Bomber fans are you shakin in your Boots!

Just wondering I have heard no smack from the blue bomber fans, The Tiger cat fans are getting off lucky! I guess everyone is still watching that Stegal catch and still dreaming. Come on Cat fans give it to them!


they too busy swatting mosquitoes right now. :twisted: :lol:

Actually the hot dry summer has pretty much kept the mosquitos in check so far. I've maybe gotten two bites all summer.

As for smack, umm...

Stegall and the Bombers are going to destroy the toothless cats this Friday. Yeah!


Well at least I tried.

Now where is the Tiger cat fans?

looking for mosquitoes to send to winnipeg :slight_smile:


the only time I ever see bombers fans talk smack on here is when other teams call them out.

NOw that is a funny post! :lol:

its funny cuz its true. we talk all that smack because u guys say were a bad team, or were terrible, or u will destroy us or some stuff like that. so far hamilton respects us and we respect them. thats my take on it anywase

Cat fans are here, we are poised to shoot down and destroy those cocky Bombers Friday night. Should be a good one.

Bombers and Ticats opening act for the "real" game Friday night

I got a couple of bites too but I figured they were from a raving Calgary fan.

I'll tell you what we will do to those cats:

First we will smack them in the mouth just to see how many teeth we can knock out.

Second we will cut off their tail, nail it to a stick and use it to beat the schlit out of them.

We will then nail their paws to skateboards and cut big cracks into the field.

We'll slip a big rubber band over their knackers so that we can watch them sing like ladies.

Yeah! that's what we're going to do to em!

LeBird, good prose, excellent read. But you have to remember that your name Bombers opens you up for the big shoot down, and I think we'll just keep our cats here low Friday night and bring out some aerial weapons to put your plane in our Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum we have here in the Hammer, might be a nice addition.


....RUMOUR HAS IT.....that Maas has a hip-pointer and won't play...does anyone in Ti-Cat land have an up-date on this if Eakin is starting....i may not be shaking in my boots.....but i am a little edgey... i hate playing the 'unknowns'....they can bite you where you least expect it...the Bombers are NOT going to underestimate the Tabbies....they have a lot of talent ....just waiting to get un-tracked...and Ronnie is always a great motivator....should be a close game.. :thup:

I think most Bomber fans recognize that we are only 6 weeks into the season. The rest of the league can talk all they want .. we know we have work to do, and a whole season to compete.


Ah Earl! How nice of you to want to place the Bombers in your museum. It would be good for all of the future generations as they would get to see the Majestic Killer. But I think 05 wanted you to say something real nasty and there you go offering to honor us. The earial attack is of some concern though. Can only keep Jack in the box so long. Hope it's a good one for both teams.

Here's a theory. Blessed with the most active message board on this site, we Ticat fans are content to attack and insult each other. We feel no need to mix it up in a big way with other CFL fans.

Anyway, in my observation, virtually every thread on this forum degenerates into some kind of p_ssing match between fans of rival teams, with a level of discourse approximately equivalent to "I know you are but what am I?"

Well we have to take some of those threads somewhat lightly. You have to remember that some of these guys have been around awhile and have gotten thick skinned about comments relating to their team. Others are frustrated and need a venue to kick the cat. Beats the alternative I guess (no pun intended). Have to say that when the thread become personal, it then limits who might wish to participate.

We can appreciate your wish to remain on your own site. Here's hoping tomorrow's game will be a good one for all.

Nothing I would like more then for the Cats to chew on the Bombers! Put the Hammer down on them! :lol:

Sounds like you have loads of experience! Does Animal Welfare groups no about you. Maybe you should share notes with YogiDabear! Calgary fans do not bite!