Bomber Fans - Are you concerned about Quarterbacking?

Not trolling. Hamilton has enough questions and the pre-season game wasn’t a real contest due to the differing approaches taken by the teams.

However, tonight on the radio your GM Garth Buchko was interviewed and as part of an assessment on the team he said what sound like telling words. Actual quote, “As long as Buck remains standing we’ll keep improving.” Later on he said that Elliott was “ready for prime time,” but this doesn’t sound like it jibes with what he said earlier… but maybe it does. I’d like to know.

Seriously, how is it in Bomberland? Is Elliott ready? Is everyone really convinced that Buck won’t make the season again? Thanks!

Joey Elliott is a BC Lion. The Bombers released him months ago.

Goltz and Hall are the BB backups.

You're right... brain fart. He said, "Justin" and when I started typing my brain thought "Joey." Sorry. Anyway, the question stands .... as corrected.