Bomber fans are being brought down by two classless fans!

wigamn 32 is a jerk. i don't like him. he's gone to every teams page and made polls of how bad the bombers will win. he's probably some drunk. reminds me of my old youth coach. die hard bomber fan who tried to fight some rider fans when he took our team to a bomber game

.........your o.k. then man, you'll want to hang in tight with those folks I mentioned, and PIGSEYE, sorry piggy, I forgot you.........these are the excellent type of people we need more of here........solidly able to represent their club with dignity, intelligence and humour.......

I must Totally agree with u on this one Redwhite2005 I mean trash talking a team a little bit isnt to bad. Doing it on there forum I can kind of understand it is all in good fun after all (i mean in the end) But those two u mentioned are really bigginning to piss me off. And im keeping my cool for themsot part and jsut stating what i feel. I know theres really nothing i can do since this is an internet site. But those two guys are definatly getting out of hand. I mean totally classless. Ill trash talk a team sure its all in fun. I wont make fun of anybody for it. Anybody that likes the CFL isnt a bad person in my books because of the great league we have. These two however are at the bottom of the pile.

ive never been in a battle with anyone on this forum, i suppose im not on or dont post enough to really get that invloved but i love the way the veterans (sorry i know ur not seniors well not all 8) ) handle the punks who are disrespectful in here. good mixtures of knowledge and clever insults in your arguments! keep up the good work people and if it was me u were refering to redwhite where did the name blitz come from that confused me, but its all good

Im no Veteran or Senior :roll: lol just kidding You probably werent necessarily talking about me lol. Im only 18 lol but some people in this world are jsut stupid jerks with nothing better to do then trash talk other peoples teams. I must agree with u though blink1. They do handle things well and wuite proffessional as well. I try my best I just dont have the experience of it yet. ONe question blink1 your name isnt by chance for Blink 182 is it???

I'd say it's more for: Charles "Blink" Roberts! (whose number is #1... hence Blink1)

When speaking of good Bombers fans, we must not forget Billy_Soup and Blackdale. I haven't seen any of them lately and that's a shame because they are funny posters.

third and ten is bang on with my name, not too much of a fan for blink 182.... and i dont mean old people :stuck_out_tongue: i just meaN people who have been apart of the forum for along time or post allot, two categories that i don't fall into... but as long as i never slip into the classless categorie like some of the people just mentioned i will be happy :smiley:

Well ive never heard of Charles Roberts called Charled "blink: Roberts thats news to me otherwise I wouldve known what he meant as well. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

no its no problem, thats something i've noticed quite a bit actually, local radio and media types give nicknames for certain players on their teams, and many times these nicknames dont get recognition from the rest of the league and noone ever hears about them. theres probably lots of them from other teams that i havent herd before, you got any in hamilton?

I cant think of any in Hamilton off the top of my head. Ive never really paid much attention to player nicknames and such. But if I hear any I'll let ya know. Im sure theres plenty maybe like Head Hunting Hitchcock or something lol (that goes perfect for him)

head hunting hitchcock... catchy, the bombers have a few with nicknames, stegall = turtleman, roberts = blink, razzle dazzle brazzell, ahh my mind is blanking, thats all i can think of right now, well ones that would be appropraite for this forum i could probably think of a few names ive herd describe tee martin, wade miller, peterso and mcgarity while they were here but il just leave that for now :lol:

InTEEception for Tee Martin... I like that one...Peterson... used to be K9... Alot of cool nicknames for the Bomber players.

i only trash talk the bombers because i now live out here and most of the people i know are bomber fans. we always trash talk to eachother, and i guess it carried to here. sorry if i offend any bomber fans. too bad u cant beat the stamps. :lol:

no kidding, how pathetic is that?? haha

Stamps................don't SUCK as bad as last year......but....oh nevermind...

walked right into that one

haha calgary... i dont know what else to say so il shutup :lol:

exactly… dont suck AS much as last year. they still suck