Bomber fans completely desperate

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I would have answered a 'Big Bird', who's gonna kick their snuffluffag-asses back to Moron Street in Win-a-pig.

That or 'section U2'. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just posted my thoughts on that thread!

Your a class act. Very suprised your a member on that site :wink:

I hardly ever post there, some very dillusional posters. Not sure what reality some of them live in. :roll:

Sounds familiar.

They should let Nasty Nate back in

....You can find Nasty Nate over at the the riders forum, where he makes quite a spectacle of himself....He's now a convert to ridermania, where I hope, he forever remains :wink:

actually I've known Nasty Nate aka Bronko Barilko aka Lyle E. Style for over a year on the stamps site. Dunno what your beef is with him, he's actually quite the teddy bear and what's more he's probably more of a bomber fan than all OB members combined. :slight_smile:

....his reputation precedes him I guess.....He has a book store (or did) in the Osborne Village (downtown Wpg.)...Used to go to Bomber games but doesn't anymore....I don't know why the bad feelings for ourbombers. has extended to the team...but that's Nasty...I don't care for his dumping on the team that he grew-up with...Started with Lyle Bauer and has carried over to anyone connected to the I guess that includes the fans...I'm a fan of the Bombers...sooooo here's to Nasty :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn: (sorry didn't mean to bring this to your site but seeing as you mentioned all of his aliases and you know of him, i thought I'd fill you in)

thanks for the info. I think he's just frustrated the team hasn't won a cup in 22 years. having witnessed 3 grey cup losses by winnipeg I can't exactly blame him. if winnipeg actually won he'd probably be the happiest guy on earth. he just uses his nastiness as a coping mechanism. I got banned myself out of frustration that in spite of back to back grey cups we weren't getting more support. We're on different ends of a spectrum apparently.