Bomber fans gang up on police

Fans pelt police at Bomber game

November 10, 2009

An assault charge has been laid after police were showered with beer and one officer was allegedly struck on the head while escorting a drunken fan from a Winnipeg Blue Bombers football game.

Police say an officer was escorting an intoxicated male out of Canad Inns Stadium during Sunday's loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats when another fan seated next to the first man tried to stop them.

A second officer stepped in to help and, as they were leaving the area, a third male allegedly struck one of the officers several times in the back of the head while beer rained down on them. The drunken fan then tried to free himself from custody, tumbling down several stairs with one of the officers.

William Cody McGimpsey, 24, of Winnipeg, is charged with assaulting a police officer, while a man, 52, was detained under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act.

So What? Every team experiences that behaviour from time to time

Hardly ganging up.

A couple of drunken idiots like you'd see anywhere else, including Hamilton.

while a man, 52, was detained under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act.
Sorry... I was still upset with (hic..) being smacked down by Floyd... I'll (hic..) try to be better (hic..) behaved next year...

Mike Kelly

LOL. Well played.

You see drunken idiots everywhere, but most of the drunken idiots in Hamilton are not stupid enough to hit a cop. Morons. Assault police is a VERY serious charge. I hope it was worth it.

Actually, if you go to the Bombers website, this is being discussed on the forum. I first read early yesterday and it really does sound like more than just evicting a drunk. People were dumping beer on the cops, throwing what could best be described as dangerous objects at them and other fans (bottles full of pennies used as noise makers) etc. From what the Bomber fan( many disgusted by it) were saying, this section is notorious for this type of action. Sorry, don't have time to find it again, but take a look, it is an interesting read on just how people can easily cross the line.

There is actually a debate on the site over whether the drunken fan was actually Hulk Hogan - yes, that Hulk Hogan - or just someone dressed like him.

My vote goes with the costume.

ExPat, that caught my eye yesterday ass well. Have to assume that it is a nickname or something like that for one of the regulars, who by the way sounds like he is "known" to the Police before this. If it was really Hulk Hogan would have been all over FOX News by now. :slight_smile:

lol sore losers i remeber back in 1992when they got in the snowball fight in the final with the hamilton players Jhon motton climbed into the stands

First off when any fans attack a Police Officer at a football game or anywhere for that matter they should receive the full extent of the law. How ever with this problem happening in Winnipeg I'm not surprised none the least, as much as Dave Brown likes to say how wonderful his City is, Winnipeg is a DUMP, it's a City that is made up of mainly low life idiots surrounded by the Red River that one day very soon will overflow it's banks and wash the City clean, just ask any Rider Fan what they think of Winnipeg???

I spent two days in Winnipeg in the summer of 1993 it was so boring I couldn't wait to leave, watching mold grow on a wall at a cottage in Lake Winnipeg is even more exciting?? There are some very good people in Winnipeg like any other City however my friends who reside there say it's changed for the Worst, increased crime, beatings (Not Surprising), theft, robberies, one of the worst insurance systems in Canada probably because the claims are so high. You could offer me a million bucks and a million dollar home to live in Winnipeg, I wouldn't accept it, I have much more here!!! Winnipeg's a DUMP!!!!

People acting like white trash in the Peg? NO!

i guess so just acting like their coach of their football team

I still remember 'Peg fans throwing snowballs at the Cats a number of years ago. Thankfully there was a track in the way and they had the aim of a Michael Bishop. We get our share of rowdies and boozers at IWS, but somehow we do it with a little more class. I mean we could reach out and slap opponents upside their heads, but we don't. lol CFL players either hate/love coming here because they know they're going to get an earful. Hope we don't give up on IWS just because we want track and field for 2 weeks, 6 years from now.

I lived in Winnipeg for eight years and enjoyed it very much. Is it perfect: no. Neither is Hamilton. I think your being highly unfair. Only stayed there two days you say. Hardly enough time to do or see much of anything.

I agree. Ive never lived there, but I have stayed there on business many, many times and I have found it to be a very nice city.
Alot of cool architecture and alot of history,some bad neighbourhoods sure but what city doesn't have that.
All and all I think Winnipeg is good city.
If you ever get a chance to stay at the Fort Garry hotel don't pass it up,so much history.

Been there once. Enjoyed myself. The Peg had all the usual city distractions, good and bad. Cyber does us a disservice with his ignorant classless rant. Anyone could easily say the same incorrect things about Hamilton and make himself look like an intolerant a$$

classy cybercat. what exactly this has to do with football I'm not sure... Thanks to the more sensible posters on this forum for calling this guy out.

Tell me what you really think of Winnipeg, :smiley:

Ahhhh Winnipeg. I spent a month there one week. Nah...just kidding. This city's alright. It definitely is a different environment out here though. Some of it I like....some of it I don't.