Bomber Fans get the team they deserve

Whether they stink up the joint like yesterday or play like Grey Cup contenders, the stands are almost always full.

If you suckers want to dress like your heroes next home game, why don't you put on your favourite Bomber jersey and wear you pants down around your ankles?

Nothing will change as long as the stands are full--Bauer and his flunkies will still be running the show. :cry:

So what? Fans should stay home and the team is even worse do-do next year?

Hmmm..I thought that was a Rider fan in the endzone on Sunday with his pant's around his ankle's. :lol:

So what are ppl supposed to do,stay home?I guess they should be like Hamilton,get a winning team and not show up to the games.(not a shot at Ham or its fans,just pointing out the att figures for this year)

And they havent always had good crowds when they used to win as well.

Hey, I hear ya WPG. I'm so frustrated. People in Hamilton want us to win, but they don't wanna be there to cheer the team on. Guess the last 5 years have left a huge scar that still stings.