Bomber fans are being brought down by two classless fans!

He Pigseye and other great fans of the Bombers two of your fans are posting like total twits on other teams sites. I just thought I would let you know these two guys are bringing down the standards of you good fans.
After beating the team that has not one you know the one I am talking about these two morons are yapping and well you could end up like some of those classless Rider fans that spouted off.
Wigman124 and Canada Rocks are lowest form of CFL fan I have ever witnessed. This is unfortunate! Just thought I would let you know. There is pride in your team which I am for but these two are very low class IMO.

Yeah, I saw the shit they were posting on the Stamps site and the classless comment about RandW late mother. What a couple of Jackasses. Fortunately, there are few around like them, so lets hope they get tired of being idiots (remember saskargo in the begining) or if not, maybe the mods can get them turfed. Sorry and I hope you dont let these idiots taint your opinion of real bomber fans.

alot of stamps fans come on and trash bombers fans and rider fans. i also find that disgracful. i've seen more than two. too bad there's no waty to vote them off

Its all in good fun IMHO...I could care less.

i just find it pathetic that i've only seen calgary fans trash talking to everyone. sure says something about there city

That is your opinion many times I had posteed on the bomber area saying I would like to see a turn around for you guys. But hey so be it but when things go bad for you don’t say I didn’t tell you. The some of Rider fans spouted off just like these to fellas and well they did here from fans now didn’t they. These guys better hope the Bombers do not lose another game or it will be tough on them.

there is that one guy, stampfan, I think who likes to come on here and say we suck all the time, but most of the time he is right, so nobody really gives it to him.

i haven’t been using cfl forums for taht long and don’t know about those riderfans. but i know from first hand experience about the one and or more stamps fan who trash talk in every post

Bombers are not going to lose another game ........redwhite2005....hopefully......but seriously .... take these guys with a grain of salt.......they're just trying to pi$$ you off so you will engage them in their unsportsmanlike conduct.....keep things in perspective and keep cool...

You bet I have done that to some rider fans there are many good knowlegable Rider fans and those are the guys that take the heat for the ones that spout off. Have I picked on or done something stupid in my posting on this site you bet but at least I am honest right. I will not deny that in any way. There is good smack and stupid smack and these two have gone over the line.

i admit that there are many good and knowlegable stamps fans i'm only reffering to those who come on just to insult other teams

The problem with that is pay back is a B itch right! Anyway there are many Bomber fans that are very good. In the spring some fans I will not mentioned questioned the amount of poeple coming out to your stadium and that you guys were not good fans. I stated " I do not know about that I remember games on Tv and the fans no matter what kind of weather they were there having a good time. I remember one with the guys with their shirts off in below temperatures. Not only that the Bombers got them selves out of debt that is an accomplishment. Good natured ribbing is one thing but these two clowns are pathetic.

Take Care Good luck for the rest of the season.

..........yogi, let me know if there's an idiot out there wearing my colours that resorts to low-class cr@p.........I'll set em straight.........there's trash talk and then there's personal attacks that are not allowed here.......being a mod I can correct the latter........but do grow a thick skin as some of the football related trash chuckin can get dangerous.........

redwhite2005 you are right, after reading this i then looked through some of the other posts on other teams forums and those two are clowns. the bombers aren't a great team so its kind of hard to throw around those ticats suck comments like wig whatever did. plus they are always in tight except for this last one. i hope this doesnt continue. il apoligize for their behavior... oohh and redwhite look out behind you, the bombers are coming!

.......but do grow a thick skin as some of the football related trash chuckin can get dangerous.........
dangourous like those stamps fans threatening to beat that wigman32 guy

.........that's between him and I, nobody else need get involved, and I dont' provoke but I'll certainly respond, you have a problem with that?.......

Yogi it is if you can throw the manure ( oops sorry for that comment) then you better accept it coming back. Wig is a tough guy 24 years old and well does not show his maturity we all do this once in a while maybe he can prove us all wrong but I doubt that. By the way you are new here right redadnwhite can hold his own no doubt. Read Blitz’s spiel! now there is a class bomber fan. Yep Blitz we are watching that rearview mirror and I see the bomber plane coming up.

.............the bombers have many many respectful fans and a couple of doofus duff beer drinking idiots won't tarnish the rest......yogi, it's your decision which side of the bomber camp suits you best.......

what are you talking about? on an unrelated subject the i’ve sat in the alcohal free seats in canad inns stadium and it’s full of little kids who kick the back of the seats, and the seats at the staddium tranfer energy pretty well so you can fell the kicking from the otherside of the section. that comment has nothing to do with randw’s post

...........?...........ookay.........anyway, it sounded like you were offended by some angry people upset over wigman152's comments, to which I replied that business is with him and I alone, nobody else need get involved, but we don't know where your allegiance lies, you siding with wig?, or with respectful folks like Blitz, papalooza, kirsten84, etc. etc?.........