipeg an edge at running back.

I still think it is stupid how often we play each other so early in the season. 4 games before labour day, 5 if you count pre-season. That's way too much.

i agree. the schedule makers must have been high or something. we play hamilton sunday (on shaw tv channel 9 at noon btw if u have shaw cable) and we play them like 1.5 weeks later in the season opener in wpg.

id suspect this game on sunday in hamilton is... gonna be bad. LOL, and thats ok cuz it doesnt mean anything. i see we are leaving a bunch of starters at home in the peg and i have to think, if we didnt open up vs the very same time a week and a half later, that some of these guys would have made the trip. personally i wouldnt be upset if hamilton beat us because id suspect they would be overconfident going into week 1 when it starts to matter. last week we destroyed a montreal team full of rookies, will the ticats do the same to a bomber team who are leaving most of the vets at home? guess we shall see.

popazula—then…not than…
geez…given all your stuff…

Madjack, you cant say hamilton has even close oline or run game, IIRC, winnipeg surrendered the least sacks last year UNDER MIKE KELLY, Fred Reid in my opinion is the best back in the league.

Fewest sacks. . . you said "least sacks" just to yank my chain after what we were talking about earlier, weren't you?

And I stand corrected regarding the O lines, advantage Winnipeg.

But sorry, I don't agree with you about Reid being the "best back in the league". I'm also not sold on Cobb yet, however.

i wasn't even part of that conversation b4... honestly this isn't an english exam lol :smiley:

Scared Of What ???
a Glass Jaw QB who will be out my Mid Season and a Backup Never was as your #2

This was preseaon and We Killed you

Wait till we come to the Peg .. It will make this look Civil..